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Phased School Reopening 2020-2021
Presented September 10, 2020     

On September 10, Dr. Stoltz, Superintendent, and Dr. Whye, Assistant Superintendent, shared the District's revised Phased School Reopening Plan which includes these options for families:     


Phase 2: Option 1
Kindergarten-Grade 5

Monday through Thursday
In-person from 8:45-3:30 p.m.
Roster/Teacher changes may occur to limit class sizes
Students bring devices to school

Distance Learning 2.0 following current schedule.

  • We chose to bring all students back at the elementary level Monday – Thursday with Friday as a DL 2.0 Day.
  • We feel strongly that our youngest learners need the most in-person, face-to-face time as possible. We will run a regular school day schedule from 8:45-3:30. The DL 2.0 day will follow the current DL schedule with some minor modifications.
  • The Friday at home will allow students to take a break from the increased structure and restraints that come with providing a safe environment and still engage in learning with the teacher.
  • This schedule also allows for cleaning and a 72-hour break before students return.
  • Roster changes may be necessary to limit class sizes, although we will not use this option as a first choice as we recognize the attachment students have to their teachers and classmates.
  • On October 13 when our kindergarten students return, they will be following a half day schedule with morning and afternoon kindergarten classes.

Phase 2: Option 1
Grades 6-12

Monday through Thursday
Classes from 7:37-2:45 p.m.
In-person following an A/B/A/B/ split schedule
Mondays and Wednesdays - Last names A-K
Tuesdays and Thursdays - Last names L-Z
Accommodations for families with different last names
Coordination with CPAVTS for vo-tech students
Students bring devices to school

Distance Learning 2.0 following current schedule.

  • The Secondary Level will operate on an A/B/A/B/DL 2.0 schedule. Students with the last names A-K will be in the A group and attend in-person on Mondays and Wednesdays following the regular school day schedule from 7:37 – 2:45. Students with last names L-Z will attend in-person on Tuesdays and Thursdays. From Monday-Thursday, when students are not meeting in person, they will be asynchronous (completing independent work posted to Schoology).  On Friday, all students will attend the DL 2.0 day at home and will follow the current DL 2.0 schedule.
  • We will be reaching out to families who have children with different last names in an effort to have the children on the same schedule if the family so desires.
  • This option allows for greater social distancing in school and on the buses. When we designed the Phasing in August, The World Health Organization and the American Association of Pediatrics stated that 3 feet of Distance with masks mitigates the spread of COVID-19 to a great extent. CDC said 6 feet of social distancing or to the greatest extent possible. Since August a universal masking order went into effect and the guidelines for social distancing caused us to reexamine the phasing plan.
  • We believe the A/B/A/B schedule for middle and high school students, will return students who choose, will provide the lowest level of risk, and will provide a quality learning experience. Students will spend their in-person days applying knowledge and skills in meaningful ways, engaging in critical conversations, debate, and interesting labs. When students are not on site, during the A/B/A/B schedule, they will be working to prepare for their in-person days. This will include building background knowledge to prepare, reading a piece of literature in preparation for a Socratic seminar, watching a video that explains a science concept in order to be ready for a lab, etc. This method is called a flipped classroom and allows for a deeper level of learning.
  • Just as we prepared for DL 2.0, we will spend the next few weeks providing professional development and collaborative lesson planning opportunities in order to continue with the high-quality instruction that is occurring now.

Phase 2: Option 2

Kindergarten-Grade 8
Monday-Friday - Distance Learning 2.0
Follow current remote learning schedule
Roster/Teacher changes are likely

Grades 9-12
Enroll in CAOLA monitored by West Shore teachers

In response to our update on the phased reopening of schools last evening, we have received many comments and feedback about the options for high school students. More specifically, students and families have expressed interest in continuing with Distance Learning 2.0, just as grades K-8. We’ve heard your feedback and are reviewing our ability to provide that, even in limited circumstances. As Dr. Stoltz mentioned last evening, teacher certification is a primary issue in being able to deliver a continued Distance Learning 2.0 option. Like the other grade levels, if we were able to do anything in this regard, it would likely create schedule disruptions for teachers and students. With that said, we appreciate that families are seeking an option that keeps them connected to the District.
In the coming days, we will provide details on how to share your commitment to Option 1 and Option 2, but also your preference for a third option to remain in Distance Learning 2.0 if it were available.  That data will help us better access District interest in that as a possible third option for high school families. 

Selecting an Option
By September 16, parents are asked to indicate their preference for Option 1, blended learning, or Option 2, all remote learning.
Parents will log in to PowerSchool to make their selection for each of their children.
Directions will be emailed to families at a later date.
We ask for at least a semester commitment (a commitment till January 15, 2021).
Our intent will be to continue to run Distance Learning 2.0 for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.
Parents who do not indicate a preference will follow Option 1 for all their children.

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