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1. Labor Videos
Where it says comment it will ask for your name.  Include your mod and day (Mod 3 Even or Mod 6 Odd).  Your email address is your

Which song did you like better?  Why?

2. Bollywood Dances
You were able to watch several different Bollywood style dance routines.  I chose them because they are some of my favorite to watch and there's something really cool about each one.  For example, in the "Jai Ho" dance, the female dance starts to do a cartwheel and is able to stop the momentum and end up in a handstand.  I know that if I attempt to do a cartwheel, gravity takes over and I complete it.  I'm so impressed with her strength and balance.

In the comments section, post a reply to the following questions:

1.  Which routine did you like the best?  Why?

2.  Which routine did you dislike the most?  Why?

3.  Do these routines remind you of any other styles of dancing?  Which ones?
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