Social Media Interaction Guidelines


Social media offers a means by which the West Shore School District can quickly communicate with others, share information, and exchange ideas. In the spirit of open conversation, we encourage followers to comment on our social media pages and welcome all viewpoints; however, we do reserve the right to disable commenting on a post or to delete/hide comments that contain the following:

  • profane, obscene, or vulgar content;
  • content that is sexually suggestive, harassing, or inappropriate for a family environment;
  • nudity in a participant's profile picture;
  • threats of physical or bodily harm;
  • defamatory statements;
  • personal attacks, name calling, or insulting statements directed toward another individual;
  • disparaging language or hate speech directed at an individual’s race, color, religious creed, ancestry, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, AIDS or HIV status, or disability;
  • commercial content promoting or soliciting a service or advertising the sale of an item;
  • content promoting political organizations;
  • spam, such as the same comment posted repeatedly;
  • personally identifying, sensitive and/or private information;
  • language or content suggesting or encouraging illegal activity;
  • information that could reasonably compromise public safety;
  • content unrelated to the topic being discussed; and
  • other content deemed inappropriate.

Social Media Interaction Guidelines complement, but do not replace, any existing policies regarding the use of technology by students and staff (including computers, email, and the internet) currently in place.

Continued use of District and school social media accounts signifies acceptance of these interaction guidelines.

Please note, although we monitor our social media pages, we are not responsible for content generated by users.

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