What is the policy for medicating my child?

Medications should be scheduled so that they may be given at home, but it is understood that this is not always possible.

When it is necessary for your child to receive medication during school hours the following procedure us required:

1. A written physician's order and parent/guardian signature consent form must completed for each medication order and once every school year for a chronic condition. This form is available from the school nurse or school office personnel. (Form may be downloaded below.)

2. All medications must be in the original container labeled with the student's name, medication name, dosage, duration and the time to administer the medication. IF necessary, please request a duplicate bottle from the pharmacist so that a labeled bottle is maintained both at school and home.

3. Any change in type, dosage, or discontinuance of the medication must be reported to the school immediately with a written physician/practitioner order stating the directive in place for the nurse's office.

4. All Medications must be brought to school by the parent/guardian or a responsible adult. Medications may not be sent to school on the person or property of a student as this may be considered a WSSD drug policy violation. High school students may only bring some designated types of over the counter medications but must give them to the nurse immediately upon arrival at school. All these requirements must be met before the school will administer any medication.

If the health of the child is substantially impaired when the medication is forgotten, or administered early or late, parents/guardians should keep the child at home or be responsible for administering the medication. Parent/guardian/designee is permitted to come to school to administer the medication.

If there is a concern regarding this matter, please call your child's school nurse.

*If you do not have a West Shore School District Medication and Request Form when you are at the doctor and he/she is prescribing medication, please ask him/her to provide you with a written order to administer the medication at school. This order must be brought to school with the medication, and the consent form to give the medication still must be signed by a parent/guardian.

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