Physical Examinations

Pennsylvania law and the Modified Health Program of the West Shore School District requires a physical examination for children upon original entry into school, in grade 6 and in grade 11and for any student who does not have documentation of a physical exam from their previous school. These examination intervals are recommended because the ages are critical periods in the growth and development of children. The physical examination must have been done AFTER September 1st of the previous year.

It is important that the school have a record of your child's health status. This knowledge enables the school staff to help children achieve maximum benefits from their educational opportunities. If not already done, please schedule your child's physical exam as soon as possible.  Please have your physician complete and sign the physical exam form. The completed form should be returned to your child's school nurse.

Also, please remember to ask the doctor to complete the form for any medications that may need to be given to your child at school.

Please call your child's school nurse if you have any questions/concerns.
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