Fundraising Guidelines

For District purposes, student fundraising is defined as any solicitation and collection of money by students for any purpose. When students are involved with the proposed activity, fundraisers conducted by Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs) and Booster Groups must follow District guidelines for student fundraising.  

In order to conduct a fundraising activity, all District organizations must submit a completed Fundraising Request Form to building administration at least four (4) weeks prior to the proposed event. Forms are available in each school office or may be downloaded as a related file below.

Please Note: Staff interested in using sites such as GoFundMe, Kickstarter, etc. to obtain donations from an online community rather than from traditional district sanctioned means must follow guidelines set forth in Crowdfunding Policy 702.1.

Getting Started

Please review the following District guidelines before submitting a request form for approval:

  • Fundraising activities shall be supportive of healthy eating and student wellness and in compliance with Board Policies 229: Student Fundraising and 246: Student Wellness. In planning fundraising activities, the first priority must be to protect the health, safety, and security of students.  Fundraising organizers are encouraged to review both Board Policies.
  • When school-sponsored organizations (i.e. Student Council), want to raise funds or collect goods (i.e. food or toy drives), for nonprofit charitable groups, the student organization needs written approval from building administration, but does not need approval from the District’s Director of Business Affairs.
  • When school-sponsored organizations (i.e. Student Council), want to raise funds for the school or the school-sponsored organization, the school-sponsored organization must complete the Fundraising Request Form and receive formal approval before beginning the fundraiser.
  • When a PTO or Booster Club wants to lead a fundraiser (with or without) student involvement, the PTO or Booster Club must complete the Fundraising Request Form and receive formal approval before beginning the fundraiser.
  • 50/50 and other Small Games of Chance events also require approval from building administration and the Director of Business Affairs.  PTO or Booster Clubs wishing to sponsor small games of chance should review the requirements found in the District Procedural Guidelines for the Operation of Small Games of Chance (available below).
  • When PTO or Booster Clubs plan fundraisers on school grounds and/or inside of the school before/after school hours, in addition to the Fundraising Request Form, they must also submit a Facility Use Request Form directly to the Administration Center for Education.
  • If a PTO or Booster Club wants to distribute fliers about approved fundraisers to students in schools other than the one they are affiliated with, a Flier Distribution Request Form must be submitted to the Administration Center for Education. Fliers for distribution in a PTO or Booster Club’s school must be approved by the building principal, but do not need to be submitted to the Administration Center for Education.
  • All other fundraising activity requests must be submitted for review via the Fundraising Request Form.

Planning Considerations

  • Individual participation in school day fundraising may only occur during non-instructional periods, such as lunch or recess, with permission from the building principal.
  • Building administration will review, authorize/deny, and schedule requested fundraising activities.
  • Building administration will maintain a master list of all fundraising activities for the school to prevent the duplication of sales, overlapping of fundraisers, and ensure grade level classes (ex. Class of 20xx) are limited to one activity per school year.  Grade level classes are limited to one fundraising activity per year to prevent the community from being overwhelmed with fundraisers and to ensure that students are not distracted from their academic work.
  • PTO and Booster Fundraisers involving students shall be limited to two fundraisers per year for the same reason student fundraisers are limited.
  • When outside companies or agencies are used, the quality of the product and reputation of the firm must be considered. Related contracts must be reviewed and approved by the Director of Business Affairs prior to signing.
  • No money will be given to vendors prior to delivery of services. If up-front money is required, the school will keep the funds until the product is delivered.
  • Fundraisers which involve selling food to students must comply with USDA’s Smart Snacks in School regulations.
    • High school principals may approve up to 10 fundraisers each year which are exempt from this requirement.
    • Elementary and middle school principals may approve up to 5 fundraisers each year which are exempt from this requirement.
  • Items sold must be in good taste and appropriate to potential customers. Sale of items to the community by students for recognized and Board approved school-sponsored organizations shall be permitted under the following conditions:
    • That a definite need or purpose for student involvement in the project exists and such need is demonstrated when approval is sought.
    • That all activities should be planned and carried out so as to safeguard the health, safety, and general well-being of students. Students should follow proper practices at all times.
    • That magazine or approved alternative sales which do not conflict with other District fundraising are permitted at the middle schools with the provision that profits be used for student activities.
    • That elementary level book fairs, book bag, and food sales, etc., may be held by approved school related groups (i.e. PTOs). Limiting solicitations to the students' families is encouraged.
    • That in addition to the school wide fundraising activity, fundraising activities directed toward service projects for the school, local municipality projects, or charities are permitted, subject to prior approval and adherence with relevant Board Policies.

Fundraising Activities Which Are Prohibited
  • Schools will not be involved in any way with fundraising activities that involve the use or sale of weapons, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or medications, and/or any material that encourages violence, immorality, or abusive behavior.
  • No student can be required to participate in a fundraiser.
  • Use of school or District letterhead for the purpose of student fundraising or the solicitation of monetary donations by any school-sponsored organization is not permitted. Approved student fundraising activities may be included on school websites with permission from the building principal.
  • Fundraising for personal benefit or for parties, picnics, etc., is prohibited.
  • Canvassing the community or going door-to-door for sales is prohibited.

Handling of Funds

All funds collected through student fundraisers are governed by Board Policies 618: Special Purpose Funds and 625: Student Activity Funds as well as relevant administrative regulations.

Faculty sponsors are responsible for depositing, in the main office, all money collected through fundraising activities. No money will be left in classrooms or student lockers. All monies collected in the main office shall be receipted, accounted for, and directed without delay to the proper depository. Uncounted money must be placed in a sealed envelope and counted by the depositor, as soon as possible. At no time shall cash be kept in the school building overnight. If cash funds come into the school during the day, they shall be deposited with the proper depository by the end of the school day.

All applicable sales tax must be paid on fundraiser items.

All financial statements regarding fundraising projects will be signed by the student officers and faculty sponsor and retained until the student activities fund has been audited.


Please contact your building principal with any specific questions you may have about fundraising activities.

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