March 2020

Board Meeting - March 12

The Board of School Directors met in special session on Thursday, March 12, with President Crocenzi presiding.
No communications were shared with the Board.

Recognition by the Board
There was no recognition by the Board.

Recognition of the Public
Opportunity for Students to Speak
No students addressed the Board.

Agenda Items
No community members addressed the Board.

Business Items
The Board approved all personnel items as presented.

Bid Awards
The Board awarded bids for art supplies, general supplies, copy paper, and index stock to the lowest bidders meeting specifications.

Memorandum of Understanding - AFSCME Four-Day Work Week
The Board approved a Memorandum of Understanding with District Council 89 of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO to establish a four-day work schedule from June 15, 2020, through August 7, 2020.
Roof Replacement and Repairs
The District's Maintenance Department conducted an in-depth study to assess building roofing conditions. Roofing projects were prioritized based on plans for new construction, existing conditions, and the ability to extend the life of a roof by performing restoration projects. A scope of work was developed and offered to multiple vendors on state contracts.  The Board approved agreements with the following lowest costs meeting specifications.
  • Heidler Roofing - Red Land Roof Repairs
  • Houck Services, Inc. - Cedar Cliff Roof Restoration
  • David M. Maines and Associates, Inc. - New Cumberland Roof Restoration

Generator Replacement 
The Board approved a proposal from DynaTech to replace the emergency generator at Red Land High School.

Boiler Replacement
The Board approved a proposal from McClure Company to replace the boiler at the Administration Center for Education.

Information Items

Files related to the following information items may be downloaded from the Board agenda. Click here.

2020-2021 General Fund Budget
Mrs. Stuck led a panel discussion related to the 2020-2021 General Fund Budget. This presentation and others made during the budget development process can be viewed on the District website.

Finance Updates
Mrs. Stuck provided the Board with reports on 2019-2020 Investment Update, Assessed Value Spreadsheet, Budget Status Reports, Capital Reserves Summary, and the Rossmoyne Project.  

Recognition of the Public

General Items
No community members addressed the Board.

Board Meeting - March 19

The Board of School Directors met in special session on Thursday, March 19, with President Crocenzi presiding.
Revision to Board Policy 006 and Suspension of 30 Day Review
Given the unique nature of the pandemic, the Board waived its usual 30-day review of policy revisions and approved proposed changes to Board Policy 006.  The revised policy allows Board members to attend Board meetings, committee meetings, and participate in Board deliberations/voting, through electronic communications (i.e., speakerphone, teleconferencing, or videoconferencing).

The minutes of the meetings held February 13 and 20, 2020, were approved.

Treasurer’s Report
The Board approved the Treasurer’s Report for the month ending February 29, 2020, showing invested and available funds of $42,108,452.80.

Dr. Stoltz distributed a copy of the latest legal update from the solicitor’s office. 

Dr. Argot shared the Central Treasury Reports for Cedar Cliff and Red Land High Schools.
The Board approved student disciplinary actions as recommended.

Board Reports
Mr. Kambic and Mr. Saar provided an overview of the Board's recent visit to Lower Allen Elementary School. 
Mrs. Crocenzi and Mr. Guistwhite shared highlights of the Board visit to Red Land High School which included breakfast and a tour of the DaVinici classroom.

Recognition by the Board
There were no recognitions by the Board.

Recognition of the Public
Opportunity for Students to Speak
No students addressed the Board.

Agenda Items
No community members addressed the Board.

Business Items
Bills for Approval
The Board approved bills for the period February 20, 2020, through March 11, 2020, listing checks that total $2,547,106.12.

The Board approved all personnel items as presented.

Revised Board Policy 206: Assignment Within District, Policy 217.1: Diploma for Wartime Veterans, and Policy 226: Searches 
The Board approved revisions to these policies as presented and authorized submittal to PSBA to be placed in Board Policy Manual format.

Capital Area Intermediate Unit 2020-2021 General Operating Budget
The 24 school districts of the Capital Area Intermediate Unit (CAIU) contribute towards its general operating budget. The Board approved the CAIU's proposed 2020-2021 General Operating Budget totaling $7,346,667.  This figure represents an increase of $553,727 or 8.15% from the approved general operating budget for 2019-2020.  For 2020-2021, West Shore will contribute $90,606.07. This represents a $380.17 decrease from the 2019-2020 budgeted allocation.
Fiber Optic Lease Agreement with Windstream
The District’s Wide Area Network (WAN) provides building to building connections and allows network and online resources to be accessed from our schools. The District released a bid for a one-year contract through the e-Rate program. The Board approved a proposal from Windstream, our current service provider, to provide WAN services at a one-year cost of $197,220.00, which is $17,158.01 lower than the annual cost of the previous contract.

e-Rate Approvals
The e-Rate program allows school districts to receive federal reimbursement for technology infrastructure purchases and services.  One of the requirements for using e-Rate funds is the posting of a request for proposals available to all eligible vendors. The District released bids to state-approved vendors for switches, wireless equipment, and cabling. The Board approved the proposals as presented.
Staff Attendance at Professional Meetings
The Board approved staff attendance at professional meetings as presented.

Special Education Settlement Agreement
The Board approved a settlement between the District and parents of a special education student as an alternative to unresolved issues being litigated via a due process hearing.

Cedar Cliff High School Baseball Trip - Correction
The Board approved a correction to the dates of a trip for the Cedar Cliff High School baseball team to Cary, North Carolina. The actual dates were March 12-14, 2020.

Farm and Lease Agreement - Valley & Beinhower 
The District recently acquired a property in Fairview Township for the purpose of constructing new schools included in our Feasibility Plan. While these plans are being developed, there is an opportunity to allow continued farming on the site. The Board approved a lease agreement with DNS Cold Springs Farm, LLC as presented.

Authorization to Conduct Essential Business
Normal operations of the District have been greatly impacted by the pandemic. With limitations on group sizes and essential functions, the ability to hold regular public meetings of the Board may prove even more challenging in the coming weeks. In order to ensure the operations of the District proceed without interruption, the Board authorized the Superintendent and/or his designee, to execute contracts, pay bills, fill vacancies, and take other actions needed to ensure continuity of District operations, subject to ratification by the Board at its next meeting. 

Information Items
Dr. Argot shared proposed revisions to Board Policy 123: Interscholastic Athletics and proposed new Board Policy 824: Maintaining Professional Adult/Student Boundaries. 

Mrs. Crocenzi shared her appreciation for the community's support and understanding during the closure. She reminded everyone to check the District website for information about the Free Grab and Go Bagged Meals program and to follow the District on social media for updates and fun activities families can do at home.

Dr. Stoltz and Dr. Whye shared their appreciation for the work being done by the food services department, counselors, technology department, teachers, custodial/maintenance staff, and volunteers while the District responds to the pandemic.  Dr. Stoltz also thanked members of the community for their outpouring of support and offers to help. He shared that while the District currently doesn't have any unmet needs, for those who have expressed an interest in volunteering, a form is posted on our website where they can provide contact information and availability.

Mr. Guistwhite echoed Dr. Stoltz's comments and thanked the administrative team for their work communicating with families and making sure children don't go hungry.

Recognition of Public
General Items
No community members addressed the Board.
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