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When does my child receive dental screenings?

The dental screenings are conducted in first, third, and seventh grades.

Does my child have to receive a dental screening in school?

No, your child does not have to receive a dental screening in school. By State mandate, all children must show evidence of receiving a dental exam (3) three times within their school career. Evidence of this exam may be received by having your child see his or her own dentist. The parent must then provide evidence of the exam by having the dentist fill out a Private Dentist Report or a form that will come home with your child at the beginning of the first, third and seventh grade school year.

What if my child sees a dentist, but a form is not returned to the school?

The dental hygienist will screen all children who do not return a form during their first, third, or seventh grade school year. This screening is done at no charge to the familes.

How will I know if my child has any dental problems?

If your child is screened by the dental hygienist and problems are noted, a referral form will be sent home detailing the suspected areas of concern.

Does the dental hygienist use clean tools during a dental screening?

The dental hygienist sterilizes all instruments that are used during the dental screening. A freshly sterilized set of instruments is used for each student. The dental hygienist also wears a mask, face shield, gown and a clean pair of gloves for every student that is evaluated during the school dental screenings.

West Shore School District's dental hygienist is Ms. Donna Murray.

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