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3D Preview of the New Rossmoyne Elementary

The District is very pleased to share a completed 3D rendering of the new Rossmoyne Elementary School. We are thrilled to see the conversations and feedback collected from administrators, students, parents, teachers, and the community come to life in this video.  As you watch, we hope you will share in our pride and excitement. Our goal (pending final permits and a smooth construction process) is to open the building for the 2020-2021 school year! 


Video Highlights

  • The new building will be built directly behind the existing Rossmoyne Elementary School. The video begins with a 360-degree pan around the building exterior. The one-story wing you first see will contain the kindergarten classrooms. The entry for bus drop off/pick up is separate from the parent drop off area. The gymnasium is located in the two-story sections directly behind the entry. In the background, to the right, the classroom wings can be seen branching off from the center of the building. 
  • At 2:50 the interior tour of the building begins with the main entrance, office area, and STEAM lab. Features of the entry include a secure vestibule and transaction window to screen visitors before entering the main office. The continuation of brick and slatted ceiling are designed to be warm and inviting and should immediately draw the eye to the STEAM lab. The large glass doors and storefront connects the lobby to the STEAM lab and will help showcase the activities of our students as they create, innovate, and explore. The overhead garage-style door at the back of the room provides a connection to the art room. 
  • At 3:50 the tour continues from the STEAM lab to the gymnasium. Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) flooring is used in the hallways with darker accent tiles. Intersections are highlighted by adding additional colored tiles in a geometric pattern. Two sets of doors separate the gym from classroom spaces to help contain noise. A platform is included directly across from bleachers, allowing the space to be used for school assemblies and other events. As with all of the instructional places, the inclusion of natural light is a key feature of the building. 
  • A 5:03 the tour travels from the lobby, past the gym entrance to show the art room. The hallway includes various windows and displays for student artwork. The entire building color palette can be seen accenting the cutouts. As you enter the art room, the connection to the STEAM lab can be seen on the left side of the rear classroom wall. On the right side a door connects to the art storage and kiln room. The sealed concrete floor continues through from the STEAM lab, providing durability and resistance to spills and other messes our young artists might produce while working on their next creation.
  • At 5:55 the tour leaves the art room and enters the first grade pod. Each pod uses one of the accent colors from the palette to bring a bit of interest and playfulness to the instructional spaces. The entrance to each pod features doors on magnetic hold-open that can be automatically closed with a push of a button in the main office to secure these areas for evening events or in the case of an emergency. As you enter the pod, classrooms flank either side of the hallway. Five-foot cinder block walls provide safety and security, while the windows connect the classrooms to common spaces and provide adults with a clear view of approaching guests and visitors. At the center of each pod is a Large Group Instruction (LGI) space for breakout activities and cooperative teaching. The LGI is the first carpeted instructional space seen in the walkthrough. The tour of the classroom wing ends with a view of a classroom. Again, color and natural light provide interesting and engaging spaces for our young learners. 
  • At 7:08 the tour leaves the first grade pod and continues into the learning commons. The hallway in this section of the building opens to the second floor with a small breakout space on the right side of the hallway. This provides a comfortable location to read and work. The carpet pattern seen in the LGI is repeated with a solid accent added to help anchor the space. Overhead is a cloud of acoustic tiles. The green color and shape evokes the image of large tree, reinforcing the connection of this space to the outdoors. At the far end of the learning commons, there are three collaboration spaces. The learning commons, while serving the same function as a traditional library, reimagines the space as an active learning environment where classes of students can access resources, but also communicate, collaborate, and hone critical thinking skills. As the camera pans right, don’t miss the outdoor classroom space in the background. Nestled between the two-story classroom wings and secured with fencing, this secluded space includes a chalkboard on the brick wall.
  • At 8:00 the tour takes a lunch break and heads for the cafeteria. Just past the learning commons there is a door on the left by the stairwell. This door leads to the guidance office. One of the unique design elements of the building is the removal of the counselor from the traditional office location. Placing the counselor in the heart of the building makes them more accessible and approachable for students. The cafeteria is positioned strategically adjacent to an outdoor play area and has ample space to accommodate students.
  • At 8:57 the tour continues upstairs to the music room. As the camera traverses the walking bridge that connects the classroom wings, you get a great view of the outdoor classroom and the learning commons below. A message from Dr. Seuss is revealed to students as they walk down this corridor. The music room has the same carpet seen earlier in the tour. Windows provide natural light and a view facing Rossmoyne Road. 
  • At 10:25 the tour finishes with a walkthrough of the third grade pod. Stacked above first grade, this pod is very similar to the lower grade levels. A key difference is the removal of the cubbies from inside the classroom and a transition to hallway and common area storage for students.