Spelling Homework

Spelling Words

Here is the weekly phonics word study pattern that your child will attempt to learn and master to help them with reading and writing.

Week 1


blot      plot     clap     flap     slip       glad


Week 2

R Blends

crab    trip      brim    drip      prop    trim


Week 3

S Blends

skip       spot     sniff   smell     stop     swim


Week 4

Final s-blends

desk      fast       ask   wasp     blast     crisp


Week 5

Final consonant clusters

band    blend   mint   print      sunk     hang


Week 6

Final blends

craft     gift     yelp     help     lamp     melt


Week 7           3 letter blends

split       squint    strap strand   spring    scrub


Week 8

long a with silent e

make   take   cape   gate   same name

Week 9

Long o with silent e

smoke     stole     home   hope       rope     stove


Week 10

Long I with silent e

mine      time      bite       five        drive     quite


Week 11    open vowels

go        so        no      me       he       we


Week 12     final digraph ck

deck     sock     neck     stick      black    trick


Week 13

digraphs ch & sh

chat     such     flash      shift      crush     rich


Week 14 digraphs th & wh

thin      thank     math     path    whale    when


Week 15     long a with ay & ai

paid       faint       drain    trail         stay        play


Week 16     long o digraphs

boat     goat     snow     grow     toe       bold


Week 17     long e digraphs

meal     speed    three      sleep    clean     reach


Week 18     long i digraphs

pie     find     sigh      tie      high    might


Week 19         y as a vowel

try        funny       baby      sky       happy     cry


Week 20 variant vowel ar

park       smart       card     spark     charm      yard


Week 21 variant vowel ir,er,ur

burn      clerk     bird       fur          first       stern


Week 22 variant vowel or

port     shore   more       roar     door    thorn


Week 23 digraphs ee &    ea with r

hear    steer    dear       deer    clear   peer


Week 24

Variant vowel ar

fair        dare    pear      square chair   wear


Week 25 variant vowel oo

broom spool blue    soon     grew   chew


Week 26

Variant vowel o

taught   talk  draw  bough long cause


Week 27

Variant vowel o

shock   wood   could   stood   pull       should


Week 28

Diphthong ou

found     now     how     ground   house plow


Week 29

Diphthong oi

point   toy     joy     soil       oil      spoil


Week 30      soft c and g

cent     gem     ace    age      face    huge


Week 31

lamb    wrong  calf    know   knew   write



Making Spelling Practice FUN!

Here are a few ways that I have found over the years that the kids enjoyed doing as well as getting the most practice done to help them learn the spelling rule for the week. If you come across other ideas, PLEASE share! I am always willing and ready to learn new ways to keep learning FUN! Thanks!

 *Bounce- Bounce a ball and spell each word. (Dribble, dribble, dribble and say the word as you throw to make a basket)

*Leap Frog- Place letters on the floor written on large pieces of paper and have your child leap like a frog to each letter to spell the word.

*Balloon! Tie a balloon by a string to the ceiling and have your child hit the balloon and spell their words. To vary the idea, I have made them lie on their tummy and hit the balloon (string is longer and the balloon almost touches the floor) or have them kick the balloon either standing or sitting on their bottom.

*Hula- Swing your hips like doing hula and spell the word.

*Cheeze IT! There are neat Cheeze-It crackers that have letters on them! Spell the words and have a snack!

*Flashlight Tag- Write the letters to the words for the week on post it notes and post them on a door, frig or wall and turn out the lights and have your child spell the words by highlighting the letters! I have even done this on the ceiling of my classroom!

*Type it!- Type the words on the computer or an iPad, or text them to someone! (Way cool eh?) You can always send them to my email. I would love to see them.

Magnetic letter APP- There is a great app for the iPad and tablets that the kids love to spell their words with.

*Poplet app.- There is an app that your child can make a web graphic organizer for the word family of study.

*Scrabble- Spell words and add up the score. Which word is worth the most?

*Playdough- however instead of making snakes which some kids find time consuming and frustrating, have them use a pencil, or a tooth pick (etc.) to write the words in play dough. This they LOVE to do. You can do the same thing in clay as well. Or if you have letter ink stampers like I do in the classroom, have your child stamp the words.

*Pat-a-Cake- I learned this from the kids this year. Two delightful girls showed me a cute song that they did to learn their letters while playing pat-a-cake. Well…..I just turned it into a great spelling practice activity which the love.

*Voices!- Have them spell the words using different voices such as monster, whisper, baby, mouse etc. Have your child come up with some voices- they are so clever in first grade!

*Word on back- Have your child spell the words by writing them on your back using their index finger.

*Spelling Test- Have your child give you the spelling test and you deliberately make a few mistakes. Have them find and help teach you the correct spelling.

*Rainbow Write- Have children write the words with different color crayons.

*Mystery word- write words with white crayon on top of white paper and either using water color paints or washable markers rubbed on top, have them find the words and then spell the words aloud to you.

*Sand writing- Put salt, sand, or any dry ingredient on a tray and have your child write with their index finger their spelling words. You can also do this with shaving cream and pudding if you don't mind the mess. 
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