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News Update

All students will be eligible for a free breakfast each day in 2023-2024, regardless of their family's financial status.  All students who qualify for reduced price lunch, will actually be eligible for a free lunch.  Second breakfasts/lunches, incomplete meals, and a la carte items (ex. milk, juice cups, bottled water) will still need to be paid for at the advertised prices.
Meal prices for the 2023-2024 school year have been approved (please see below).  A la carte and milk prices are determined based on "market" conditions and are subject to change throughout the school year as vendors increase the costs the District is required to pay.

Student Breakfast*
Elementary Breakfast - $2.00 
Secondary Breakfast - $2.00  
Reduced Price Breakfast - $0.30  
Student Lunch*
Elementary Lunch - $3.25  
Secondary Lunch - $3.35 and $3.70  
Reduced Price Lunch - $0.40  

Adult Meals
Adult Breakfast - $2.65  
Adult Lunch - $4.73 

*For schools participating in the Community Eligibility Provision of the National School Breakfast and Lunch programs, paid price will be used for second student meals.

Please Note:  
Like many other companies across the nation, the manufacturers and distributors West Shore School District uses to supply our school cafeterias are having challenges related to supply chain and staffing levels. As a result, many of our ordered and expected items are unavailable are out-of-stock, causing last-minute changes. This is a widespread problem impacting school districts throughout the area.
We understand the importance of sharing with our families a daily menu so that you can plan for your children, and we are doing our best to provide all menu choices listed daily. However, due to these supplier issues, please know that menu items are subject to change based on availability. 
Students with dietary concerns should contact the school nurse for guidance or possibly consider bringing a prepared lunch from home if the uncertainty of the menu is a significant issue.

Additionally, in the event of a two-hour delay, middle and high schools will offer a modified breakfast menu and breakfast will not be served at the elementary level.

What makes a meal?

This year the District is participating in the National School Breakfast and National School Lunch Programs.  These programs require certain meal components be taken by the students in order for us to provide meals at the prices listed above. For meals, we offer fruits, vegetables, meat (or meat alternatives), grain, and milk. For breakfasts, students must take three components in order to purchase the regular meal. For lunch, students must take three items, but are also required to take at least a fruit or vegetable. If students do not take the required items, cashiers will encourage them to take the necessary items before charging a la carte prices.  Students are not required to take milk.
For more details about the meal components, please see our reimbursable breakfast and lunch information on the website. The District is committed to providing healthy meal options for all students. Substitutions and modifications to meals can be made for students with disabling special dietary needs.  In order for these accommodations to be made, parents should return a completed Medical Plan of Care for School Food Service form, signed by a physician, to the school nurse or Food Services Department at the Administration Center.    

What's Cooking in 23-24

Change in Online Fees

Effective January 1, 2024, for those who submit electronic payments through LINQ Connect, the credit and debit card convenience fees for all payments will be 3.95% of the transaction amount with a minimum fee of $2.85 per transaction, while ACH or eCheck transactions, if applicable, will be a flat fee of $1.85 per transaction. By way of example, a payment of $85 would be charged $3.24 for card payments or $1.85 for eCheck payments. 

Food Service Employment Opportunities

The Food Service Department continues looking for permanent part-time and substitute staff members.  If you are looking for part time school year work opportunities (generally 4-5.5 hours per day), the Food Service Department might just be the place for you.  Please complete our online application and begin working on getting your background checks for employment.


Meals in 2023-2024

All students will be eligible for a free breakfast each day in 2023-2024, regardless of their family's financial status.  Second breakfasts, incomplete meals, and a la carte items (ex. milk, juice cups, bottled water) will still need to be paid for at the advertised prices.

Students will be required to pay full price for lunch meals this year, unless they are approved for free/reduced price meals (through application, CEP, or direct certification). Applications will be sent home on the first day of school, but families may already fill them out online. Meal prices for 2023-2024 are found on the menus portion of the website.  These prices as well as a la carte prices are subject to change if market conditions necessitate.  Menus are online, but subject to change.  


Physical Activity and Nutrition Advisory Council Seeks Members

The District’s Physical Activity and Nutrition Advisory Council (PANAC) serves as an advisory committee regarding student health issues, periodically reviewing and recommending changes to the District’s Student Physical Activity and Nutrition Policy. PANAC also serves as a Food Services Advisory Council providing students, parents/guardians, and staff the opportunity to provide feedback on the District’s Food Services Program.

PANAC continues currently looking for students, parents, and staff who may be interested in participating on the council for next year.  Each building is encouraged to have a staff member, a parent, and/or a student participate.  Meetings are scheduled for 3:00 at the Administration Center on September 19, 2023, November 8, 2023, February 14, 2024, and April 10, 2024.  Please contact Dr. Argot [email protected]  if you are interested in volunteering.


What does a meal look like?

We are providing “offer vs. serve” this year.  This means that food service will offer fruit, vegetable, milk, grain, and meat or meat alternative for lunch, but students only need to take three of these components.  One must be a fruit or a vegetable.  For instance, a chicken patty on a bun with sliced apples would count as a meal.  Milk is not a requirement.  Students may have two fruits and two vegetables as part of their free meal.



Parents of students who have a medical necessity for variations to the meal requirements are encouraged to have their student's medical provider complete and return the Medical Plan of Care for School Food Service to your school's office.


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