Mr. Miller, Cedar Cliff

Opportunities at Cedar Cliff

I encourage you to watch the video below. I am happy to meet with students at anytime to discuss intership opportunties.
My job takes me out of the buidling quite often, if you would like to schedule an appointment you can email me at [email protected].
Below the video are links to a few internship opportunities which are rather competitive. There is a video from a student or students who recently completed the program as well as a link to the application. 
I have copies of the applications for Cooperative Education (Co-Op) or Pathway Interships in my office or you can download the applications below the video.  


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Cooperative Education

I suggest that you download a copy of the Co-Op student contract. This explains the rules of the program and will be helpful to answer questions your parents or employer might have.
This might help answer questions for parents and employers.
Please print, complete, and return to Mr. Miller by 5/1/2020


Opportunities for Seniors During the 2020-21 School Year 
For more information about these programs, including videos of students who have participated in these programs, click the links below.  Students may apply to both the Holy Spirit & Pinnacle programs but will only be able to do one of the programs.
Please print, complete, and return to Mr. Miller by 5/1/2020
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