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CAOLA Stay the Course banner Policy Overview
Lesson completion is the same as attendance when you are an online learner. Students not engaging in their courses is the primary cause of failure.

About Attendance in CAOLA

CAOLA attendance is based on the following formula:

At the start of each marking period, the Online Learning Advisor will calculate the daily rate of completion necessary for students to complete all course work in the assigned time frame. This will be calculated using the total number of days in the term, and the total number of assignments students need to complete. Rounding up assignments per day allows students extra time in case of unforeseen circumstances and allows coursework to be completed before the end of the term. 


  • Number of courses: 5
  • Total Number of Assignments for all courses: 250
  • Number of school days per marking period: 45x250/45 = 5.56 Rounded up to nearest whole number = 6 assignments to be completed per day, or 30 per 5 day week (24 per 4 day week). 

Absences are calculated weekly. Students who are on pace, or who are working ahead, will not be marked absent, regardless of the number of assignments completed in a particular week. 

The Genius system syncs every 24 hours, at midnight. The cycle runs from Monday to Sunday. Students have until Midnight on Sunday to submit the requisite number of assignments per week.

How it Works

Every Tuesday, the Online Learning Advisor will pull data from our Learning Management System, Genius, (where students log into their courses). Data can be pulled from the Attendance Report, Log of Days and Assignments, and Total Completed Assignments within Date Range report. The Advisor will use that information to determine who completed the minimum required lessons the week prior. Those who did not meet the requirements will receive an attendance notification, and we will promptly notify the student, as well as their parents/guardians, by email.

Absence Procedures

Students who do not complete the requisite number of assignments per week will be marked absent once for that week. As per District policy, students are to submit a signed excuse from their parent/guardian to their home school attendance secretary within three days of the absence. Failure to submit an excuse will result in an unexcused absence.

When considered absent, students and parents/guardians will receive an email from the Online Learning Advisor in the Genius system indicating the absence and requesting a signed excuse. 

Unlawful/Unexcused absences: If three unlawful/ unexcused absences have accrued, the student and parent/guardian will receive an Official Notice of Absences containing dates of unlawful/unexcused absences and required to report to the home school to complete an Attendance Improvement Plan with their guidance counselor at the date and time specified by the Official Notice of Absences.

Once seven unlawful/unexcused absences have accrued, a citation will be issued for each additional unlawful/unexcused absence incurred.

Frequently Asked Questions About Attendance

Q: How long do I have to complete my lessons? 

  • A: The attendance data is pulled on Tuesday, and absences are determined that day. You have from Monday morning through Sunday at midnight to complete your lessons, or a 7 day period. 

Q: If I work in just one course at a time, will I be counted absent? 

  • A: No, as long as you finish your required number of assignments per week. You can complete all of your required assignments in a week in one subject area if you want to. 

Q: If I finish all my courses early, will I be marked absent once I stop working? 

  • A: No. If we see that a student has finished all coursework for the term, we no longer count attendance because the student is ‘ahead’ and will not be penalized. 

Q: Can I work ahead to take a week off? 

  • A: Yes, if you are ahead in your assignments, you will not be marked absent. 

Q: If I miss just one day, should I notify someone? 

  • A: Attendance is determined weekly, not daily. If you miss a day or two but are able to complete all of your lessons for the week, you do not need to notify anyone. If you miss enough time in your online courses to interfere with finishing your required lessons, you may want to inform the cyber advisor. 

Q: If I only manage to finish 20 lessons one week, and I need to complete 30 lessons for the week, will I be required to finish 40 the next week? 

  • A: No, we only require each week that you do your required number of assignments. So, in this case, each week, you need to complete 30 lessons to be counted as attending. The math begins with your total lessons from the previous week. If you finished only 20 lessons in one week and you're not ahead, you would be absent. You would need to complete 30 lessons the next week to not be absent again. However, you would still need to add some lessons to complete your courses before the term ends. While doing this may prevent you from getting an absence, it could also mean not finishing or passing your courses if you do not find time to get caught up before the term ends.
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