Students Moving in and out of district


Out of District Students

  • Students need to be enrolled and active in our data base before IEP reviewCentral Registration will notify Special Education and send paperwork if provided by parentSpecial Education will follow up with requesting paperwork or transfer from previous placement and look at placement options.Case manager will be assigned by supervisor of special educationReview currently implemented IEP to determine if a revision is needed.
  • Complete/issue a NOREP when the student begins with WSSD.

  • Within 30 days of enrollment date a new IEP/GIEP/NOREP/PBSP must be developed and implemented

  • Enrollments completed over the summer, will have the IEP/NOREP completed

Student enters from a district OUT of STATE

Issue a NOREP upon registration

            Box 2 (proposed)

(Student name) will continue to receive special education services in WSSD as a student with an identified disability who has met the criteria to be eligible for special education supports and services as per current paperwork information. Based on Reevaluation and IEP from (name of school district), (student name) is eligible for and in need of services & specially designed instruction to meet his educational needs.

  • The GIEP/IEP is implemented as specified with regard to programming (Itinerant Learning Support, Supplemental Emotional Support etc.)
  • Make the necessary revisions to the GIEP/IEP as deemed appropriate to implement (state assessments, related services, SDI, etc.)
  • Within 30 days of enrollment a new GIEP/IEP/NORE/PBSP must be developed and implemented
  • A Re-evaluation PTR may be issued to determine if student continues to qualify for special education services.

Students who have left the district:

• Districts requesting special education records should be directed to the Special Education office

• Student’s records will be sent or transferred to the requesting school.

• The student will be automatically removed from all staff’s rosters once made inactive.


GIEP/Special Education Students who withdrawal from the district:


IMMEDIATELY - Notify Special Education of any student who has withdrawn or a notice of withdrawal has been given by parents.

    • Notify Director of Special Education for IEP and GIEP students

    • Schedule a GIEP/IEP meeting

      • Teacher and supervisor will collaborate on the IEP presented at meeting.

      • Ready/Willing and able letter will be sent to parents by the Director of Special Education
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