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Planning Your Schedule

As a high school student, one of the most serious decisions with which you are faced each year is the selection of courses for the following year.  Proper planning is critical if you are to prepare yourself adequately for your future goals whether they may include further education or immediate entry into the job market.

The West Shore School District provides you with many educational opportunities.  Areas of study in art, business, cooperative diversified education, music, technology education, vocational-technical trades, and college preparation are available at Cedar Cliff High School, Red Land High School and at Cumberland Perry Area Career & Technical Center with which West Shore School District is affiliated.

Recommendation for college admission requires a final average of 80 or better in all subjects.  Transcripts for college admission include grades for courses taken in grades 9-12.  Planning should be a cooperative effort.  As a student, you should not feel that you are alone in making your decision.  Your counselors, teachers, and parents are ready and willing to help you with your decision; however, ultimately, the choice must be yours.  
When planning your schedule of courses, consider these four criteria:


Carefully consider your academic record for the past several years.  While your grades in middle school should not necessarily determine your academic program in high school, a review of your report cards should give you a good indication of your strengths and weaknesses.  If you have consistently received "D's" in science, for example, you would probably be wise not to schedule more than the required number of courses in science unless you are willing to devote extra time and effort to your science classes. Conversely, if you have consistently received "A's" in science, you may want to schedule a minimum of one science course every year and even consider applying for some of the advanced courses in that area.


A high school schedule provides an opportunity not only to prepare for your future but also to explore and develop your individual interests and abilities.  If you have always enjoyed or have a specific interest in art, music, computers, or technology, you may want to take as many courses in these areas as you can schedule.


Ideally, your selection of courses in high school will be based upon future goals you have established for yourself.  Your counselor will be discussing a planned program with you to help you to reach those goals.  Good advice would be to remain flexible and try not to limit your future options when selecting courses.

Selection of Courses
You should be aware of a number of course requirements when planning your schedule.  This guide highlights required courses, the number of credits needed to graduate, the number of periods per cycle that must be scheduled, and other key points.

Students are responsible for the selection of courses to fulfill graduation requirements and prepare them for future goals. Courses listed may be withdrawn/ canceled because too few students elected them.  It likewise may be impossible to schedule all the courses requested by the student. Parents and students should plan for this contingency at the time of course selection by indicating suitable alternates. Teacher recommendations must be solicited by students for specified courses (see course recommendation list) and will be considered in all cases prior to placement of students in those classes.  

High School Team

Cedar Cliff High School 
Dr. Kevin Fillgrove, Principal
Mrs. Tara Lingle, Assistant Principal
Mr. Josh Curtis, Assistant Principal
Mr. Tyler Gensler, Assistant Principal
Mr. John Kosydar, Athletic Director

Mrs. Jessica Alexander-Gray
Mrs. Jennifer Crager
Mrs. Stacy Thorpe
Mr. Patrick Tierney
Career Coordinator
Mr. Mark Miller

Red Land High School 
Mrs. Melissa Herbert, Principal
Mrs. Shelly McGowan, Assistant Principal
Mrs. Karisa Peifer , Assistant Principal
Mrs. Jamie Snyder, Assistant Principal
Mr. Tom Peifer, Athletic Director
Miss Jourdan Harris
Mr. Thomas Moore
Mr. Aaron Walter
Mrs. Tonya Wilhelm-Resto
Career Coordinator 
Mr. Frank Gay
West Shore Academy
Mrs. Meghan Cummings, Counselor
Mr. Thomas Dever 
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