Principal's Message

Message from Mr. D'Annibale

Message from Mr. D'Annibale

Mr. D'Annibale

Greetings New Cumberland Middle School Families,

I hope this letter finds you healthy, refreshed, and ready to begin Phase II of our WSSD reopening plan.  I apologize for the length of this message, but I wanted to make sure you had all of the information that you need.

Whether you chose hybrid learning, CAOLA or to continue with distance learning, we hope to provide a positive school experience for students, parents, and staff.  Our goal is to create a school where students want to learn, where people want to work, and where parents want to send their kids.  We believe this goal cannot be attained unless all stakeholders are involved and invested.  

In preparation for Phase II, on Friday, October 9th, students and parents should log on to PowerSchool after 3:00 PM to view updated schedules. After you check Power School, please make sure your student logs onto Schoology to make sure they have access to all their classes (Schoology may not be updated until Monday, October 12th).  If you chose Option I, having your child return to school on an A/B Hybrid schedule, you may still notice varying changes due to the staffing needs for the distance learning school. If you chose Option II, you will find an entirely new schedule staffed with teachers assigned to the distance learning school. Due to the required changes to support Option I and II, teachers will take some time during the first week in Phase II to get to know the new students, review new or modified routines and procedures, and help build classroom rapport.

Teachers who have new classes or students will be sharing welcome information via Schoology pages on October 9th by 3:00 PM.  Students and parents should log on to their new teacher’s pages to learn more about individual teacher’s grading and instructional practices.  Parents and students are also encouraged to message teachers via Schoology or e-mail teachers any questions or concerns they might have. Please note that teachers may not reply to emails until after the long weekend.

Once we begin Phase II there will be orientation activities during the school day.  A positive relationship with families is paramount to student success, and we encourage you to get involved and reach out for support.  We have appreciated talking to all of you and encourage all families to continue to communicate as needed.  Please consider attending our virtual Back to School Night on October 20th or scheduling a time to chat with your child’s teacher. We look forward to making this a positive school year for you and your child.  The faculty and staff at New Cumberland Middle School are here to support you and we are excited to see our students soon!

Please be sure to read through the reminders below.  If you have any questions or would like to chat, you can reach us at 717-774-0162.


Mr. Christian D’Annibale, Principal

In-Person Reminders:

  • All students should bring their chromebook to school fully charged. They should also bring their power cord with them every day.

  • Student drop-off and pick-up occurs in our main parking lot.  Parents should enter through the 9th street entrance and exit through the 8th street exit.  Traffic moves in a one-way direction only.

  • Transportation will be operating on a normal schedule during Phase II.

  • The building opens at 7:25 AM for student arrival and should go directly to their homeroom. Students must be in homeroom by 7:38 a.m. or they are marked tardy. 

  • Attendance is very important and we ask that all students be present and on time.  Please call your child off each day they are out of school and submit an absence note each time your child returns from an absence. 

  • Students are required to wear masks/face coverings at all times.  In the cafeteria, while eating lunch, students are permitted to remove their masks/face coverings as we will be at 6 feet of distance.  Masks/face coverings must be put back on as soon as they are finished eating.

  • Students who feel a need to take a mask break should communicate that with their teacher.  The manner in which mask breaks are taken will depend on the social distance capacity of the learning space and the teacher and students’ comfort level.

  • Students will be asked to use sanitizer at the beginning and end of every class.  Students will also sanitize their hands before and after lunch.

  • Reminders about handwashing are posted around the building  Teachers will remind students to wash their hands after using the restroom.

  • Transitions between classes will be staggered and students will be asked to stay on the right side of hallways and stairways.

  • Students should bring backpacks to school. They will keep backpacks with them throughout the day. We discourage students from bringing expensive items to school (such as technology, expensive jewelry, and large amounts of cash).  If it is expensive to replace, please leave it at home as the school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  

  • Cell phones may be carried to school, but must be kept away and silenced throughout the entire school day. There is no need to have their cell phones out.

  • Students will not change for PE this year and we will not be selling PE uniforms.

  • Computer, PE, Band, Orchestra and Chorus will follow a schedule of:

    • Monday - Odd cycle day

    • Tuesday - Odd cycle day

    • Wednesday - Even cycle day

    • Thursday - Even cycle day

  • Secondary Meal Prices: Breakfast and Lunch are free for all students until further notice.

  • Dress code pointers: Shorts and skirts must be of an appropriate length. Shoulder straps must be at least three fingers wide. Undergarments should not be seen. Clothing depicting violence, drugs/alcohol, or hate messages will not be allowed. Hats and hoods may be worn on the way to school but must be removed upon entry.

  • Bus riding is a privilege and students must maintain orderly and safe behavior on the bus. Students must ride their assigned bus to school and home each day.  Students are not permitted to ride a different bus (for example, to go to a friend’s house).  Bus passes are assigned for emergency supervision situations only.

  • Parents are encouraged to sign-up for PowerSchool and Schoology. With PowerSchool, parents can view current grade information as well as attendance information.  With Schoology, parents can see information on the academics and classwork for their student.

  • Bullying is not accepted or tolerated at New Cumberland. Students and parents are encouraged to report suspected bullying to an adult as soon as possible. 

  • If your child is seen by the nurse and exhibits the following symptoms (see chart and frequency below), We urge you to contact your child’s healthcare provider to discuss the symptoms and to create a safe plan of care.

    • Per direction from the Department of Health, students may return to school when:

      • After 10 days from symptom onset AND they have been fever free for at least 24 hours AND have improved respiratory symptoms    ----OR----

      • They are cleared by their primary medical doctor, or other health care provider. If your child’s healthcare provider determines that your child’s symptoms are due to an alternate cause or illness, please submit a doctor note to confirm. Your child may return to school when they have been fever free for at least 24 hours AND have improved respiratory symptoms. ----OR----

      • Your child tests negative for COVID 19, AND they have been fever free for at least 24 hours AND have improved respiratory symptoms.

      • If your child’s healthcare provider determines that the symptoms are likely due to COVID-19, please contact the school nurse. We will work together to ensure your child’s safe return to school. 


Remote Day Reminders:

  • Students need to log in to PowerSchool no later than 9:30 am to be counted as “present” for attendance purposes.  Students may complete their classwork at any time throughout the day but it must be completed by 11:59 PM.

  • Remote days Monday through Thursday will not include Zoom meetings with teachers. Instead, the students will complete their work on Schoology independently.

  • Attendance for Cohort A & B Students:  Student attendance will be recorded on a daily basis. Teachers will enter attendance only for students who are scheduled to be in-person with them on their A/B days. If it is an “A” day the teacher will take attendance only for students scheduled to be “In-Person” on the A day. Students in Cohort B will have to login to their PowerSchool account no later than 9:15 am- 9:30 am. Attendance secretaries will pull an attendance report that will show only students in Cohort B that have not logged into PowerSchool for the day. The attendance secretary will log these absences prior to generating the automated Blackboard attendance call to parents.  On the following “B” day, teachers will only take attendance for students in Cohort B that are scheduled “In-Person” while students in Cohort A will need to login no later than 9:15 am-9:30 am. On Fridays, teachers will take attendance for all students as they have been during the DL2.0 time period.

  • Students that are in school 4 or 5 days per week will be excluded from the “A” & “B” attendance programming rules, and the teacher will take daily attendance.

Friday Reminders:

  • Fridays will follow a similar model as you are used to throughout this Fall, however, there will be no teacher office hours at the end of the day. Please note, classes will begin at 9:00 am. This is a change to allow for longer transitions between your child’s classes. The revised schedule will be sent prior to Friday.

  • Computer and PE will be the only classes to not meet via Zoom on Fridays. Students will have Schoology work for Computer and PE on Fridays. 

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