April 2020

Board Meeting - April 7

The Board of School Directors met in a special online session on Tuesday, April 7, with President Crocenzi presiding.

Resolution in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
In compliance with the Governor's stay-at-home order, the Board approved a resolution allowing necessary steps be taken to hold Board meetings online.

Recognition by the Board
Mrs. Crocenzi and members of the Board thanked our custodians, maintenance department, technology department, teachers, students, parents, and administrators for their work during the school closure.  Dr. Stoltz added his appreciation for the support of community and staff volunteers who have assisted with the distribution of devices and food. Dr. Whye echoed those comments and added her thanks for the Board's support and the teamwork shown by the entire school community. Next, Dr. Argot took the opportunity to thank food service staff and volunteers for their work providing meals. Lastly, Mr. Burnheimer commended the work of staff and student volunteers to ensure weekend meals are available for families in need.

Recognition of the Public

Opportunity for Students to Speak
No students addressed the Board.

Agenda Items
No community members addressed the Board.

Information Items
Files related to the following information items may be downloaded from the Board agenda. Click here
Transportation Contract
Mr. Sanders highlighted changes in recent legislation which would allow the District to renegotiate its contract with First Student.

Continuity of Education
Dr. Whye reviewed the District's Continuity of Education Plan which provides an overview of information previously shared with families and students in Dr. Stoltz's email updates. The plan is posted for the community's review on the District website on the Distance Learning page. Dr. Whye thanked Mrs. Fourhman for her assistance with the District Learning website and District messages, and also gave a shout out to Mrs. Say, Solicitor, for her guidance in reviewing directives from the state in relation to the closure. 

Science Textbook Adoption
The textbook selection process for the high school science program started at the end of the 2018-2019 school year. Dr. Whye shared the process, evaluation tools, cost, and next steps planned to adopt new textbooks for the science curriculum.

Food Services Department Update: 2019-2020 Highlights & 2020-2021 Budget Proposal
Dr. Argot highlighted this year’s food services department challenges and successes before providing a review of next year’s food service budget proposal.

Finance Updates
Mrs. Stuck provided the Board with reports on the 2020-2021 Budget, 2019-2020 Investment Update, Assessed Value Spreadsheet, Budget Status Reports, Capital Reserves Summary, and the Rossmoyne Project.
Continuity of Education Equity Grant Application
Dr. Argot shared the District's intent to apply for a Continuity of Education Equity Grant which, if received, could be used to assist the District in meeting the educational needs of our families.
Recognition of Public
General Items
No community members addressed the Board.

Board Meeting - April 16

The Board of School Directors met in an online session on Thursday, April 16, with President Crocenzi presiding.

A recording of the National Anthem performed by Cedar Cliff High School's Kierra Heinly, Class of 2020, and Briana Heinly, Class 2016, was played to start the meeting.

The minutes of the meetings held March 12, 2020, and March 19, 2020, were approved.

Treasurer’s Report
The Board approved the Treasurer’s Report for the month ending March 31, 2020, showing invested and available funds of $34,053,426.89.

Dr. Stoltz distributed a copy of the latest legal update from the solicitor’s office.  

Dr. Argot shared the Central Treasury Reports for Cedar Cliff and Red Land High Schools.

Board Reports 
Mrs. Tierney shared that the West Shore Foundation had distributed gift cards to school counselors to assist families in need during the closure. 

Recognition by the Board

There were no recognitions by the Board.

Recognition of the Public
Opportunity for Students to Speak
No students addressed the Board.

Agenda Items
No community members addressed the Board.

Business Items
Bills for Approval
The Board approved bills for the period March 12, 2020, through April 8, 2020, listing checks which totaled $2,452,781.26.

The Board approved all personnel items as presented.

Board Policies
The Board approved Revised Board Policy 123: Interscholastic Athletics and New Board Policy 824: Maintaining Professional Adult/Student Boundaries.

Food Services Management Company Renewal, Meal Price Determination, and Food Service Budget Adoption 2020-2021
The Board annually approves a contract with a Food Services Management Company. Following specifications outlined in the Request for Proposal (RFP) process, the Board approved a new contract with Sodexo Quality of Life Services for the period July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021 with the potential for up to four one-year renewals.  Additionally, the Board approved a ten-cent increase in regular/tiered school paid breakfast and lunch prices for next school year, and the 2020-2021 Food Services budget.

Contracted Services - High School Athletic Trainer
For the last 20 years, the District has utilized Central PA Rehabilitation Services (CPRS) for athletic training. The Board approved a five-year contract with CPRS which will allow them to continue to provide trainer services for Cedar Cliff and Red Land High Schools.

Newfound Harbor Marine Institute (Seacamp) Field Trip
The Board approved a trip for Crossroads Middle School eighth grade students to travel to the Newfound Harbor Marine Institute in Big Pine Key, Florida, from September 25 through September 30, 2020.

2020-2021 Cumberland Perry Area Vocational Technical School (CPAVTS) Operating Budget 
The 2020-2021 Cumberland Perry Area Vocational Technical School Operating Budget has been approved by the School’s Joint Operating Committee and now awaits the approval of its sending districts. Based on our average student enrollment over the previous five years of 20.87 percent, West Shore's estimated cost for 2020-2021 reflects an increase of $171,588 for a total of $1,493,058.  The Board approved these proposed changes and the 2020-2021 CPAVTS Operating Budget.

Fuel Containment Upgrades
Major upgrades to the above-ground fuel dispensing equipment at the District's Transportation Building were completed in the Fall of 2019.  During this work, it was determined that the conditions of the below-ground components, which are original to the 1989 building, would not pass recently enacted PA state legislation for fuel dispenser and underground storage tank leak prevention. To maintain the District’s compliance with regulations, updated designs were developed by Keystone Petroleum. The Board approved the proposal for fuel containment upgrades from Keystone Petroleum pending review and final approval by the District's Legal Counsel.

Amendment to Transportation Contract
In response to COVID-19, changes were made to school code to allow school districts the opportunity to renegotiate their contracts with transportation service providers. As a result, the Board approved an amendment to the District's contract with First Student.

Information Items
2020 Bond Issue
Mrs. Stuck provided an update on market conditions and the District's recommendation to delay the next round of capital borrowing. 

Budget Update
Mrs. Stuck provided a summary of revenue and expenditure revisions made to the 2020-2021 Budget.

Recognition of Public
General Items
No community members addressed the Board.


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