Business and Marketing

Elective Graduation Requirements: 7.5 Credits (total for all curricular departments) 

Business and Marketing Department courses should be considered as electives by all students. The Business and Marketing Department concentrates its offerings in three primary directions:    All students can benefit from any courses in the Business and Marketing Department.

  1. Developing saleable skills of the vocationally oriented student in the areas of administrative responsibilities, accounting, retail selling, banking, and other office duties.
  2. Making available for all students the personal business courses that will enable them to solve consumer and legal problems they face now and will meet later in life.
  3. Providing computer application courses and computer programming courses that prepare students to use technology tools to solve problems and enhance creative thinking.

.5 Credit      1.0 Weight

This course allows students to discover how a business works and how it impacts lives on a daily basis. Topics presented include entrepreneurship, types of business ownership, marketing, promotion, management, and financing your business. Students will go through a step-by-step process of creating a business and developing a business plan. This course is an excellent introductory course for students interested in a business career.

.5 Credit      1.0 Weight

Accounting is designed to build a foundation in accounting principles and procedures with emphasis being placed on developing habits of accuracy, legibility, promptness, and thoroughness. Accounting will also provide an introduction to automated accounting techniques. This course provides enough information so the student will be able to analyze and interpret the financial operations of a business. All students who plan to study Business Administration Management or Marketing in college should definitely choose Accounting as an elective. 

.5 Credit      1.0 Weight

Business Law is designed to enhance students' awareness of business relationships, as well as their legal consequences. Students develop an understanding of the differences and similarities of civil and criminal law and the courtroom procedures related to both. Business Law presents a business approach to selected topics such as law for the minor and consumer, law enforcement, landlord and tenant law, bailment’s, contracts and law as it relates to automobile and property insurance. Also covered are laws of agency, wills and inheritance, credit and business organization. This course deals with issues that are essential, and relevant, in the lives of all adults, especially to those individuals interested in pursuing careers in accounting and law.

.5 Credit      1.0 Weight
This class is required in Grade 11 for all students

The goal for the students taking this course is to develop the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage their financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial well-being.  Students will cover topics including:  paychecks, taxes, financial institutions, budgeting, checking accounts, savings tools, investing, credit cards, credit reports, and insurance. These topics will be applied through project-based learning.  

.5 Credit      1.0 Weight

Students may elect to take the required Personal Finance class as an online course.

.5 Credit      1.0 Weight

Students discuss and demonstrate key functions related to sports, entertainment, hospitality, and e-commerce. Multimedia presentations featuring links between the sports and entertainment industries are the clear focus. An e-commerce unit of study allows students to apply textbook and multimedia knowledge to real world situations. Careers in marketing are a central theme throughout the course. Legal and ethical issues are explored.

.5 Credit      1.0 Weight

The course provides the student with skills necessary to be successful in the competitive job market.  Students learn that self-esteem, work success, and life satisfaction depend on strong reading, written, and oral communication skills. Students learn the important traits a new employee brings to a position in the business world.  In addition, the transition from school to work is highlighted via topics such as money management, personal legal rights, employment counseling, and child labor laws.  It is highly recommended that this course be taken during the junior year.  It may be, however, taken concurrently with Cooperative Diversified Occupations during the senior year.


1 Credit      1.06 Weight
Dual Enrollment

This Penn College course provides the student with an introduction to a variety of business concepts and practices that impact all organizations, as well as knowledge and skills needed to be successful in an organization. Topics include interpersonal communications, emotional intelligence, economics, accounting, and finance and investments. An integrative approach connects topics and provides context within organizational environments, relevance to current business situations, and advances across various fields of business. There is no credit fee for this college course. Students are responsible for a book fee. The course is taught at both high schools.


1 Credit      1.06 Weight
Dual Enrollment 

This Penn College course provides an examination of the strategic use of social media for personal, professional, and business communication, advertising, and marketing.  Course work includes using various social media tools, creating and sharing content, and collaborating on group campaigns using social media for social change.  Includes analysis of current and emerging social media tools from a personal and business perspective.  There is no credit fee for this college course. Students are responsible for a book fee.  Students must have access to a smart phone (Android or Apple) and must include a data plan with Wi-Fi in order to access various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.  The course is offered to students from both high schools but is taught at Cedar Cliff.

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