Kindergarten Acceleration Program

The District's Kindergarten Acceleration Program (KAP) is an extended-day kindergarten program which provides students with the opportunity to preview information and build on their prior knowledge, increase background information, and acquire the skills necessary for continued success.

KAP will: 
  • Integrate new learning with past experiences.
  • Offer a balance of small group, large group, and individual activities.
  • Emphasize language development and appropriate literacy and math experiences.
  • Develop children’s social skills.
  • Work with parents to share information about their children, build understanding of parent and teacher roles, emphasize reading to children in school and at home, and set the stage for later parent-teacher partnerships.
  • Assess student progress through close teacher observation, systematic collection and examination of student work and ongoing curriculum-based assessment.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 
What is the difference betweenKAP and full-day kindergarten?
Full-day kindergarten is designed to provide more kindergarten for all students. KAP is designed to meet the individual needs of selected students in a small group setting.

Is this a special education class?
No. KAP follows the kindergarten curriculum and provides additional instruction in language, literacy, and math.

How will students be selected for KAP?
KAP students will attend the regular half- day kindergarten class in their home school for the start of the school year. During the beginning weeks of school, a team comprised of the classroom teacher, reading specialist, and KAP teacher will use assessments and observation data to select children most likely to benefit from an extended-day program providing additional instruction in language, literacy, and math.

Twelve students will be selected for the morning KAP session and twelve students for the afternoon KAP session being held at each school site. Students attending the morning KAP session will participate in the regular kindergarten program for the afternoon session and vice versa.

If my child is recommended, does it mean I somehow failed to prepare them for kindergarten?
No. Language, literacy, and math skills develop at different rates.  KAP allows children who have not yet fully developed those skills to receive additional support.

Can I opt out of the program, even if my child is recommended for it?
Yes. The final decision lies with the parents and parental permission will be required before students can join KAP.
However, if your child is recommended and you do not take advantage of the program, your child will miss an opportunity to build a stronger foundation for success in first grade.

Can I request my child be enrolled?
No. A detailed process including specific assessments has been developed for the selection of students.

Will the longer school day be tiring for young children?
At first it may be, but children easily adjust to the schedule in a very short period of time.  Teachers take the possibility of fatigue into account in their daily planning of activities. 

Will eating in the cafeteria be an overwhelming experience?
Most young children enjoy the opportunity to eat in the cafeteria. KAP students will be monitored and helped through the process by the staff. They will have lunch during the same time period as other classes and may choose to pack or purchase their lunch.

What transportation arrangements will be made for students?
Students will come to school and go home from school on the same bus that picks up other children in their neighborhood.

How can I support KAP?
Teachers will keep in contact with parents through regular newsletters. Parents can support their child by providing time to complete activities that are sent home, communicating regularly with teachers and attending parent workshops throughout the school year. 

For additional information, please contact:
Mr. David Harrison
Director of Elementary Education 
West Shore School District
(717) 938-9577

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