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Common Special Education, Vision Services Acronyms and Definitions

   Listed below are common acronyms and definitions found in Special Education and especially    the area of Visual impairments.

IDE(I)A 2004 - Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act - This Act was revised in 2004. It is the federal act which requires all public schools to offer all students with disabilities equal education based on his or her individual needs.

• IEP - Individualized Education Plan - These are the plans written for every student who qualifies for special education. Just as the name says, it is an individual plan written for each individual student's special needs.

• ER/RR - Evaluation Report/Re-evaluation Report - This is the report which should be written before an IEP. If new evaluation and assessment information is needed, a permission to re-evaluate must be re-issued before testing can be completed. Students in special education need a new RR every 3 years or every 2 years if there is an intellectual disability diagnosis.

• SDI - Specially Designed Instruction - This is a section of the IEP which explains exactly what special areas and special accommodations must be made for the student to be successful in all areas of school.

• TVI - Teacher of the Visually Impaired - This is what I do. This is a teacher who is a trained teacher in working with staff to make academic accommodations in the classroom. We are not doctors or therapists. We are not trained in giving eye exercises and diagnosing eye conditions or prescriptions. We do screenings each year to update a student's present levels of eye conditions, for academic purposes.

• O&M - Orientation and Mobility - This is also what I do. This is a professional who in general teaches students who are blind or visually impaired on travel skills, body awareness and safety skills. Orientation generally means "where am I in the environment?". Mobility generally means "how do I get there?".

• LMA - Learning Media Assessment - An assessment completed each year for a student with visual impairments. This assessment determines the type of reading medium the student will need, whether it is Braille or a specific size of large print.

• FVA - Functional Vision Assessment

Common Eye Doctor Script Acronyms

The following are things that you may find in my present levels. Some of these are medical acronyms for common vision specific terms.

• OD - Ocular Dexter - Right Eye

• OS - Ocular Sinister - Left Eye

• OU - Ocular Unitas - Both Eyes

• NLP - No Light Perception

• CVI - Cortical Visual Impairment (sometimes called Cerebral Visual Impairment)

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