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Ancient Rom
Know the Romans
Jordan Allen
Ancient History: Romans
British Broadcasting Company
The Romans
Antony Kamm
Illustrated History of the Roman Empire
F. Cavazzi
History: Roman Empire
United nations of Roma Victrix (UNRV)
The Private life of Romans
Harold Whetstone Johnston, Revised by Mary Johnston
Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors
Written by university professors.
Rome: Republic to Empire
Barbara F. McManus, College of New Rochelle
LacusCurtius: Into the Roman World
Bill Thayer
Penn Museum
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Tribunes and Triumphs
Linda Alchin
Roman Art
Animals (Domestication)
Animal Domestication Table of Dates and Places
K.Kris Hirst, an American archaeologist.
History World
History of Domesticated Animals written by Bamber Gascoigne, author of historical books.
Backwoods Home Magazine
Where Our Farm Animals Come From magazine article.
Animals - Science
National Geographic
A-Z Animals
Animal List developed by Millie Bond, United Kingdom
Animal Diversity
University of Michigan: Museum of Zoology
Animal Habitat Fact Sheets
Defenders of Wildlife
A-Z Animals Habitats
Animal Habitat List developed by Millie Bond, United Kingdom
Blue Planet Biomes
Canadian Animals
Canadian Geographic
Canadian Fauna and Animals
Canadian Wildlife Federation: Mammals
Canadian Wildlife Federation: Amphibians and Reptiles
Canadian National Parks
Map of Canadian National Parks
National Site of Canada
Fodor's Travel site
Periodic Table
Los Alamos Lab
Los Alamos National Laboratory's Chemistry Division
Dr. Mark J. Winter, Dept of Chemistry, University of Sheffield, England
Jefferson Lab
Radiochemistry Society
Mangrove Research Links
Landscope of Florida
Florida State Coastal Habitats
Nature Foundation
New College of Florida
Encyclopedia of Life
Smithsonian Marine Station
National Wildlife Federation
4-H Forest Resources
Florida Department of Education
Backyard Nature
State Department of Florida Wetlands
Ancient Currency
A Guide to Ancient Currency
Covers a variety of topics including but not limited to the history of money and coinage and currency as it relates historically within the World.
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