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Grading System and Grade Level Promotion

Weighted Grades

Selected Level 1 and elective courses, Honors Level, and Advanced Placement courses are given additional weight for purposes of calculating a student's class rank and honor roll status.  These courses are weighted due to increased student work load and teacher expectations.  To obtain the weighted grade, the grade assigned by the teacher is multiplied by the number of credits established for the course and then by a factor of 1.01, 1.03, or 1.06 respectively.  Weighting for each course is contained within the Course Selection Manual.  The actual grade assigned by the teacher appears on the report card.

Grade Level Promotion for Class of 2017

Students attending the high school are required to sign up for six credits per year.  To be promoted from one grade level to the next, students must earn the following credits:

Five (5) credits to move from freshman to sophomore status.
Ten (10) credits to move from sophomore to junior status.
Sixteen (16) credits to move from junior to senior status.
All 22 credits must be earned prior to graduation to participate in graduation ceremonies.

Transition Plan for grade level promotion

Class of 2015 - will need 19 credits to be a senior
Class of 2016 - will need 11 credits to be a junior

Make-Up of Failures

It is highly recommended that failured core courses be made up in summer school.  Successful summer school efforts will permit more flexibility in scheduling and will allow the student to stay on track toward graduation. Only a course that a student achieves a final grade of 50% or higher can be made up in summer school.  Subjects required for graduation must be repeated if failed.  If needed or desired, elective subjects may be made up to fulfill prerequisites or achieve additional credits.  However, elective classes are not offered in summer school.

Additionally, students may also repeat courses already passes with a grade of 70%-76%.  Students repeating courses because of failure or because they have received a grade of 70%-76% will receive both grades on the report card and transcript for ranking and grade point average purposes.  However, only one credit will be awarded for a given course.

Vocational/Technical School Application Process

Freshmen Orientation to Cumberland Perry Vocational/Technical School

Schedule of Events:

  • Late September/Early October:  Presentation in CC Auditorium
  • Late October:  Vo-tech Field Trip and Tour (students MUST bring in their signed permission form to attend.  Permission forms are available in the guidance office.)
  • Early November:  Open House at Cumberland Perry Vo-tech


Completed applications are due in mid-December for students planning to attend the vo-tech school for the following academic school year.  Students may drop off their completed applications in the guidance office. 

Admissions Criteria:  The Cumberland Perry Area Vocational Technical School uses the criteria below to help to predict an applicant's ability to succeed in a career and technical program.



1.  Student Interest Data Sheet                 20 points

2.  Teacher Recommendations                 10 points

3.  Attendance                                          20 points


Total Points                                              50 points


  • There is a 5 point penalty deduction for late applications. 
  • Aplications are available in the guidance office at Cedar Cliff High School.  See your counselor with questions.
  • For more information about the school and programs offered, visit
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