Breakfast & Lunch Menus

Please Note:  Although we do our best to serve the menu as planned, substitutions may be necessary from time to time. Additionally, in the event of a two-hour delay, middle and high schools will offer a modified breakfast menu and breakfast will not be served at the elementary level.
The Food Service Department plans to work through the Pennsylvania's process to continue providing free meals for students in 2021-2022.  These students prices would then be implemented if the federal waiver for free meals goes away or if students choose to purchase a second meal.  

Student Breakfast
Elementary Breakfast - $1.85 
Secondary Breakfast - $1.85  
Reduced Price Breakfast - $0.30  
Adult Breakfast - $2.35  
Student Lunch
Elementary Lunch - $3.15  
Secondary Lunch - $3.25 and $3.60  
Reduced Price Lunch - $0.40  

Adult Meals
Adult Breakfast - $2.35  
Regular Adult Lunch - $4.35 or $4.65

What makes a meal?

During regular years, the District participates in the National School Breakfast and National School Lunch Programs.  These programs require certain meal components be taken by the students in order for us to provide meals at the prices listed above. For meals, we offer fruits, vegetables, meat (or meat alternatives), grain, and milk. For breakfasts, students must take three items in order to purchase the regular meal. For lunch, students must take three items, but are also required to take at least a fruit or vegetable. If students do not take the required items, cashiers will encourage them to take the necessary items before charging a la carte prices.  Currently, we are participating in the National Summer Meals Program, which provides free meals for all students, but requires they take all of the meal components.
For more details about the meal components, please see our reimbursable breakfast and lunch information on the website. The District is committed to providing healthy meal options for all students. Substitutions and modifications to meals can be made for students with disabling special dietary needs.  In order for these accommodations to be made, parents should return a completed Medical Plan of Care for School Food Service form, signed by a physician, to the school nurse or Food Services Department at the Administration Center.    

What's Cooking in 2021

Food Service Employment Opportunities
If you are looking for part time school year work opportunities, the Food Service Department might just be the place for you.  Please complete our online application and begin working on getting your background checks for employment.
Special Information for Families of Graduating Seniors
Shortly after their final day of school, seniors will automatically receive a meal account refund request form if they have a positive account balance. Remaining funds may be transferred to younger students or (if greater than $4) refunded to the family. For graduates who do not return the refund form by June 20 and for those graduates with positive account balances $4 or under, the money will anonymously be donated to school meal accounts of those students with recognized economic challenges. 

Summer Meals
The West Shore School District continues to offer Free Grab-and-Go Bagged Meals for 2020-2021 until June 3. The free summer meal Grab and Go program for 2021 will start on June 7 at Highland and Newberry.  Planned service times will be 11-12:30 PM, Monday through Thursday.  Hillside, Washington Heights, and Room 229 of the Budget Inn will open on June 14, 11-12:30 PM, Monday through Thursday.  Monday through Wednesday, each meal bundle will contain breakfast and lunch.  Thursday meal pickup will include three breakfast and three lunches at all open locations.  Children and students under 18 (or their parents) are eligible to pick up  meals at one site each day.  Students participating in CCS, Cool School, ELD tutoring, ESY, and Project Phoenix will receive meals each day and are not eligible to pick up another meal bundle.  We anticipate running the summer meal program through mid-August, but locations may change as meal counts change throughout the summer. Meals are designed to be eaten at home and may be enhanced by heating (ex. chicken nuggets, pizza), but are safe to eat cold.  Specific times and locations of current meal opportunities are found here.

Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer 
Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT), will help families cover the cost of breakfasts and lunches their children would have been eligible to receive for free or at reduced price through the National School Lunch Program. The P-EBT program was re-authorized last year to cover the entire 2020-21 school year and has been approved for Pennsylvania by the USDA.  Families who are eligible for this program should not need to do anything.  The state will be issuing new payments starting sometime this spring on a rolling basis.  This information and more can be found on the state’s website.
Here is a short FAQ with Guidance and Resources for P-EBT questions. 
Q: How can families check card balances? 
A: 1-888-328-7366 or  
Q: How can a family request a replacement card due to a lost or damaged card? 
A: Parent should complete the P-EBT Inquiry Form at 
Q: What should a family do if they believe they should have received a benefit and did not? 
A: All benefits will be processed and mailed by the end of July. If a parent believes they should have received a card and has not after July 31st, have the parent complete the P- EBT Inquiry Form at  
Q: Who can assist parents that are having issues with the card’s PIN? 
A: Parents should email [email protected] for assistance. 
Q: Where does one obtain additional information on P-EBT (How much will the household 
receive, information for pinning P-EBT cards, and much more)? 
Free and Reduced Meal Applications
No family is required to complete applications for free meals this year.  However, if your family is struggling financially, we ask you to complete the application anyway.  
  • When applications are approved, families may become eligible for future Pennsylvania Electronic Benefit Transfer assistance from the state.  
  • Approved applications from this year, also allow for 30 days of carryover approval at the beginning of next school year, when we anticipate needing to charge for school meals again.  
  • The District uses approved free and reduced meal applications when determining how to distribute Title I funds the following school year.  So, this year’s application helps the District for next year.   
You may wish to apply for free or reduced price school meals online by going to the COMPASS website at or you can complete and submit a paper application to the District.

Student Meal Accounts 
Meals this year are free. So, if your child has funds in their student meal account, that money may be used to purchase a la carte items when they are available. If a positive balance remains in June for students in grades K-11, we will automatically carry those funds over to next school year. Refunds from student meal accounts will be granted when a student graduates, leaves the District, or a special circumstance necessitates.  In order to request a refund, the completed refund request form must be returned to the food service office (PO Box 803, New Cumberland, PA 17070) by June 20.
Grab and Go
  • The most current information on “Grab and Go” is found here.  
  • Parents/guardians are reminded that students are eligible to receive only one “Grab and Go” meal bundle per student or younger child per day.
  • Parents/guardians are reminded that they may only pick up meals for their students.
  • The food service department plans on providing free meal service over the summer, but the serving times and locations have not yet been determined.  
 Pack and Go
  • “Pack and Go” uses the same menu as “Grab and Go.”  
  • This is a special meal opportunity for our kindergarten students and is available for all kindergarten students whose parents/guardians sign them up.  Pack and Go will also be provided for students in our summer CCS, Cool School, ELD tutoring, ESY, and Project Phoenix programs.
  • Parents of students who have a medical necessity for variations to the meal requirements are encouraged to have their student's medical provider complete and return the Medical Plan of Care for School Food Service to your school's office.  
Free lunch requirements
  • Grain
  • Fruit
  • Vegetable
  • Meat (or meat alternative)
  • Milk  
While serving sizes are the same as last year, students are no longer able to double up on fruits and vegetables.  Students are also eligible for free breakfasts with similar rules.
Food Service Surveys
The Food Services Department is looking for feedback on the Grab and Go as well as the "in school" meal programs.  Please complete by clicking on the links below:
     Grab and Go

Free Grab-and-Go Bagged Meals

kids eating apples
The West Shore School District will continue to offer Free Grab-and-Go Bagged Meals throughout the school year, ending on June 3. The free summer meal program for 2021 will start on June 7 at Highland and Newberry, with additional schools opening on June 14More details coming in the days to come. Specific times and locations of current meal opportunities are found here.
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