Math Topics 
1. Add and Subtract Within 20
2. Work with Equal Groups
3. Add Within 100 Using Strategies
4. Fluently Add Within 100
5. Subtract Within 100 Using Strategies
6. Fluently Subtract Within 100 
7. More Solving Problems Involving Addition
8. Work with Time and Money
9. Numbers to 1,000
10. Add Within 1,000 Using Models and Strategies 
11. Subtract Within 1,000 Using Models and Strategies
12. Measuring Length
13. More Addition, Subtraction, and Length
14. Graphs and Data
15. Shapes and Their Attributes
16. Multiplication 

Math Links

2-step story problems and more

Practice all kinds of story problems!

3D Shape Shoot

3D Space Shapes

A+ Math

This is a great place to practice your math facts! There are games, flash cards, and printable worksheets.

Adapted Mind

Practice math at your own level.

Addition Surprise

Complete the puzzle by correctly filling in the number chart with the sums.

Addition train

Use the addition train to practice addition with regrouping.

Alien Munch - Division

All kinds of great math games!

Alligator Lunch

Learn and practice greater than and less than to compare numbers.

Area Explorer

Balloon Pop Comparisons

Which number is the greatest? Which is the least?

Balloon Pop  

Order the numbers up to 1,000 

Bang On Time

Extra challenge for telling time

Bob's measurements

Help Bob measure in cm.

Bugs in the System - Graphing

Carrot Crave

Logic game

Change Maker

Cleo and the Shape Caper

Learn about 3D shapes and how to describe them.

Congruent Shapes

What does congruent mean? Let's find out!

Counting Coins

Choose from 3 helpers (levels of playing) to help you count a total amount on the table. Click on your helper when done, and he'll tell you if you are right!

Counting Money

Count the coins and write the correct total amount.

Crazy Taxi Multiplication

Create a Graph

Make your own graphs!

Create your own Gingerbread House

Divison Self Corrected Quiz

Dragon's Egg

Need some practice with even and odd numbers? Help the dragon rescue her eggs!

EduPlace for Kids

Let's play some fun math games to practice our skills.

EnVision Math

Math Book and resources

Estimating a Sum

First in Math

Fishy Fractions

Scoop up some yummy fishy fractions to feed the hungry pelican.

Fraction Pizzq

Fraction Spat

Find the correct fraction and hit the target.

Fun 4 the Brain Math Games

Fun Brain

This site has cool games for math.

Graphing Ships

1. Click "Grids & graphs " 2. Click "Grids 3" (you'll see a ship)

Icy Slides, Flips, and Turns

Identify Fractions

Judy Clock

Practice telling time to the hour, half-hour, five and one minute intervals.

Jungle Jim and Monkeys Multiplication


Practice addition, subtraction, and missing addends with the ladybugs.

Learn 3 digit subtraction with regrouping

Learn 3 digit subtraction with regrouping

Learning Subtraction with Regrouping

Practice subtraction with regrouping step by step.

Leveled Counting Money

Practice counting money at different levels.

Mad Money

Here is a real world experience to practice money skills by spending your allowance on wants and needs.

Make a symmetrical pattern

Make a symmetrical pattern on-line.


Math 24 Game

How many ways can you make 24?

Math Dictionary

Can't remember what a math word means? Look it up in the Math Dictionary.

Math Manipulatives

Here are some virtual manipulatives to help you with math!

Math Mastery Cyber Challenge

See how many problems you can solve in one minute. Great drill and practice for math facts!

Math Maven's Mysteries

Want to try out your mystery solving skills? Check out this site!

Math Playground

Math Playground

Subtraction with regrouping

Measure in inches

Measure It

Measure with Centimeters

Practice your measuring skills usuing a centimeter ruler.


Practice your measuring skills with fish!

Meteor Multiplication

Practice your multiplication skills!

Missing Number

Find the missing number in the sequence.

Money Game

Money word problems

Money Practice

Need to work on counting money? Check out this site!

Money Toon University

Moonlight Math - Addition with regrouping

Multiplication chart

Need help with a multiplication fact?

Multiplication Games

Multiplication pre-test

How well do you know your multiplication facts?

number sequence

Odd or Even

Perimeter Explorer

Count around the outside of the shapes to find the perimeter.

Pizza Party Game

Here is a fun way to practice with fractions.

Post Office

Measure packages in cm to send with correct postage.

Robopacker slide flip turn

Rounding Numbers

Sea Life Subtraction with regrouping 

Second Grade Math Skills

Review your math skills from this year!

Second Grade Math Skills Review

Let's review all of the math skills you learned this year!

Shape Explorer

Find the perimeter and the area for each shape.

Shape Lab


Shuttle Launch

Subtraction with regrouping

Slides Flips and Turns

Spacey Math

Practice your math facts here.

Spacy Math

Here is another cool place to practice your math facts.

Stop the Clock 1 min. intervals

Stop the Clock 1/2 hour

Practice telling time to the half hour.

Stop the Clock 5 minutes

Practice telling time to 5 minute intervals.

Stop the Cock 15 min. Intervals

Practice telling time to 15 min. intervals.

Story Problems

Practice one and two step story problems!

subtraction with regrouping

Subtraction Games 

Sudoku Cookies


symmetry pictures

Symmetry Shape Game

How many lines of symmetry does each shape have?

tangram game


Telling Time

Telling Time in Different Ways



Practice math lessons!

Tessellation Town

Build your own tessellations in Tessellation Town.

That Quiz

The Counting Game

Practice counting patterns with this fast paced game.

Three Digit Addition with Regrouping  

ProfessorThree Digit Addition With Regrouping Game 

Three Digit Subtration Word Problems 

Time Teller

Drag the hands on the clock to match the time.

Too Much Information

Practice Test Taking Strategies

Tumbleweed's Math Maze

Practice your math facts while you race through Tumbleweed's maze.

UFO hidden picture Addition with regrouping

Practice 2 digit addition with regrouping.

Virtual Geoboard

Create beautiful shapes and pictures with this virtual geoboard. (Or practice your perimeter and area!)

Virtual Goose

Match the pattern as fast as you can!

Weight and Capacity

Willie the Watchdog

Play a partner game to practice telling time.

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