Credit Recovery Courses

Credit Recovery Course Offerings

Credit recovery courses are available for middle and high school students to retake a class previously taken but failed by the student. These credit recovery courses contain only the essential course content and can be completed in a very condensed time frame over the six-week summer school program.  All credit recovery courses will be delivered online through CAOLA, are self-paced and will be monitored by West Shore staff.

English Credit Recovery
Grade 6 ELA (Credit Recovery)
Grade 7 ELA (Credit Recovery)
Grade 8 ELA (Credit Recovery)
English 1 (Credit Recovery)
English 2 (Credit Recovery)
English 3 (Credit Recovery)
English 4 (Credit Recovery)

Math Credit Recovery
Math 6 (Credit Recovery)
Math 7 (Credit Recovery)
Math 8 (Pre-Algebra) (Credit Recovery)
Pre-Algebra High School (Credit Recovery)
Algebra 1 (Credit Recovery)
Algebra 2 (Credit Recovery)
Geometry (Credit Recovery)
Pre-Calculus (Credit Recovery)
Calculus (Credit Recovery)

Science Credit Recovery
Physical Science (Credit Recovery)
Biology 1 (Credit Recovery)
Anatomy & Physiology (Credit Recovery)

Social Studies Credit Recovery
American History (Credit Recovery)
US Government (Credit Recovery)
World Geography (Credit Recovery)
World History (Credit Recovery)

Spanish Credit Recovery
Spanish 1 (Credit Recovery) .5 Credit
Spanish 2 (Credit Recovery) .5 Credit

Cooperative Education Credit Recovery
Students will need to have access to Schoology in order to submit schedules and copies of pay stubs to verify hours worked. 
Coop (Credit Recovery) .5 Credit Course for working 90+ hours during the six week summer school period
Coop (Credit Recovery) 1.0 Credit Course for working 180+ hours during the six week summer school period
Coop (Credit Recovery) 1.5 Credit Course for working 270+ hours during an eight week summer school period

Physical Education/Fitness Credit Recovery
Physical Education (Credit Recovery) .5 Credit

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