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At the West Shore School District, our District Pledge outlines our district's educational philosophies.

Our Why 

We are committed to providing students with inspiring and relevant experiences so they may live meaningful, purposeful, and impactful lives.

Our technology department focuses our strategic vision and direction on making student-centered decisions, personalizing learning experiences, and providing our staff and students with up-to-date tools and resources, while maintaining a highly trained staff. Meaningfully integrating technology means that we make decisions about hardware and software that are driven by curriculum and what is best for our students. Technology is ever-changing; as such, faculty and staff have access to on-demand and scheduled professional development throughout the year, both on-line and face-to-face.

Our technology commitment supports our Personalized Learning initiative. Both faculty and students have access to technology that allows the learner to pursue his or her interests in the context of learning. Part of our Future Ready initiative, personalized learning can change the experience students have in school, allowing them to connect their personal lives to their education. 

About Our Technology Model

Our district provides each student with a dedicated computing device based on their grade-level or specific student learning needs. In addition, the district invests in shared devices and labs that enable additional learning opportunities as outlined below.

  • Kindergarten - 4th Grade Students: iPad 

  • 5th - 12th Grade Students: Chromebook

  • Shared Devices & Labs

  • iPad Carts available for projects K-12

  • MacBook, iMac, and PC labs are available to students 6-12 for Technology Education, Art, Middle School Computer Classes, High School Business, Computer, and Information Technology (BCIT) Courses, and Media Production.

About Our Team

The West Shore School District supports approximately 1,000 staff members across various departments, in addition, the district is responsible for managing approximately 10,000 educational technology devices (both dedicated and shared). A committed and highly trained team of technicians and instructional coaches is required to maintain an organization of this scale.

Technology Directors

Mr. Steven VogelsongMr. Adam McGraw
Steve Vogelsong
Director of Technology & Media Services
[email protected]
Adam McGraw
Director of Instructional Technology and Professional Growth
[email protected]

Information Technology Team

Our Informational Technology team supports our hardware, software, internal systems, data-integrations, network security, and all things technology within the district. 

  • Cathy Books: Application Support Specialist

  • Rudy Boone: Senior Technology Repair Specialist

  • Zac Covert: Data Integration Specialist

  • Rebekah Fourhman: Duplication Technician

  • Mitch Henderson: Infrastructure Supervisor

  • Shawn Keezel: Senior Technology Security Specialist

  • Zach Kenyon-Sayre: Network Support Specialist

  • Zach Kepler: Senior Technology Repair Specialist

  • Megan Fields: Secretary for Technology & Media Services

  • Heather Reeves: Duplication Technician

  • Matt Woodworth: Technology Repair Specialist

  • Jacob Spong: Technology Repair Specialist

  • Areil Sutton: Senior Student Information System Specialist / PIMS Coordinator

Instructional Advisors for Technology Team

Our Instructional Advisors for Technology team provides instructional coaching support, training, and professional development opportunities in our efforts to personalize learning experiences for our students while maintaining a highly trained organization.

  • Justin Frawley: Cedar Cliff and Fishing Creek

  • Ryan Maxwell: Allen, Hillside, and Rossmoyne

  • Katie McCarty: Crossroads, Newberry, and Red Mill

  • Laurie Vitale: ExCEL Virtual Learning Academy, Fairview, Highland, and New Cumberland

  • Michael Zwatty: Red Land and Washington Heights

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