Cedar Cliff Guidance

School guidance programs are a major component of the West Shore School District's commitment in meeting student needs and supporting the instructional process. Guidance services are available to all students as a part of their general educational experience and are tailored, whenever possible and appropriate, for students with special needs or who are considered exceptional. The West Shore School District Counseling Plan is aligned with the standards established by the American School Counselor Association. The standards clearly identify the services as follows:

1.  Individual counseling in a confidential setting.

2.  Group counseling for students with common needs.

3.  Referral to appropriate community agencies.

4.  Orientation to critical change points during a student's school career.

5.  An organized system of communication with the home.

6.  A coordinated and accurate system of pupil records according to the state and District policy.

7.  Assistance in selecting the courses and career direction most appropriate to the student's future.

8.  A standardized testing program for the determination of individual strengths and weaknesses.

9.  Collection of information that may be useful to the preparation and evaluation of District programs.

10. Up-to-date information and resources on careers, education, financial aid, and outside services for all students, including special needs students.

Graduation Requirements

To receive a diploma, students must meet the following criteria:


1.    Students will earn credits as noted below.


Curricular Area

Planned Courses


Credits for Graduation




Social Studies









Health/Phys. Ed. (Wellness/Fitness)






















                  * Beginning with the class of 2020, successful completion of the Keystone Exams will be required as per Pennsylvania Department of Education.


Grading Scale

Below is the grading scale for West Shore School District:

A = 93 to 100

B=  86 to 92

C = 77 to 85

D = 70 to 76

F = 69 and below

College Prep courses are weighted 1.01, second tier College Prep and Honors courses are weighted 1.03 and Advanced Placement courses are weighted 1.06

Keystone Exam Info

The Keystone Exams are end-of-course assessments designed to assess proficiency in specific subject areas, as predetermined by the state.  These exams are one component of Pennsylvania’s new system of high school graduation requirements.  In order to graduate, students in the class of 2020 are required to demonstrate proficiency on three Keystone Exams (Algebra I, Biology, Literature) and meet the district’s required graduation credits.  Students not demonstrating proficiency will be provided with remediation which may need to replace an elective course such as senior project.

College Visits

Juniors and Seniors are permitted to have up to five days  (each year) of excused absences for college visitations.  At least one day prior to a college visit, the student should submit a parent note to the attendance secretary with designated date, time, and college name OR call the attendance line (920-0322) with this information.

Prior to the day of the visit, the student should obtain a College Visitation Form from the main office.  This form can also be downloaded via this web page.  This form should be signed by college official/representative to verify the student visit.  The completed form should be presented to the attendance secretary upon return to to school in order to be designated as an excused absence.

Electronic Transcript Service

The District has partnered with Parchment, Inc. to establish a safe, paperless way to send official transcripts directly to colleges, scholarship organizations, and employers.  Current students and Cedar Cliff graduates who wish to request a transcript will need to create an account with Parchment.   The cost for this service for current students is $3.00 for an electronic transcript and $5.00 for a paper transcript. 

For more information about Parchment, Inc., please visit Order Student Records| Transcript | Parchment

HACC Certificate of Residency

The West Shore School District has now gone to an online process to issue a Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC) Certificate of Residency.  This certificate enables students to receive a reduced tuition rate at HACC.
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