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Open Records Information
Board Policy 801 - Public Records

  1. A public record will be provided in its existing medium during regular business hours.  Items stored electronically will be printed if the individual requests copies.
  2. Requests shall be submitted in writing by mail, facsimile, or delivered in person to the Right-to-Know Officer at the Administration Center for Education (ACE).  Please use the West Shore School District's or the state's Right-to-Know request form containing:
    - Identification of record request.
    - Medium requested.
    - Name and address of individual to receive District's response. (The District does not approve anonymous requests.)
    - Type of record(s) access requested.
  3. All copying will be done in black on white paper.
  4. Fees must be paid prior to pick-up or mailing.
  5. There is no fee for staff time or resources used to evaluate a request of access to public records.
  1. District response to a request will be sent within five (5) days of receipt by Right-to-Know Officer.  If response is not provided within five (5) days, the request shall be deemed denied.
  2. If the District determines that more than five (5) days are required to respond to request, written notice shall be provided indicating a date when a response is expected.
Fee Structure 
A photocopy is considered either a single-sided copy or one side of a double-sided black-and-white copy of a standard 8.5" x 11" page.  $0.25 per page

Certification of a Record: 
$5.00 per record, not per page.  Please note: Certification fees do not include notarization fees. 

Specialized Documents (examples: blue prints, color copies, non-standard sized documents, etc.)
Actual Cost 

Facsimile/Microfiche/Other Media: 
Actual Cost 

Redaction Fee: 
No Cost
A Redaction Fee may not be imposed

Conversion to Paper: 
If a record is only maintained electronically or in other non-paper media, duplication fees shall be limited to the lesser of the fee for duplication on paper or the fee for duplication in the original media unless the requester specifically requests the record be duplicated in the more expensive medium.

Postage Fees: 
Actual Cost 
Postage fees may not exceed the actual mailing cost 


Dr. Ryan Argot
Director of Federal Programs
& District Open Records Contact
[email protected] 
507 Fishing Creek Road, P.O. Box 803
New Cumberland, PA 17070

State Open Records Contact
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Office of Open Records
[email protected] 
Commonwealth Keystone Building 
400 North St., Plaza Level
Harrisburg, PA 17120-0225 
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