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Policy Overview 
Lesson completion is the same as attendance when you are an online learner. Students not engaging in their courses is the primary cause of failure. State Law provides that parents/legal guardians are responsible for ensuring that their student(s) attend(s) school. Students taking online courses are expected to follow the school calendar, which is based on the minimum required 180 days per year.
Full-Time Online Learners
ExCEL Virtual Learning Academy 7-12 powered by CAOLA attendance and/or absences are calculated weekly.  Students who are on pace when the weekly report is run, or who are working ahead, will not be marked absent.  Students who are behind pace will be marked absent in accordance with the chart above.
The attendance tracking cycle runs from Monday to Sunday. Students have until midnight on Sunday to make sure they are on pace in all courses. The Genius system syncs every 24 hours, at midnight. 
Part-Time Online Learners*
Part-Time students are still held to the rubric above with regards to attendance for CAOLA courses.  In cases where Part-Time students fall into a category that would normally accrue an absence, the brick and mortar building principal and the Online Learning Principal will work together to mark attendance and/or decide appropriate consequences accordingly.  
*Part-Time Online Learners are defined as: any student who attends a class (1+) at either of the high schools and also enrolled in ExCEL~ CAOLA.
Q: How long do I have to complete my lessons? 
A: You have from Monday morning through Sunday at midnight to complete your assignments, or a 7 day period. The attendance data is pulled on Monday for the previous week, and absences are determined that day.
Q: If I work in just one course at a time, will I be counted absent? 
A: Yes. Students are to follow the due dates in all classes as assigned.
Q: If I finish all my courses early, will I be marked absent once I stop working? 
A: No. If we see that a student has finished all coursework for the term, we no longer count attendance because the student is ‘ahead’ and will not be penalized. 
Q: Can I work ahead to take a week off? 
A: Yes, if you are ahead in your assignments, you will not be marked absent. 
Q: If I miss just one day, should I notify someone? 
A: Attendance is determined weekly, not daily. If you miss a day or two but are able to complete all of your lessons for the week, you do not need to notify anyone.
Q: How are absences excused?
A: For an absence to be considered “excused,” parents must submit an excuse via the steps outlined here:

For more information on types of absences, educational trips and other attendance items, please refer to Board Policy 204.
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