Validity of Websites

Is it Real or Fake?

Have you ever had to do a research project?  How do you know if your sources are true and valid?  It is important that you read intelligently because anyone can put up a website that is false or misleading.  Some websites may seem to have information that you can use but when you compare the information with other sources, you find that there might be errors.  What questions should you ask to determine if a site is real or fake? reliable or a hoax?  

In this Assignment, you will learn how to evaluate a Website to see if the information is valid or if the information is a hoax.  Using a Web Page Evaluation Checklist, you will decide if the webpage is trustworthy.  After visiting each website, you will decide if the information can be used for research or if the site is fake.  On each site, you must state whether you believe it is real or fake and why.  

Directions:  Pick 8 of the websites below to evaluate.  Fill out a form for each website and make a educated decision if it is real or fake. 

    » Haggis Hunt
    » Moonbeam Enterprises
    » FurNetics
    » Dog Island
    » California Gold Rush
    » Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
    » Flesh Eating Plant
    » Toilet Museum
    » Dihydrogen Monoxide
    » All About Christopher Columbus
    » Join Zombi Hunters
    » Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie
    » Ova Prima
    » Electronic Tattoo Runs on Blood
    » Havidol
    » Buy an Ancestor Online
    » California's Velcro Crop
    » Mankato, US
    » Historic Killer Tornado
    » How to Clone Yourself
    » Boilerplate - Marvel of the 19th Century
    » Giant Squid
    » Genochoice
    » RYT Hospital
    » National UFO Reporting
    » Mike The Headless Chicken
    » Mothers Against Videogame Addiction and Violence
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