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 world without electricity
What would it be like with no electricity? Found out here!


Quadrilateral Family
Definitions of all quadrilaterals. Some are detailed. Shape is also shown. Will clarify these geometry concepts.
 4th grade geometry lessons
It has a lot of links. Invitation to explore is extended.
e-zgeometry glossary
Definitions as well as illustrations and sometimes animated.
Classifying Angles
Tutoring, games, protractors, some interactive.
Stories in a nutshell
Many stories to read or tell
Math Cats
Open-ended math explorations
Click on bricks
Multiplication Facts 1 to 4 practice
Math Portal
A large collection of math sites K through college.
Elementary School Math
This site is a portal with a list of many math sites. It also has a calculator on its opening page as well as a multiplication table. Take a look at the second arithmetic site listed.
Change Maker from FunBrain
Practice making change.
Just In Time
Activities to help you learn to tell time.
Prongo Games---Math
Interactive Games to deveop strategies and Math skills. Click your age group. I like Batter's Up Baseball which is played like regular baseball. If you want more than a single, the level of math ability required goes up. Can be as challenging as you wish. There are other games as well including mazes and a two person game.
Primary Games
Has games such as Laffy Taffy, Mini Golf, Fishy Count, and Little Rocket Man.
Primary resources
From the UK. It has too much to list here. Take a look. It has I have...who has cards to print. Wow!
Patterns in Math---Logic patterns
This site is here because you can use their pull downs to create your own limerick. It is therefore a writing site too.
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
A great site developed at the Utah State University. Electronic blocks, abacus, geo boards, congruent triangles, mazes, games, probability, pie charts, attribute blocks, pattern blocks, polyominoes, and a lot more. One of the best sites on the internet.
Teac R kidS MATH
Worksheets on line. Practice your facts. Build your speed.
KIDSITES: The best kid sites on the Web
A large collection of sites for elementary students. Peanuts, The Book of Pooh, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Horse Breeds, and more.
Middle School and Elementary Mathematics
An excellent anthology of math sites. Many are listed for elementary grades. Count us in games are very simple and they are very much needed in our continued search for better number sense. Calculators, geometry, brain teasers are also available. Daisy math has simple division to harder division. Too much to list here.
Little Pi Day
March 15 is little Pi Day. Why? Well Pi to four Decimal places is 3.1415
Pi Day
March 14 is Pi Day. This also a great math site. It has family math.
Math Is Fun
Basic Math. Created by a Math Teacher
OSCD Interactive Games
A whole page of interactive games. It also has a page to make your own games. Great.
Elementary Interactive Sites
I think Dog Bone is a good place to begin number sense. Billy Bug for coordinates is also good for application of that skill.
Primary School Mathematics
Interactive Math sites from Australia.
Elementary Math Test Preparation
Numerous sites from a New York School District for grades 3-4.
BBC-Compare Numbers-comparing Fractions
Practice for comparing and ordering fractions. Goes with Math book chapter 9.
Interactive Math lessons, tutorials, and game
Many fraction ideas . Try Math splat to add and subtract fractions.
Place the Penguin
Place Value game. Place value literacy is considered a baseline skill in math. Easy practice here from the BBC.
Buzzing with shapes
Geometry game from Harcourt
Primary Games
Has games such as Laffy Taffy, Mini Golf, Fishy Count, and Little Rocket Man.
Prongo Games---Math
Interactive Games to deveop strategies and Math skills. Click your age group. I like Batter's Up Baseball which is played like regular baseball. If you want more than a single, the level of math ability required goes up. Can be as challenging as you wish. There are other games as well including mazes and a two person game.
Just In Time
Activities to help you learn to tell time.
135 math links
A math site with something for everyone.
Multiplication practice activities
Practice multiplication facts two to eleven.
TIMSS Practice
The international math and science survey questions. 25 questions from each group.
k-5 math sites menu
Another menu of math sites.
Harcourt math glossary
This site alows you to read definitions and, in some cases, view an animated presentation of the term in action.
King's list
This is a FULL site. It is worth spending time searching.
A menu of math sites.
Math Dictionary for kids
This site allows you to practice the skills and read the definitions for each listed term.
Math Surf
Related to our testbook.
A sister site to mathsurf, our textbook company's other math program. More traditional than the one we use.
S.O.S. Math on the WWW
Math through secondary.
Interactive math and language activities.
extensive. From down under. Contains BBC education links.
Practice Facts. Practice counting money. There is a lot more.
Math Practice
One of the best.. Select FACT DASH
Rainforest maths by Jenny Eather
Number, algebra, measurement, and space are the broad categories in 4th grade. It has 130 activities in fourth grade and activities from preschool through 6th grade. Worth your time.
MATH Online: Clay County FL
It has textbook resources, manipulatives, sites to create math, logic activities, math games and skills, probability, geometry, algebra and algebraic thinking, pi, physics, percents, real life connections, math tools, sites with data, and software. MATH FROG under math games may be a good place to start.
Lizzy the lizard and the bugs. K-4 Alegebra
This site allows you to identify what the problem is asking you to do by clicking the mouse. The index button is on page one. It has many levels. It can help you teach problem solving in more than just algebra.
Gamequarium Place Value Games
Fourth grade math book is about place value. This is practice for that important skill.
AAAKnow Math
This site has lots of Math Practice. I placed it here for its Place value components.
BBC - Skillswise Numbers - Mental Division
Numerous math and language links from the BBC. I selected it for the division practice using refrigerator magnets on your screen. Good practice and instant feedback.
Geometry---Taxicab Treasure Hunt
You are using a taxi to go from one place to another by asking the computer how far. You're using blocks(city blocks) as distance indicators.
Interactive : Arithmetic Four
Click learner for instructions. This site has many opportunities to practice a variety of math skills and operations. It also has many games. Use the JUMP TO button at the top for access. Please try them and enjoy learning and the challenges presented.
AAA Math Fourth grade
All the math skills to practice on line. First described with examples. and then scroll to practice below the explanation.
Free Math Worksheets
Just download the skill you are practicing and work. There are 118.
Mad Math Minutes for Web
Start at the bottom. Follow their instructions. Practice your skills. Become a math facts expert.
Math Portal: 3-5
Got time to look for new sites and activities for math class or for your own learning? Explore this long list.
Grade 4 Math Practice
From Donaldson Elementary Oakdale, PA. It contains math and reading practice(Harcourt Trophy). TEST QUEST itself and EMANIPULATIVES make it very worthwhile to review.
From Houghton Mifflin. Base Ten Blocks, coins, bills, and counters, fractions, connecting cubes, fractions and decimals, number line, addition table, hundred chart, Multiplication table, and two color counters.
Mathematical Sites
From a school in Australia with BBC links, challenges, games, and very many other links.
4th and 5th Grade Student Research Resources
Try Fraction Frenzy, Math Mayhem, Equivalent Fractions, and String Art to name a few. Scroll to bottom and find resources (links) to other subjects. Fun stuff and games are down the page. This will keep you learning for a long time.
Fourth Grade Skills - Interactive Sites
Whatever Math skill you are improving, there is a site for you to practice until you are feeling more comfortable about your skill level, There a several about fractions that I like. The left hand margin has broad categories to hasten your search for the area you need.
Fraction Worksheets. Free Printable
From Easy to Very Hard with degrees of difficulty in between. I liked the equivalent fractions and simplest form page. There are nine fraction pages from which to choose. Add the difficulties choice and that quickly climbs to 36 options.
Mrs Renz's Math Web Sites
Every thing you want/need for math from Redmond, Oregon. Simply, This is outstanding.
Everyday Math Glossary and Games
Definitions and games for K-6.
Math Expressions' Games
Houghton Mifflin's new Math Expressions has on line manipulatives, games, and glossary for grades K-5. Educational fun for hours.
Number Sense Activities
Activities to develop number sense from K-7. Many are for a calculator, but may be done without one.
Mr. Taylor's Multiplication Facts Drill
Another fact practice site. It has easy to harder ones.
Times Table Games Practice
Another Fact Practice site. It has more than multiplication.
Multiplication practice by placing numbers into number sentences.
Fun With Multiplication and Division
Bingo, Hidden pictures and more.
Kidzone Math Quiz
More Fact Practice.
Six Times Table
Practice six times tables.
Division Flash Cards
Easy Drill for division. Just type answer. Also, if you click the apple for quick quizzes, etc.
Snork's long Division Game
Can't get division? Just follow the boxes.
Long Division - Written instructions
Step by step how to divide instructions. Print it for reference.
Divide two numbers
Will do your division. A division calculator.
Best sites for long division
Annotated list of sites.
Fractions: Many parts
Learn all about fractions.
Fraction Understanding
A way to understand fractions.
Number Nut
Practice Basic or advanced math. Multiple choice. Basic math is arithmetic practice.
Multiplication Tables
Times tables from 10 x 10 to 30 x 30.
Create number charts, tables, skip counting
Has all grades and free printables with answer sheets.
Prime Numbers Chart
Prime numbers to 9973. Lots of other math links too at the bottom.
Number Sense Activities
Ideas and websites for number sense practice.
Number Sense from Central Kitsap School District
For parents and for younger students. This is a nice list if you need ideas.
Math number sense, place value 2nd, 3rd, 4th
Match 3 digit numbers with their textural form.
Math Word Problems: Thinking Blocks
Some refer to thinking blocks as comparison bars. This site contains multiplication and word problems.
Math Playground
Multi-step word problems and videos. They can be challenging.
Number Sense worksheets and ideas
From Math Investigations. A list of many websites to chose from for practice.
Free Number Sense Worksheets
Charts, number lines, place value, expanded form, and much more.
Field Trip: Math Number Sense (Grades 3-5)
From Scholastic. Many sites to choose from.
Math Tools Browse
A large menu of options.
Area and Perimeter: Everything you wanted to know
Area and perimeter of rectangles. Games.
Work Sheets Website
Math, Grammar, and Geography worksheets are available.
IXL Math
There are 192 skills for 4th grade, and it has skills for Pre-K through 6th grade. Pick your grade and practice.
Multiplication Millionaire
Practice multiplication through a game.
MATH Doodle
A couple of interesting games to practice math skills.
Division Factory
Challenging. Practice easy (2 and 10) or hard (3,4,5)
Wack - a Mole Multiplication
Solve the answer and whack the mole.
Matching Money Game
Match money to answer.
Greater than Less than
practice using these two symbols > <
Base Ten practice
Drag rods to match numbers
Sum Sense: Multiplication
Problem solving practice by figuring out what is the math sentence.
Place the Penguin
Place on the number line.
Graph Mole
Fun with coordinate pairs.
Find the answer.
Dad's Worksheets
Practice math with numerous activities just like we do every day.
Geometry: Transformations
A geometry site.
Fraction study websites
A large menu of sites about fractions.
Fraction Menu: Many Sites and games
A list of many sites and games for fractions
Improper fractions
Listed for 7th and 8th grade, and still useful for improper fractions
Interactive games
Add, subtractive, multiply, and division practice
Math Magician
Math all practice.
Online practice of Basic Math Skills
Algebra, fractions, etc.practice in game formats
Visual Fractions
Complete various fraction skills
Math Fact Cafe
Create you own worksheets or print already made sheets.
Mrs. Renz' Math Links
Numerous math links for the many 4th grade skills.
Practice for the advanced reader.
Worksheets for all Math Topics.
Useful to teachers and pupils for practice and for ideas.
The Math Worksheet Generator Site
Design your own math practice, or Customize it for one or a whole class on this site with ten different math worksheet topics with numerous possibilities.
All About Money
This site was recommended by Tony a student in Cara's class at Arroyo Vista Charter School in Chula Vista California.
Three Addend Flash Cards
Instead of the traditional 2 addend flash cards this site has 3 addend addition flash cards.
Many Flashcards
Flash cards using negative numbers are available here.
Math Games for Elementary
Scroll down to select a grade. Enjoy. They are online and fun.
Fraction Games
Help yourself to learning fractions.
Math is Fun
A Math Practice Site
Multiplication Frenzy
Practice Facts
Fraction Games from Gameaquarium
Another way to learn fractions
Fun 4 the Brain
Learn facts while playing
Multiplication Drill
Practice math facts
Space Racer
Practice multiplication facts and more
Multiplication Timed Test
three minute test online
Batters Up Baseball Multiplication practice
Practice multiplication in a baseball format
Math Playground
Math Games
Hooda Math
Math Games


This site has online educational games, puzzles, and quizzes to enhance the knowledge of all learners. It has states and capitals, multiplication, and spelling matches/quizzes.
Kids Excellent Web Links
Numerous categories.
ISAT Preparation Activities
Many sites here. The Where is that..under social studies for fourth grade is a funbrain map study state study activity which is in our curriculum. There is much more for all subjects.
4th grade skills
Interactive sites for math, language, social studies, and science. Loaded. Want to review third grade or prepare for fifth grade, you can on this site.
Interactive practice for 4th grade in several subjects.
ReadWriteThink: Student Materials
A collection of online materials to support literacy. Interactive tools to supplement lessons and provide an opportunity to use technology while developing literacy skills.
OSCD Instructionsl Technology
A Massive site from Oswego School District. For the computer intense. It has graphics, images, and sounds. Try internet resources or parent resources at the bottom of the left Menu. Try Math near the top of the Menu. Great Stuff here.
PSSA Practice
Practice for PSSA tests as well as tests in other states.
Nisswa Elementary School: Nisswa MN
A well constructed site. Weekly Reader, Time for Kids, and The U.S. 50 are all listed under 4th grade. Dimdima Kids is an online Indian Children's magazine. Click on it. Select Science Lab. Then select fun with science. Look on the left menu. Science experiments on line. Wow!
Kennedy Dubuque Homepage
This site is here because of the Power Points developed by their students. Try the Oregon Trail and and more games(They're about astronomy)
Has so much on it. Try Daily dose of the web, Links for K-12, education news, and online modules. This takes a whole day just to peruse. I like to go to the K-12 links and scroll down to assessment. Once at assessment, select skills grade four, followed by Math 4th grade assessment, scroll down to fourth grade review, Select 4th grade,and complete the online test.
Harcourt School: The Learning Site
This site has links for our science and language arts curriculums.
5th grade power points
How to make graphs of all kinds, problem solving, fractions, social studies, science, weather, energy, and the Civil War.
Blended Schools
Great anthology of sites.
Links from St. Agnes Concord
Very good anthology of sites under a variety of headings such as: Math, Literature, the four sciences. One bookmark covers a lot topics.
Ambleside School
From Great Britain. One of the best sites for math and literacy on the web.
Royal Oaks
One of the best of the best.
One of the best on the Web. It literally has it all.
How to for web projects
A tutorial site for kids. You can learn how to make your own slide shows, report outline, and more.
Teacher Helper
This site is packed full of ideas to explore, use, and modify.
Public Domain Images(Mostly)
The name says it all.
Mrs. Gearhart's WEB SITE
This will link you to our computer teacher's web pages.
Mrs. Magaro's web site
A great site from another one of our WSSD computer teachers. Checkout the various sites for students.
Web English Teacher
Something for everybody. Do you like weather lore? Try mythology and folklore and click American Folklore. A list of children's authors.? Ways to motivate young readers? These are all listed and many many more.
Technology Ideas
A site that can help you learn about some aspects of computer technology and give you ideas, too.
Technology Lessons : Benchmarks
Either HTML or PDF modes available in most subjects from a California Public School District called Cupertino.
Little Clickers
Dedicated to excelence in sites for children. It contains collection of sites. Essentially like chapters for games, puzzles, skills,etc. Has crossword puzzle maker for example. Sites to draw various things.
Math - Interactive(Also READING)
Numerous READING and math interactive sites. Even has some for Palm Handheld. Also has social studies and science links as well as links to Maryland's voluntary curriculum. Worthwhile and helpful.
Index Smithville Schools
Loaded. Something for everyone. Check out this index. Then check out was is available under each of those headings. Social studies has great States and Capitals practice sites. Click social studies. Click Geography and general social studies .Click Multiple games on capitals and states. Scroll down to U.S. Capitals beginner level. Play.
Great Schools PA
This will give you school addresses for the Great Mail Race. It is a bit slow. You can search by counties, districts, cities, and top-rated.
Mrs. Mitchell's Virtual School
Something for every grade, every project, every subject, and much more.
Carmichael Elementary
Links for every subject and by changing the grade designated in the URL you can access other grades and their links. Scroll to bottom for teacher resources including software for older equipment and many links.
Mrs. Renz's Math Web Sites
A lon list of math links for grade 3 and higher. A premier site.
Sadlier Oxford - Educational Publishing k-12
This site has "free" activities for math, vocabulary, science, and social studies. Just click on the appropriate link from the left menu such as math, then under student center the preferred grade level, and select math minutes and race against the clock in the several operations listed. Social studies and science are K-3 designated.
Bkmarks: Resources for Elementary Language
Numerous sites. Try Simon under 3rd grade for memory practice using lights of different colors. Under Vocabulary and spelling plans you will find spelling games such as sparkle. There is also poetry, oral language and reading as well as sites by grade level.
Fourth Grade Internet and Lesson Page
It has webquests as well as links. This site has a lot and it will help your science program in and out of school.
Educational resources from the Federal Government.
Mrs. Renz's Website
You want to click web sites for students. You will see links for every subject. Try the reading skills lessons link. It will help you to practice skills such as Right There questions.
Pennsylvania word search Game - PA Word Find Kds
There are at least 20 other word searches about a variety of subjects. If this is your desire, just scroll down to find more word searches.
4th grade Internet Activities
From a public school, activities listed to use the internet.
Fourth Grade Skills - Interactive sites
Practice across the grades in a variety of subjects. Sites are verified frequently.
Willacoachee Elemenary Educational links
Many powerpoint presentations already to go for all subjects.
Interactive websites
All subjects.
Help Your Child Series
Help books from the Federal government. The used to be free hard copies, but now just downloads. All subjects.
Tech Rich projects for 4th grade
A lot to look at in this list.
Word of the Day
It is what it says.
Mrs. Rentz' 4th grade class
Packed! All subjects included
Kids World The Sentinel
Check to see if you're published each Tuesday.
National Park service connected site to sponsor outdoor contest. Get-to-know the outdoors. It has galleries of contest submissions.
Choose a quiz. Many kinds available. Test your knowledge.


Kids Mysteries
Mysteries to solve. Magic tricks. Fable library
Online reading practice. Audio Books
You need Real Audio to listen, and, if you do, try it. Native American theme units
Text to read and a follow up worksheet to improve comprehension. The Eastern Woodland Indians are a part of this group of units. It fits our curriculum. Reading Comprehension Practice
You can practice reading at home at any grade level you choose. You read a selection and then answer worksheet questions, or a word search, or a crossword puzzle. Read aloud stories
Hear a story. Several levels from reading is fundamental. Online tutorial
Comprehension strategies practice. You can now practice all strategies at home. Online reading practice
More opportuntities to read and judge you comprehension and vocabulary progress. Links For the Younger Set
Lots of stuff for the beginning reader. Activities, Games. Etc. 4th grade reading
This website allows students to practice reading skills from our reading series. There are vocabulary activities and for most stories an online quiz. NOT JUST FOR KIDS
Sing a song. Read a rhyme. A terrific site. Brainchild 4th Grade Reading Test online
Brainchild closed their free PSSA practice site. They have not yet closed this one. Home education reading practice on your computer. Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes and Tales
Sing a song. Read a rhyme. Laugh out loud. A terrific site. Main Idea
Read short passage and answer questions. Helps with Main idea practice. Could be DRA practice. They're easy. READING Workshop
Practice phonics, word study, reading comprehension, and integrated units. Reading Units with The Magic Tree House
!8 of the 35 titles listed have teacher prepared Vocabulary, Online questions, Printable questions, and activities by chapter. Printables have the answer key at the bottom of the page. Generally 6-8 questions per chapter. Inference Practice.
Read and answer the questions. From a Florida public school. Recommended Reading forfourth grade
There are many such lists on the web. This is just one for those needing a place to start. Scott Foresman Reading
All grades , all current anthologies represented with activities for each selection. Literacy links for grades 4 and 5
Lots of things. Many created by students. Active Reading Strategies
29 slides describing this important reading model. This is worth your time to read and reread. Harcourt Reading 4
4th Grade reading practice from a Harcourt reading series. Improve your skills with online practice. Harcourt Grade 5
For additional practice for fourth graders, choose a theme or a story and complete the Test Tutor section in each one. Practice your reading on line anytime anywhere. Improve your understanding of the components. Grade 3 Communication/ Reading
Practice test tutor at the third grade level. Fourth graders practice or review previously learned skills. Select a theme or story, find test tutor and practice whenever you can. Grades 4 and 5
Practice a variety of reading skills. Dolch Kit
Contains 12 Dolch phrase lists for fluency practice as well as Dolch word lists for sight word practice. Dolch Kit
Contains 12 Dolch phrase lists for fluency practice as well as Dolch word lists for sight word practice. Angel Island Photo Gallery
Useful for our lesson 4 "Kai's Journey to Gold Mountain". Angel Island was the west coast version of Ellis Island. It is now a National Park. Author's Purpose
One of our focus skills is author's purpose. This site is about that skill./ Dolly Dimple book from 1800's
What did kids read over 100 years ago? Here is an example. The Rabbit Reading Room
Books about rabbits. Velveteen Rabbit, Peter Rabbit, etc Land of Nursery Rhymes
From the UK. It has many sections including one with many (1000) jokes. Good reading practice.

Social Studies

Ahdrew Carnegie
  4th grade social studies
General with lots of links. 5th Gr. Power Points
Please click number 23 for the PREAMBLE. There are 54 more about science and problem solving. A Virtual Tour of PA's Capitol
From the PA General Assembly a virtual tour of our state capitol on your computer. Please visit here and there. America's Story
From the Library of Congress stories about America: States, history, amazing Americans, and other snippets of American life. Aviation History Museum online
Lots of ideas for aviation drawings. Ben's Guide
The site contains a lot about the U.S. government. Biographies of Signers of the Articles of Confederation
Some brief and some not brief biographies of signers of the Articles of Confederation. Biographies: Signers of the Articles of Confederation
Short biographies Branches of Government
  Build a Bill
  Bureau of Aviation
I use this site to create aviation pictures. They have a gallery of last years winters. Business Project for Mull's class
  Century of flight
History of flight information. Constitution For Kids
For K-3; 4th-7th; 8th-12th. Lots of information written for these levels. The same information in three levels. Counties of Pennsylvania
Has county road maps,county township maps, and incorporation dates for municipalities. Very useful for math and social studies. Democracy
  Design a state quarter
Self explanatory Design Your Own Bill(Money)
Color the ears, nose, face, etc. This a fun site. Click URL at the bottom and you can view U.S. money and its changes for security purposes. Dr. Randall Pellow
Web sources for our social studies textbook. It has PA maps and PA government sites as well as links for 16 of the 30 lessons. It also has some special focus sites such as Amish, Railroads, and Groundhog Day. Econopolis
Explore old Ironsides (U.S.Constitution) a ship
Explore a famous US Ship. Interactive ExplorePAHistory
Another site to checkout PA. It is not as easy to navigate as some; hence, the 3 rating. Eyewitness to history
Many of the articles have printer friendly version. Robert Fulton's life accomplishments are a part of our social studies program. Lincoln and many others are prominent on this site. Famous Birthdays
See what famous person was born on your or your friends birthday. First Gov for kids
General with lots of links. Frank W. Woolworth biography
  Geography for kids
A collection for elementary students.  George Westinghouse biography
  Go West with Lewis and Clark
A National Geographic site Henry John Heinz biography
  Hip Pocket Change
Activities from the U.S. Mint. Historic Maps in K-12 Classrooms
!2 lessons and 12 maps. Map 10 about turnpikes and canals has relevancy for 4th grade. Historical Maps of Pennsylvania
There are 5 kinds of maps mentioned in our social studies text. One of those mentioned is historical maps. This site has Pa maps from the 16th century to the 21st century. History of flight
First use is for a contest. History of flight and aviation NASA
First used for a contest. Hot Air Balloon History
Pictures of early balloons. Hot Air Balloons
Pictures How a bill becomes a law
  Internet geography quizzes
John Wanamaker
  Kidz Korner
Some agriculture related stuff. Check out the stories written by kids. Check out the county fair. Know five themes of geography quiz
20 questions. It will tell you the answer if you do not know it. Locate the state
Another online practice to find the location of a state. Mammals of Pennsylvania and New Jersey
From the author of our social studies textbook. Maps
Download and print. Maps of PA
mayflower history
  More geography quizzes
More online activities. Mr. Donn's 5 themes of geography site
Lots of categories and details. Mr. Nussbaum States Practice
Another state practice site and a lot more. Landforms, maps, etc. Mrs. Smith's Social Studies links
  Nifty-fifty states
Practice your states site. PA Dutch(Amish) Country
One of PA's great tourist destinations is Lancaster County in the Piedmont of PA. Rich farmland, roadside stands, horse-drawn vehicles, and surprises for the young-at-heart. PA Games and Quizzes
A half dozen Pa Geography Games, Trivia(100 questions), word searches and fun activities pages. There is a mileage table. PA Indian Tribes
4th grade Chapter 4 PA Indian Tribes and Languages
Our Curriculum chapter 4. PA Interactive Map
  PA Trivia Questions
!00 questions to be answered. Oh, don't worry, the answers can be checked. PA Visitor's Center Quiz
!5 questions. Additional information about each in the right window on the screen. PA: Adventures in Time and Place
This is a site for our textbook. Paper cut out of The Statue
Print. Cut. Enjoy. Pennsylvania State Archives
Lots of links and information to explore and discovery. Pennsylvania State Parks - PA DCNR
Great for Computer projects. Provides information about all 119 state parks. Pennsylvania Turnpike
Twenty pictures and history. Pennsylvania Geological Survey: Landforms
Shows features of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Hall of Fame
There is more here than just biographies. Pennsylvania Historical markers
Roadside markers are windows to the past. This is another site with PA Historical Marker information. This site is managed PA historians. Other states have historical markers, and they can be linked from this site. Pennsylvania Native Anericans
For use with our curriculum. Chapter 4. Pennsylvania People Homepage
Level 1 biographies are written at fourth grade level. Click special categories for women. Pennsylvania power port
PA Departments, forms, etc. Pennsylvania Quick Facts from US Census Bureau
Find information such as population, land area, etc. for each county by a simple click. Each listed item has additional detail with one more click of the mouse. Good for our social studies, math, and nonfiction reading studies. Pennsylvania Regions
A site to study PA's and USA's regions and recommended by our computer teacher. Pennsylvania: History, Geography, Pop., Etc.
PA information from Fact Monster. Helps our curriculum. PHMC: Pennsylvania Historical Markers
This site tells you the history of the Markers. It allows you to search by numerous categories or counties. This is another primary source site for our social studies curriculum. Place the State
Place silhouette of state in correct position. Helps develop spatial reasoning. Police Heritage Museum, Inc. York, Pennsylvania
Local PA history. They are trying to locate and save old jails that were in each little town in the past. There is a lot more. Learn about your local past history of law enforcement. Scanned Originals of Early American Doc.
Downloadable Files of pages of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and The Bill of Rights. Scarcity and Choices article
  Schoolhouse Rock Site- Preamble
This site has the preamble to the constitution in a song. Take a listen. Signers of the Articles of Confederation Information
Tells where they are buried. Social Studies Resources
An extensive site. Number 12 in the first section is Land Formation which is a part of our curriculum. It has many flag links. It has state links. There is a lot to visit. State Web Games
There's a lot here. Many facts to discover about our state and others. Locate the state. Place the state. Capitals, abbreviations, and state trivia/clue games are featured. There are may other web games and quizzes available including math. State Abbreviations and capitals
This site shows the old way we used to write state abbreviations. State Abbreviations site # 2
Has only the current two capital letter abbreviations and links to each state just like the other state abbreviation site. State Birds with pictures
What does a particular state's state bird look like? The answer is here in photographs. STATE birds, flowers, and Trees list
Quick reference for these items. State Facts
State Flowers and Pictures
Pictures and links for each for more information States and Capitals flash cards
A good practice site to learn the states and their capitals. STATES and CAPITALS practice
States by matching. States by matching to a U.S.A. map. This is curriculum related. An excellent site to practice for tests. States and capitals practice
A practice site with Java and non-Java flashcards as well as matching and word searches States and capitals quiz
A good site to review for a fourth grade requirement. States in the USA Theme
A great anthology of websites for geography/social studies with many useful for Pennsylvania studies. Statue of Liberty Facts
All the trivia about our Lady Liberty. Steps for a Bill to Become a Law
  Supply and Demand
  Supply and Demand Article
  Supply and Demand Song
  Test your geography knowledge
Click a map and locate a state. Good place to start. The Fifty States
Practice States and Capitals. The Green Papers
Brief information about each state Top 20 geography quizzes
Another geography site.  Transportation Map Pennsylvania
One of the maps we study is transportation. These are in Pennsylvania. U.S. and capitals
Interactive puzzle maps help you remember the states and their capitals  U.S. Centennial of Flight - Kids' Fly Zone
It has games and sections for kids, educators, and enthusiasts. U.S. Constitution ...Preamble
Has good explanations of spellings and vocabulary of the PREAMBLE. U.S. QUIZ , Presidents
Quizzes for the U.S., states, presidents as well as geography and science quizzes. U.S. states and capitals quiz
Longer more knowledge required to complete. a challenge.  United States History
America's symbols are described and pictured. Veteran's Day Nov. 11th
Activities from Zwolle Elementary for Veteran's Day. White House for Kids
The official site for kids. York County Biographies
From old York County History books.


Body Works
Has information on 6 systems and quizzes. Mt. St. Helen"s Webcam
From the Johnson observatory view the latest at America's most famous volcano. Snakes in Pennsylvania
From the Fish and Boat Commission This site is mainly a text site. It has a list of PA's snake species. It tells and cautions about having snakes as pets. OLOGY
An American Museum of Natural History site. It has site components for fourth grade such as the Earth, a place to learn about rocks. It also has astronomy, archaeology, and biology. Our Weather Page
Contains student created items: Poems, Book,etc. Periodic Chart
Need atomic weights, pictures? It is here and also in a scholar edition. Used by 30,000 plus a day. Uses, compounds, properties, and more. Braindrops
Science trivia. Science facts. A new one each day and an archive. Reading for the nonfiction reader. Science of Sound
Make your own music in a virtual kitchen. Hands on The Land
Taking education outside. The glossary itself is interesting. Have you seen or heard some of these words? Some nice poems and essays too. NASA Brain Bites: Munchies for your mind
Answers questions such as " How do you go to the bathroom in space" with movie clips. They are short, family friendly, and fun. Fossweb
Activities to go with Foss Science kits. Phases of the moon
New to waning crescent. They are all here. The vocabulary of lunar phases is shown in order. Hunkin Experiments
200 science experiments to do at home. You can also buy these as a book. Check this, I think you will find something. Solar System Simulator
From NASA. See how the sun would look from Saturn or a space craft. Easy to use with pull downs. Best of Hubble
Pictures from the orbiting telescope. Nasa for kids
A site to help students understand Nasa's world. The Water Cycle
From U.S. Geological Survey. A very comprehensive site. It has a very good diagram and 15 topics discussed in depth. It is available in 36 languages. MicroAngela's Electron Microscope Gallery
Familar and unexpected views from the microscopic world. Colorized images from the electron microscopes at the University of Hawaii. Science Scavenger hunts for kids
A good anthology of important science sites including the human body, nutrition, games, astronomy, amusement park physics, and neuroscience sites and activities. Natural Hazards
NASA satellite imagery is used to help see where and when natural disasters happen and how to lessen their negative impact. Science Standards-4th grade
Lots of links related to science in general and many related to our fourth grade curriculum. Nature Notes
Environmental Education for Kids Site. Litter Hawk
This is a site to build an awareness of our responsibility to care for our environment. It suggests ways to care for the Earth. Tsunami Warning Kids' Book on the Web
A 30 page book prepared by the Western States Seismic Policy Council to read on line. There is a a lot of information in this coloring book The Western States Seismic Council is a West Coast group that provides information about Tsunamis and earthquakes. Strange Matter
Online activities for families, teachers, and students. Part of the Ontario Science Center 's traveling exhibition by the same name. Bugscope
An educational outreach program for k to 12. Under the menu goodies and diversions, choose 3D galleries for close-ups of bugs. Pestworld for kids
Fun site for kids. Games to study/explore pests. Quia -Class Page-4th and 5th grade Science
Same as above in slightly different presentation. Water Cycle, from USGS Water Science Basics
The latest version of the water cycle. Classroom Earth
A guide to environmental Education. Programs and resources. Provides information on what's available. Science resources to use in Elementary Sch.
This a very full site. It covers it all. Check it out. Rock Cycle
For the Earth Science part of our curriculum. Common minerals and their properties, Moh's hardness scale, and descriptions of the 3 kinds of rocks are a part of its contents. Planets
From NASA. Has information about each planet as gathered by their voyages and observations. Volcano World
The Premier Volcano Site on the web. Volcanoes Around the World
A more intense site than Volcano World. Playing with time
Great video clips. Duration and elapsing of time . The ripples in time videos under activities are science grabbers for students. Science Projects
This is part of the Internet Public Library site. Lots of links for many subjects/interests. Science Sample Test
60 online practice questions. How Stuff Works
A site for those who like to know the inside scoop. Rocks For Kids
For the geologist in all of us. A good starting place to find out how rocks are formed. Science news for kids
Science News for the 9 to 13 age group. Geospy
National Geographic games/learning challenges. Computer Animations
Computer animations of physical processes. Lunar eclipses
Lunar eclipses for beginners has links with photographs. For those with a sense of wonder. Science Museum
Explore the science behind activities/natural events. Astronomy Picture of the Day
Wow! Look what is going on in our Earth's neighborhood. Arctic Slide Show
Join Ann and Liv as they explore the arctic ocean. CEM4KIDS
Matter, elements, and periodic table to name a few places to visit. Sea and Sky
Discover inner and outer space. Current Volcanic activity
Current volcano pictures. Volcanic Eruptions
Describes volcanic process. Volcano information sites
There is a lot here including FEMA for kids. Geology
It says K-3, but it is more than that. It has links to many places including the Franklin Institute. Types of Earthquakes
From Southern California. Causes and types of earthquakes are described. Introduction to Plate tectonics
A companion site to volcano world. Has some good diagrams. plate tectonics
Has some animations that may load slowly. Tectonic plate motion
Detailed. For advanced study. WEATHER CHANNEL EDUCATION DEPT>
It is expanded and better than ever. A lot of things to explore. Take your time and learn. Third Grade Jeopardy
Different science topics explored with the jeopardy format. 4th Grade science links
From McGraw-Hill. Links, Summaries, Quizzes, and webquests. Backpack Science
It has a great virtual journey into the universe. You can "visit" any planet. It also has insects, Dental health, Heart health, and weather. It also has a wind chill calculator, a sunset, calculator and a sunrise calculator. Rockhound
It has a good Rock Quiz. It is a geology site Kid's Planet
Defenders of Wildlife is there Motto. Non-profit. I think from Florida. It has a sea otter and Florida Black Bear curriculum listed. Biology 4 Kids
Cells, Sysems, and Microorganisms to name a few. Neill's Geology for kids
Rocks, glacierologists, marine geologists. and other related fields are represented. Kids Online Resources-Geology
Many other branches of science are represented. Other subjects are also on the menu. Rocks for kids
Museums, photos, hardness, birthstones, and much more. K-12 Eart Science: General
From GA Tech. Quite extensive. Ecosystems and Biomes
From the Amazon to the World's Biomes-a list of sites. The Coral Reefs and the Tundra are more of the variety. Fun Science Gallery
For the amateur scientist--The sky in a room; The one dollar microscope; Making paper at home are some of the places to checkout. Dimdima
Click fun with science. Shows science experiments step by step. Nature Works - Decomposers
It is a part of our chapter B-1. It is easy vocabulary reading and some pictures. You can link to state resources which can be a help for social studies. You can also link to state standards and other Nature Works sites. Water on the Web - Understanding Lake Eco.
You can link to producers, consumers, and producers. Useful for Chapter B-1. Preparedness for Weather Emergencies
Numerous links to many government agencies for all kinds of emergencies including earthquakes, landslides, children, animal, safe schools, floods, heat, and nuclear. FEMA for kids
Gov. site for kids to learn about all kinds of emergencies. It has a fact and fiction section and a quiz about what you learned, too. Ducks Unlimited: Waterfowl Gallery
Pictures of ducks. Good place for pictures for the Jr. Duck Stamp Contest. See site by that name. Federal Duck Stamp Program
It has a lot. It has the rules for the JUNIOR DUCK STAMP CONTEST. State Fish Art : Wildlife Forever
Rules and state fish. K-8 Science Sites
Numerous places and ideas. You may want to bookmark this one. PA Reptiles & Amphibians
Pictures and information about these Pennsylvania creatures. PA Fishes Table of Contents
Pictures and information. Pictures become larger by clicking on the name and then the picture. PA Wildlife--Articles
Contains numerous lists and photos. Need a list of PA endangered or threatened animal populations, search the right menu. Photo galleries and other links are on the left. This site has sections that have only been accessed a few times. Users are missing these treasures. Wetlands for kids
A lot of stuff you can use for this curriculum component. EPA - Wetlands;> Wetlands Education
Use with Wetlands for Kids for more ideas and links. Pond Action Links
Math and science links and a lot of them. Kids in the Creek - Watersheds
Numerous links that aid us in teaching our curriculum. DNR Kids Web: Main Page
Links to watersheds, wildlife and habitat, solid waste, and hazardous waste. Posted here for watersheds and water. Watersheds
Find your watershed and much more from watershed. Bridge - Elementary, Grade Four
Numerous science links listed by grade level K-6. There are many that relate to our science curriculum. Wetlands - Animals of the wetlands
This site has a list of wetland animals. You are able to click them to learn more. Good for research on wetland animals. Animal Quiz
The answers are primarily wetland animals. Try it. IFAW: Save the Animals
This page displays animals that the IFAW supports. Most are endangered in some way and they are trying to halt the slide toward extinction. The Space Place :: Live!
From Nasa. Astronomy for students. 4 Teachers: Sites of the week
Many science sites with annotated notes about them. Potentially very useful. Science Links for Students K-8
Links for K-8. There is a favorite here waiting for you to find it. Quia - Class page - 4th & 5th Grade Science
Numerous sites and many downloads from all areas of science: sound, light, Earth, Life, Physical, simple machines, and some printables. Rock and the Rock Cycle
Rocks are always on the move. Find out about the 3 types of rocks and how they move. Rocks and Minerals
3 major rocks. Links. Check Koday's kids for Poetry and more. Try the 4th grade Rock quiz. Check out the amazing insects. See the 4th grade Rocks and Chart section, 16 minerals, and planet Earth. From an Illinois school district. Scott Foresman Science K-6
Many Many links to life, earth, and physical science as well as the human body k-6. Astronomy Picture of the Day
Art, mystery, curiosity, from space and earth with archives. It will keep you gazing for hours. WATER CYCLE INTRODUCTION
From the Alice Ferguson Foundation. It is working toward a trash free Potomac. There is much more to this site. Wastewater Treatment
To Use with L.F.S. science unit water on Earth. Smithsonian: National Museum of Natural History
Great pictures. If you cannot get there in person, this can help you appreciate the treasure we call natural history. Critter Quest
What living things are living in your county? This new site can help you answer that question. Global Learning and observations...GLOBE
Go to Globe for students. Select primary grades. Then select elementary globe. Select your module. Download and read book or select a project.(Projects may be quite long, but the reading is an illustrated book.)This site also has a lot of secondary science ideas. Watershed Game
11 question quiz to help you understand watersheds. What is a watershed?
Brief description and animation of a watershed from Michigan environmental. Watershed and ther materials
Short audio and video clips about pollution. The rubber ducky one is a good place to start. Elementary Science links Primary
Many links. Many can be used at several grade levels. Elementary Science--Librarian Information network
Many links to science information. 130 mini science lessons
The typewriter looking script is misleading. These are lessons for a variety of science topics. They are not grouped by topic. Science Online Energy
All Grades. Numerous links. Fish Quiz
Interesting and challenging. Turtles of Pennsylvania
PA has 13 different species of turtles. They're all here. Sea Turtle Quiz
Find out what you know. Take the quiz. PA Turtles
Read about PA's 14 turtles Fun Science Experiments
You will get from these what you put into them. 4th grade Matter Quiz/study cards
Quick way to see important concepts about matter. It is in a quiz format. Nature photos
photographs site: nature such as birds, mammals Bird web
Birds of Washington State. Used with the Junior Duck Stamp program. Space Weather
See auroras,views from space and NASA as well as science news in a few clicks. Great photos. State Symbols
Find state fish, dinosaurs, etc. HARCOURT SCIENCE by chapters
Correlated by textbook chapter. From the series we use at our school. Interactive. Animated. Amazing Facts
Mainly science facts. Read and enjoy. Let's Take A Dip
  Watershed and The Water Cycle

Telling Time

Snap dragon
Set the clock Identify the time
Very basic time site Telling Time
Basic information and practice Time Teller
Basic time practice Clock Program
Starts simply and becomes more complex.


Stories for the Seasons
Many stories to read . ATN Book Lists
800 book lists Bookworm
Books for the 6-12 age group Scholastic Poetry
Read and learn how to write poetry Verse for children
Poetry for kids of all ages. Poetry Starters
BBC poetry starters Funny poetry for children
Many poems to tickle your funnybone. Listen and Write
It even has Rap. Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes
Simply, one of the best. Giggle Poetry
Chuckles. American Folklore
A collection Myths, Folktales, and Fairy Tales
Lots of traditional literature online Aesop's Fables
Traditional and modern versions are presented Folklore and Mythology Electronic texts
Stories from many cultures Grammar Gorillas
Learn parts of speech. From Funbrain. Grammarville, USA
Practice Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns. Word of the day
It contains a definition and some example sentences each day. You can also access previous words of the day. A vocabulary building experience. Language Arts
Having trouble finding Language Arts items on the web. Try this list and end your search. It is here. If You Give a Bear Blueberries
Circle story


A Dictionary of Haiku
Haiku classified by seasons. Prepositional Phrase
Need a prepositional phrase to finish that piece of writing or for that prepositional poem, you will find it here or, at least, the hint you need to write it. Similes
Similes to help you say that thought just right. There is a lot more here from SAID WHAT. Haiku Poems
Written by school students. POETIC TERMS
A list, but not complete. A starter list. Limerick writing
A limerick is one couplet and one triplet. This site explains it and provides examples. It is a fun writing form. Try a few. Haiku writing
Haiku is a popular writing form. It and some of its variations are shown in this article. Letter Generator
Another on line site to write letters. Not as detailed as the Friendly Letter Writing Unit. It does allow borders for your letter. Friendly Stationery for color
If you have a color printer, you can add that feature. It will, of course, print it in black and white. This is a companion site to the other Friendly Stationery site listed on this menu. Write on Reader--Forms of writing
This site describes at least 20 different forms of writing. Some examples: Family Stories, Newspaper Weather, Newspaper comics, and plays. Friendly Letter Writing Unit
Has a nice Pretest and a power point presentation. The post test allows you to write on line and print as a performance assessment document. Friendly and Business Letter Formats
Parts arelabeled. Downloadable. Helpful. Friendly Stationery
Available in black and white or color. It is already set up in the friendly letter form. Downloadable as a PDF. Write in many categories
Writing in many areas with PDF'S, rubrics, an organizer, and more including poetry, folktales, biographies, and fairytales Paragraph construction and components
Tells and shows how to write a topic sentence, supporting details, and closing sentence. WRITER'S HELPER
Need a rhyme? This the site for you. Six Traits Posters
You can PDF these and print them. Quick summaries of these traits. Writing -- Kids on the Net
Writing to read. Writing to do. Ideas for writing from the U.K. River of Words
Art and Poetry Ideas related to science and primarily watersheds. Kids World
Click kids speak out to see if your story was published. Kids World
Click kids speak out to see if your story was published. Tools for writing...Post-It Notes
6 on a page to help with the six traits of writing. A management tool. Essay Map
"Graphic Organizer" to write your essay. Biography Maker
Steps to write a biography. Great American Mail Race
Find school locations AND ADDRESSES. Story Starter - scholastic
Helps you to decide what to write. It is better to think of your own idea. The Junior Dispatch
View your child's writing on line. Click teacher information and then Fishing Creek School Jr. Dispatch
Read Halloween Poetry by Fishing Creek students.  MAD LIBS
Write your own MAD LIB.


This is a part of the PAcleanways Kids site. This is a site to build awareness of our environment so that we will be better stewarts of what we have and need to keep. Official U.S. Time Clock
The shadow showing light and dark is helpful. This comes up as the Eastern Time Zone, but you can change it to see other time zones. Harcourt Science Glossary
Helps you define the vocabulary in our science series. KidsClick! Web Search
Web search for kids by librarians is their pitch. Listed by categories with subtopics. Water Science Glossary
You're not sure what a word means. Maybe it is a new word. It is here. It is large. It is 17 pages if you print it Animaland Encyclopedia and Games
Go to games and take the 24 Carrot Quiz. This site is from the ASPCA. Pet Care ideas are also listed. Each animal listed has a link. For example the Polar Bear links to Polar Bear International. You may link to the National Zoo. Kids Click
Created by a librarian. Contains links to many children's subjects. Awesome library
Experts in many professions are ready to answer questions. You can also search in other languages. Dictionary
Yahoo Reference
Kidport Reference Library
Verttebrates: Animals with Backbones comes up, and there Invertebrates as well. Good pictures.

Fun Stuff

Carmine's Line
An introduction to line and shape with some games. BBC schools Ages 4-11
Play Snap or Splat to start. They're found under 5-9 years DynaMo. Click it and then click DynaMo's Den. DynaMo's Lab is much like Den in a Science mode. If you scroll down, you can link to Megamaths. You can select the number you need to practice. GEOGRAPHY, Science, ART, and under other subjects DANCE MAT TYPING.--Keyboarding practice in 3 levels. BBC schools Ages 4-11
Play Snap or Splat to start. They're found under 5-9 years DynaMo. Click it and then click DynaMo's Den. DynaMo's Lab is much like Den in a Science mode. If you scroll down, you can link to Megamaths. You can select the number you need to practice. GEOGRAPHY, Science, ART, and under other subjects DANCE MAT TYPING.--Keyboarding practice in 3 levels. Animaland--Encyclopedia--Quiz
Go to games and take the 24 carrot quiz to see what you know about animals(from ASPCA). Bookworm reviews a few animal books. Pet care offers suggestions for pet owners. Gamequarium
Games for your younger brother or sister. Games for the very young
This is for you to spend time with your kindergarten sister or brother. Elementary Science Fun and Games Online
The Fantastic Forest, and Hubble Site are good places to start. Math Fun and Games Online
Fraction and Basketmath Interactive Learning are good places to start. Zwolle Elementary School--Kid Games
There is a lot here. I like Alphabet Tunnel Blaster. The popular ones like Nick and Disney are here too. Quite extensive. A great collection for the Elementary School Game Player. Top 100 Interactive Educational Games
From who wants to be a Mathonaire to Hangman. You'll find something you like here. Smithsonian Magazine's Kid Castle
Fun Stuff such as a Food's Day Calendar and Crazy Holiday Calendar. A lot more to discover. Biscuit Word Search
A word search on line from the book Biscuit. Squigly's Jokes & Riddles For Kids
18 pages of jokes, riddles, and more. Sparky The Fire Dog
Safety! Safety! Also Sparky's Arcade(still Safety). Under Cool Stuff, scroll down to numerous other "cool" things to do for holiday ideas. H.I.P. Pocket change
From the U.S. Mint. Has games. Has travel in time. Has information on the new nickels. Alfy
The web portal for kids. Free fun online. Scholastic for kids
Has links to authors and will remind students of the wide world of books and word power. It has a word of the week section. Orisinal: Morning Sunshine
Games. For the younger viewer, but I found them fun and funny. Switcheroo Zoo
Make new animals. Just click Make new animals and enjoy the your new compound animal. At the bottom, click resources for more factual information about 142 animals. There is much more for the curious. FunBrain Game Finder
FunBrain has lots of school practice in many subjects. Find you favorite or a new one and play and learn. Inference Riddles
Practice a reading skill and have fun at the same time. Creative Arts About our Watersheds
Poetry, drawing, and photography ideas. Give Your Class a Daily Dose of the Web
All you need is your brain, a pencil, and paper. There are 5 areas with multiple sub choices for each one. Just for those who want to learn, use their brain, and expand their knowledge. Edugames
6 games from Houghton Mifflin. Brain Teasers, Wacky Words, and Fake out are three of the titles. Brain Games
Great Stuff from the west coast. Paula Barnard is the terrific webmaster from Pioneer School. Learning through games. MATH Games and Activities for Kids
Games for number sense, time, geometry, money, and more. Interactive. Nutrition Explorations: Learn about nutrition
Games for students to learn about nutrition as well as ideas for adult. The Leafy Greens
Click trading cards from the Menu for Cartoon like trading cards about vegetables to make you healthy. Coloring Pages
Pages to print and color. A large variety. Monterey bay aquarium coloring pages
Many kinds of coloring pages. Fun Science Games
Another approach to learning about solids, living thins, etc. Best Paper Airplanes
Just follow the instructions to make many kinds of paper airplanes. Paper Folding
More ideas. Games for all subjects
Funbrain is a well knownsite. Online Stopwatch
Bus Songs
2108 songs on this site. Largest student song collection on web. If you're singing from the heart, you're singing in tune. Sing along with Midis
Song lyrics and midis for the tune. Academic skill builders
Practice academics through games. National Geographic Games
Color and important goals are some reasons to play. Educational Fun sites
Including PEEP, Sparky the fire dog, several kinds of poetry, and more Circle ofPower and Respect
Ideas for morning meetings from a Canadian Elementary School. Sheppards Games
Games in all subjects Fourth Grade Practice resrs
Created by teachers. All subjects. Engaging Science
Online games with a science intent. Walk The Plank: Ecosystems game
Answer questions to make teacher walk the plank and fall to the sharks. Usborne Quick Links
Find and click drawing animals under internet related and put in a page number. Practice drawing animals. KID SCOOP: How to draw
From the popular website how to draw plus lots more for kids, parents, and teachers.

Problem Solving

Thayer ProblemSolving Cycle
It lists a problem solving strategy. Future Problem Solving
It describes a six-step process using a future perspective to decide about a problem. Teaching Tips for Problem Solving
It list 10 suggestions for teaching problem solving. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
A general site for those interested in higher order thinking skills. It has numerous links. Problem solving for 3-4 to 12th
Request, Response, Result are the 3 R's of problem solving. They show the result as it builds one line at a time. Lots of problems, just scroll down, read the problem, and click "see the development of the solution" and watch it scroll the answer like a message board. It is identify the request, respond to the request, and generate the result. Dositey math again
This is an extension of the Dositey site listed under MATH. There are worksheets, games, and interactives listed here. Math Tricks
Fun "tricks" to show how fast you can add or subtract. There is also a crazy calendar math activity here. Prob. Sol from
There are 8 problem solving pages here. There are many more if you become a member. The 8 "free ones" will give you quick "word" problems for class or enrichment. Egyptian Math
Egyptians had a seven symbol decimal system for math. Can you solve a problem or even write a number using Egyptian math? RHL School
This site has many free worksheets. Try Math problem solving volume 6 Riddles. Did you get it or are you still thinking? Prob. Sol. Strategies
Explains the ways, steps, method to solve problems. This site is from Kamehameha El. School. It also has a nice trade book list for Math enrichment. DaisyMaths Problem sheets
From Down Under. Allows you create problem sheets in many categories from easy, medium, hard, and all categories. A quick work sheet generator for the busy parent, teacher, or student.


Poetry for kids
Poems to read. Many are funny. Take a look. Giggle Poetry
Funny poetry and much more LIBERTY POEM
The New Colossus. The words on The Statue of Liberty. Give me your... More Poetry for kids
Loaded. Will take you a long time just to overview this site. How to write poetry--the basics plus advanced. Examples from haiku to cowboy poetry. Not the same site as the one listed by the same name. 75+ Instant Poetry forms
75+ instant poetry forms on your computer. Write poetry all the time anytime. Kids Tips to Writing
Suggests ways to get ideas and save thoughts. Rhyme Zone
Rhyming dictionary. Thesaurus. Definitions. The best for this type of endeavor. Nancy's Resources
Poetry in several categories. Some are: friendship, earth, animal, feelings, seasons. An useful collection with topics useful for school use. Poems are by poets whose name you will recognize. Poetry writing Machine
Learn how to write 4 kinds of poems: Haiku, Limerick, Cinquain, and Free Verse. Land of Nursery Rhymes
All your favorites. Find and memorize. Our Favorite Poems
Poems to read. Handy and easy. Poems for Children
Animal, funny, Lewis Carroll, A.A. Milne, limericks, short poems, Scottish poems and many more categories. Arctic Poems
Polar Bears, Penguins, Walruses, whales are the topics. Angel Fire poetry
Poetry from Angel Fire publishers


The four seasons. The "weeks" like fire prevention. The 100th day of school. All here. Halloween Fun from NASA
Sound effects and symbols from NASA. Click the non-java for more activities such as word searches. Great Sites for Kids
It has sites for all subjects. I placed it here for convenience for room coordinators to find ideas for holiday events. Torahtots
It has a section on Hanukkah to teach about this festival lights. It has an online spin of a dreidel. Santa
It has a Nughty or Nice-O-Meter and toy-making machine. You can earn an Honorary Elf Diploma in Elf School..
Features Santa's Secret Village, mailroom, Workshop, kitchen, and reindeer barn. Recipes for adults and animation for children. NORAD Tracks Santa
From North American Aerospace Defense Command and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Atmosphere track Santa. They maintain a satellite watch for Santa. It all becomes live on Dec. 24th. Kulture Kidz
Educational. Teaches families about the seven principles of Kwanzaa. Lots of crafts and coloring pages. Christmas at Chris Riley's
Not fancy.Has Santa's favorite books, humor, crafts, and traditions around the world.

Study Tips

Studying tips
Suggestions to improve performance through improved focus. Many ideas from child development. Study Skills Handout
Ideas in a condensed form. Accessible and quick to read. How to Study
How to listen in class. How to read a textbook. How to solve word problems. Writing tips and time management tips as well as much more to help you manage school. Sites to promote School Success
From the University of Northern Iowa. It ia an extensive list of academic self help sites Sites to promote School Success
From the University of Northern Iowa. It ia an extensive list of academic self help sites How to Study
How to listen in class. How to read a textbook. How to solve word problems. Writing tips and time management tips as well as much more to help you manage school.


Battle Hymn of The Republic ...lyrics
The words to patriotic songs are a click away Dixie Land... lyrics
The words are just a click away. CIVIL WAR songs
Divided into Northern, Southern, and General Soldier Songs. It has a good selection. It does have The Vacant Chair, but it is listed under General Soldier songs. It does have Lorena. Historic American Sheet Music
Look at social studies periods by the music of the era. Songs for kids from NIEHS/NIH
Songs for kids Sing Slong Songs
Mainly for younger children, and yet still amusing. Social Studies Songs
Social Studies set to the tune of recognizable songs Elementary Math Songs
Simple song with math lyrics


Wheatland: Buchanan's Lancaster Co.Home
Answer for Number 3 Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Waters
Answer to number 5 Buchanan's First Lady
Answer to number 6. Pennsylvania"s Capitols
Answer to number 7 Roberto Clemente
Answer to number 8 Declaration Of Independence
Answer to number 10. Pennsylvania Scavenger Hunt
Use this site for the questions and the answers to numbers 1, 4, and 9. The rest are found within the sites listed immediately below this one. Pennsylvania's State Song
The answer to number 2 Decomposers or Destroyers
A webquest for third and fourth graders. It is limited in scope. It is an useful introduction to the animals listed. Science Webquests
From Kindergarten through 12th grade. You can probably find it here.

PSSA Practice

Ohio's 4th grade proficiency tests
More practice for tests. A chance to see what you know. No looking at the answers until you are finished. Florida Comprehensive Ach. Test
Need hundreds of pages for grades 1 through 5 math practice? This is your site. These are used by FCAT to practice math. They load as PDF's. You do not have to go online to find them once you download. The answers are all provided in the latter pages of each PDF. Brainchild
Practice online tests. Grades 3 to 8 reading and math plus an exit level. Online State Test Preparation
Some states tests are here as well as some examples from TIMSS. PA state test released items downloads as a PDF from this site. Mathematics Practice test
You can practice by standard or by the entire test. You can also practice by individual question. They download as PDF's. PSSA Practice Exams
You can also practice science on this site as well as math and reading. Online State Test Preparation
Some states tests are here as well as some examples from TIMSS. PA state test released items downloads as a PDF from this site. PSSA Downloads
Downloadable PSSA PSSA information and Practice links
Background And Samplers. Assessment: Item Bank Intro.
PDE Item Bank link PSSA Practice tests
It has very good Math anchor test practice at the top of the page.. PSSA Multiple Choice Practice
Tens sets of 5 problems to do on paper and check with answer key on line. Standardized Test Preparation
It has PSSA Information and online Practice Tests. Quia Science Tests Online
Something for each of your areas of science. Resources to help students practice TCAP
Practice in many subjects. This is a very full site. TAKS Grade 4 Mathematics Practice
Build skills and knowledge in math. Ohio 4th grade Proficiency tests
More good practice. ISAT Science 4th Grade Test Online
Test knowledge. Build test taking skills, build content knowledge. Great site. ISAT Social Science Grade 4 Online Test
Build knowledge, test taking skills, and social studies content. Great Site. TAKS Grade 4 Reading Online Test
Build test taking skills. Good stuff. Online test practice
Science. math, and technology practice from Virginia. On-line test practice
It scores your work for instant feedback. Assessment Practice
Released items from most of the states. You can get all the practice you want and then some CRTC Practice
All grade levels 1-8. Reading, language, math, science, and social studies quizzes and tests. Download and do on paper. There is a lot here. Start at an lower grade or advance to a higher grade. It is your challenge to accept and meet. Review Living Things
20 questions. Third grade. Science Vocabulary Hangman
Review science vocabulary for several grades and many components of science. Third Grade Skills
Has state assessed items for several subjects. Released Items--3rd grade Virginia
Works best if you PDF it and print it. The Grow Parent Site
Parent site for PSSA assistance, ideas, and understanding. Fourth Grade Tutorials
Tells and shows the concepts. It also provides examples with explanations. All subjects and things like read a table, capacity and weights, and geographic features are presented. Resources to help Practice
Practice for K-8 and high school algebra I and 2, Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry, Geometry, English 1 and 2, Foundations, and ACT and SAT. Practice Questions-Georgia CRCT Online
A lot to see here. Fourth Grade Skills
Same as Third Grade Skills except it is for Fourth Grade. Elementary Test Prep Center
From Oswego New York, Practice for ELA (English language arts) and math for fourth grade. It also has social studies for 5th grade( If you select it, there is also practice for 4th grade social studies). It was created by teachers for the New York State Tests. You will be able to select multiple choice questions, or you can select by topic such as geography and operations, PSSA Anchor Glossary cards
C to continue and F to flip. You can join for more. Vocabulary cards. There is also a list of them. Gnome Math
At the top of the left menu. click the words and icon. It will take you to multiplication and division as well as addition and subtration. Click tests. You will find many practice activities(printable sheets for the four operations plus the interactice Spacey Math game(s). There are other links. has pre and post tests and flash cards as does A+ Math. Math Lessons from HPSD
Lots of very helpful things. Check word problems for all grade levels(2-6). They are archived. There is also geometry, fractions, and more. It is regularly updated.Many grade levels are available. How to use T charts and other graphs and charts. How to memorize math facts at math buddies. Worksheet
Printable. Many grades are available. Just change the grade number in the URL. Very useful. Each collection is 9 to 10 pages long with answers at the end. MATH Coach
Select Homework help. Next select Math. Then select homework help. Follow this with grade level selection. You will be given four choices. Select worksheets. They have 3 choices. A homework sheet and 2 intervention sheets. They are PDF's and printable. For fourth grade, it is a 12 chapter book. Numerous and extensive from Scott Foresman. Essential. Released items from many states
I like the Ohio one. It can be down loaded in large print. For fourth grade they have reading, math, and writing. Some states are not available, but look around find the good ones. Geometry Challenge Board
This is an aid to our geometry chapter, too. Division Bingo
Learn your math facts, too. SURWEB
Many tests. You can only open the open folders and review tests. There are many pages, many levels, and opportunities under JUMP TO. Just pull down to examine the various pages. Their code is at the bottom of the page. Most of what you can view is nearer the bottom of the page. 4th & 5th grade Standardized Testing Links
Take a look. You will find useful applications here. Texas TAKS Tests
Released Items from the Texas "PSSA". They download. Several grades are available. Quia--Basic Math Part 4
Draw lines to match answers. Standardized Test Resources
Links to practice on the net . Fourth Grade Skills -- Interactive Sites
It seems to have it all for Math and Language Arts. At the bottom are grade specific sites. This may be you best stop, and it should be your FIRST STOP. Standardized Test Practice
From McGraw-Hill. Science. Challenging. CST Released Items
From California from years: 2003, 2004, 2005. Math Web Resources and Test Practice
More than standardized test practice. It has projects and manipulatives as well. TEST Practice from Florida
FCAt and other Florida practice. Just great stuff. Leap4Fun - 4th Grade Interactive Practice
For up to four players. You answer math questions from multiple choice responses. TCAP Assessment - Practiceresources
This site has a lot. There are released items, interactive sites, and downloads. There are test prep ideas. There is language arts as well as math, reading, and science. This a great place to start you test practice all year long. Practice Sheets - Texas teacher
Worksheets created by a Texas teacher to practice for their "PSSA" test. Several grades and several subjects are represented. Click online practice at the top of the first page, and you will have many options including writing and writing prompts. ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION Resources
Contains numerous online games including around the world. Many fun math activities for school and home. Practice Reading Tests
Select your grade, read, answer questions, and see how well you scored. Trophies Main Menu
Select your grade. Select test tutor. Practice reading. Practice at 6 levels. Build your confidence, comprehension, and skill level. Reading and Language Skills Practice
This site is another site that can solve your DRA focus page needs. It also has two state test released items tests to do online. Terrific stuff is "clickable" on this site. Grade 4 Virginia Standard of Learning
Practice tests created by people who care. Lots of links. Practice tests. There is one for writing. Book recommendations, quotes, and for grades k-12. Test Quest Grade 4
Be a better test taker. Has sound and "characters" from Houghton Mifflin. Houghton Mifflin Test Prep
Practice fourth grade math skills. $th grade Reading Test Pearson
Good practice for reading. Fourth Grade Skills - interactive sites
TESTS about many things and some are grade specific. Mr. Anker Tests
Tests for many areas. Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Test Prep
Many little tests. Mifflin County Schools
Reading and math practice For many grades. There is also other test information and links. Standardized Test Practice
Multiple test opportunities. Many from FCAT. VA State Science, Math and technology Tests
Prepare for our State PSSA with similar practice tests. Test/Exam practice grades 3-8
These are in PDF format. The can be downloaded and completed. Science--Grade 4--New York--Quia
Practice for science PSSA at this site. Elementary science Examinations
These are PDF's. You can download, print, and complete. 170 interactive quizzes Language/Grammar
practice possibilities for language practice for our language arts/english curriculum. There is mush more here, and it can expand your knowledge of these concepts. Fourth Grade Science Review
Multiple Choice Grade 4 Interactive Quizzes bt Tami Maloney
All subjects. Grade 4 Practice including writing from VA.
All subjects. Usually 5 different ones for each. FCAT PRACTICE
Numerous practice sites from Florida's Comprehensive state test. Test Tutor 4th grade
Practice reading anytime. Study Zone
Algebra lessons/explanations and practice on this site. Five Domains of State Tests
This supports PSSA skills. Elementary Test Prep
Supports the domains of the PSSA. Taks Grade 4 Online test prep test 1
PSSA Practice Taks Grade 4 Online test prep test 2
PSSA test practice PSSA TEST PREP
Many Grade levels and at bottom left take a quiz offers multiple quiz opportunities. Keep expanding your knowledge. Fourth grade algebra
Has games to practice algebra and other math skills. Test Taking Assistance
Practice tests from many states. Test Practice from Edu place
From the developers of our Math Book Test Prep Language arts
More practice opportunities. MATH Worksheets and Test Prep
Lots of items. Test Prep too. TEST TUTOR Grade 3
Great reading Practice TEST TUTOR Grade 4
Online and on grade level practice. TEST TUTOR GRADE 5
Practice for advanced readers TEST TUTOR Level 3
More test practice. Starting with order of events. Math Slice
On line math test practice


Elementary Resources
Part of your weekly spelling list is found under the title spelling for your grade level It has twenty words. If you go to the right side, you will find a Harcourt link for Signatures, our adopted reading series and for Harcourt Spelling. There are activities for each listed. Also under reading is our reading vocabulary with definitions(click icon at bottom of displayed page). Spelling Bee Words
Have your own spelling bee. Words lists through 9th grade. Spelling Bee Words in 3 levels
From The Herald of Sharon PA 3 lists at three levels. There is beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Word are in alphabetical order with definitions. Spelling Words
Another list used for a spelling bee. Spelling and Vocabulary
Contains a menu of 20 plus sites for spelling and vocabulary. It also has a menu of 20 plus sites for Grammar and Syle. Harcourt Spelling
Ideas for each grade level from the publisher of our literacy series. Spelling lists
One of the more popular spelling list sites from Katy Independent School District Spelling Resources
From online spelling tests to lists of words, it is all here. Commonly Confused Words
Online quiz of confusing words such as accept and except; allot and a lot, etc. Spelling Connections
Practice spelling. Site will pronounce and use in a sentence. You type in answer. Great practice like a Spelling Bee. Spelling Demo
Type in the word you hear. Good spelling practice. Words are easy. There is a repeat button to have word said again. It keeps your score. Quia - Spelling Game
Practice identifying the correctly spelled word. Spelling Games from the BBC
Can be printed and completed, but it is better with the online flash version. Storytown Spelling list
Hey, this is our spelling list. You can practice your test 24-7. National Reading Vocabulary Words
Need more vocabulary words to study? Need more spelling words to learn? These words are sorted into groups of 6 words. They also make good writing lists and great list book entries. Spelling Quiz #1
Is it spelled correctly or incorrectly? Take a look. Spelling quiz number one
More practice. Is it wrong or is it correct?  SPELLING PRACTICE
Many grade levels. This is proofreading/typing until all words are correct. Spelling Vocabulary Quiz # 1
You are given a visual hint. SPELLING on Funbrain
Easy or hard versions. Check the incorrectly spelled and write the correct version on the computer and check your work.

Apple and Autumn Activities Sites

Apple Cyber Guide
Reference from California. Use to create a thematic unit about apples. Apple webquest
Downloadable activity pages for a lot of tasks. Go through the internet looking for facts about apples. There is even a rubric and riddles. Apple Pickin' Time at The Virtual Vine
Apple poetry, links, recipes, and much more. Apples from ABC Teach
Numerous activities, shape book. Free downloads. Word search. Apple bar graphs Check this out. Lots of freebies, but you can join for more. Apple activities from Tooter4Kids
Lesson plans, activities, recipes, etc. NY Apple Country Teacher Kits
Go to the bottom and down load the entire kit. You'll have a folder full of PDF's with various apple activities. Apples & More Apple Fun
A collection of links. History, legends, apple arcade, recipes, festivals, apple varieties, and much more. Just for kids
Apple trivia, facts, recipes for kids, apple postcards, and coloring book. All About Apples
Just about everything you ever wanted to know about apples is here. From apple production to the good health you receive from eating them. Awesome Autumn
Tells why leaves change color, how many types of apples in the the world, Johnny Appleseed, Pumpkins, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Kindertheme's Scarecrows
For the younger child. Poems, songs, art, math, and puppets for example. Fall Color Cams (Weather Matrix)
Click on states to find most active fall foliage The Miracle of Fall
Fall foliage, cams, festivals, events, hiking, and a site that bis easy for kids to use. The First Thanksgiving
See a picture timeline, relive the Mayflower, life at Plymouth, and play a Thanksgiving cyber challenge. Not just for kids Thanksgiving
History, trivia,recipes, silly jokes and riddles from one of my favorite sites PANA Advocates for Nutrition and Activity
Apple Crunch sponsors. A Brief History of the Apple
If you'd like to know its origin, this a short history of the apple. Johnny Appleseed
Welcome to Johnny's Orchard. Continue to click the MORE symbol at the bottom to learn the Johnny Appleseed story. You can join their ecology club. Please check the links for educational activities. The Little Red House
This for an adult to use to slice and apple and reveal a star. Please check it out before you use it. It is a read aloud with a revealed star at the end. Applejuice on the Internet - Fun and Games
Quizzes and activities. It contains pages to color, recipes, and a matching game as well. Just for Kids Trivia about Apples
Take the quiz. Do you know? Did you know? Apple Thematic Unit - Learning About Apples
From the Homeschoolers. This is extensive. Activities, quizzes, links, recipes, and more. All About Apples - Scholastic
If the page looks blank scroll down to it. It is an article with more than text. There are recipes, books, games, and crafts. Activity Idea Place: Apples
If you need an Apple Crunch Day Activity, this is your site. Some may think of it as a site for the younger set, but keep looking. Apple Craft Projects
Crafts that are little more challenging, and may involve more adult input and supervision to complete. Some ideas involve glue guns. More than paper and scissors required here.

Harcourt Science Sites

Harcourt Science Activities
Goes with our textbook. Something for each grade level K-6 and a space station timeline as well as a link to Harcourt's Science Glossary. Harcourt/The Smithsonian Institution
Virtual Tours, Online Exhibits, and Pictures of Primary Sources to enrich your science experience. Harcourt Scilinks
Provides answers to science questions and is related to our science series such as What is the Life Cycle of a Star. The Learning Site
Has all subjects, but is placed here for science. It also has news updates. Pflugerville Independent School Dist.
Websites selected by HARCOURT to complement their science series.


Free Touch Typing Program
Practice keyboarding on line or downloadable for off line practice.
Learn to type on line
You need a password to use.

Power Points

4th Grade Science Review
Rocks and minerals. Earth, Moon, and Sun. Earth Layers. Energy and Machines. Force and Motion. Electricity and Magnetism. Plants Fourth Grade Social Studies Review
Am. Revolution. The Civil War. Civil War Sort. Colonial Virginia. Government and Industries. Jamestown. Maps and Regions. A new Nation. Reconstruction. The 20th Century. Power Point Learning Games
Fine Arts. Science. Social Studies. Math. These are the broad categories. Some are in a Jeopardy format. Fourth Grade State Power Points
Fourth graders in Iowa created these shows. Power Points from NASA
NASA things can be a challenge. This is for those up to the challenge. Map Attack
For grade levels 2-6 plus art, music, PE, and middle math. They are mainly science.

Museum Links

Museum Links for Children
The Franklin Institute, Boston Museum of Science, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and the Museum of Ancient Inventions are a few of the links.
ART for Kids
From art appreciation, interactives, making things on line, and appreciating other cultures; it is here.Check Albright-Knox Art Games.

Integrated Pest Management

Pennsylvania IPM Program
Has a very useful left hand menu. One of them is a pest problem solver.
"Who Wants to be an IPM Supersleuth?"
Has many PDF's for IPM scientists/students.

Constitution Day

Many links. It contains lesson plans, a scavenger hunt, a class constitution idea, and a preamble review for Elementary School. It also has similar links for higher grades. It has a 15 question Constitutional quiz for older students. Will you pass it? Constitution Day
Lots of quizzes. A fifth grade webquest. Links to documents. Games. Graphic organizers. Presentations. Power Points. Much more. Constitution Resources --Federal Resources
Prepared by the federal government. It has the Federalist Papers and other documents. Useful especially at upper grades. Education World Lesson Plans Constitution.
Lots of stuff from Houghton Mifflin. Chart the three branches of Government. Lessons for Constitution Day and Citizen Day
Slow loading, but it has PDF's appropriate for all grade grade levels. The Constitution for Kids
For all grade levels with printables for younger students. The K-3 section tells the entire history with an easier vocabulary. This is a very worthwhile site. Constitution Facts-Learn about the U>S>
Take the quiz. Look at the links. There is a lot more here. Constitution Day lesson from Junior Achievement
Downloads for all grades. Easily employed. ConstitutionDay
Thematic Units. Some are power points, quick time movie, printables, and Schoolhouse Rock. Charting the Constitution
On screen break down of the preamble. Good for study of key words. THOMAS (Library of Congress)
In the spirit of Thomas Jefferson Constitution ideas for all ages. Scroll down for younger kids things( all elementary. Constitution Day
Preamble scramble and ideas for teachers/parents.


Helping Tour Child Series
Produced for No Child Left Behind by the federal Dept Of Education. They were available in hard copy, and now only available as downloads. It is worth your time to review them. Printable math sheets
Geometry printable handouts Numerous downloads
Teacher created downloads for all subjects. This site is worth you time to study.


1920's Kitchen pictures
  Kitchen Pictures of 1920's Kitchens
More pictures to view the technology of that era. Toys of 1920's
pictures and text Pedal Cars
Pictures and descriptions 1920's Advertisements
Old advertisements. Old Cars
1920's and other cars 1920's arm tractors
Farming in the 1920's.
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