Principal's Message

Dr. Kevin Fillgrove, Principal


Over the years, I’ve thought a lot about our school and its reputation, and I have been asking a lot of questions. What is our reputation? Is the reputation deserved? Is it accurate? What influenced folks to form their opinion of our reputation? Are there things that we are doing that are positively influencing it? How about things that we are doing that are impacting our reputation negatively?

Webster defines reputation as this:

[The] overall quality or character as seen by people in general,
Recognition by other people of some characteristic or ability,
A place in public esteem or regard.


Certainly, years of change have impacted Cedar Cliff’s reputation. Admittedly, there were issues along the way that certainly didn’t help our reputation. But, what about today? Are our actions building the reputation of Cedar Cliff or tearing it down? And what am I doing about it? What are we doing about it?

Our reputation is important. You have visibly seen the improvements to our facility. Hopefully, this positively influenced your view of Cedar Cliff. But I believe there is a more critical list of questions that measure our reputation far beyond the bricks and mortar: How do we treat kids? How do we treat parents? What is the level of our commitment to improving student learning? What are we doing to build our reputation for educational excellence? What is my role in building something special?

We have work to do. I invite you to help us examine our reputation and commit with us to positively build it. Let us know where we have work to do. Help us find solutions and change. Most of all, partner with us.

As always, please let me know what you are thinking. Click on my name, and email me your thoughts.

Let’s build something!!!

Kevin Fillgrove, Principal    

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