Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WEB?
WEB is an acronym for "Wonderfully Exciting Books".   The students bring home several books in their "Go Bag"  each night that they picked on their level, or the teacher assigns.   These books should be ones they can read easily with few mistakes.   Students can then retell important events in sequence, talk about their favorite part, or make a connection to the story.  

How can I help my child with reading?
The most important way to help your child with reading is to encourage them to read at home and to model it as well  Don't forget to remind your child to check for understanding as they read. Tell who was on the page and what happened.
 This simple poem by John Cotton Dana summarizes it well:

                                              Read some more.
                                              Read anything.
                                              Read about everything.
                                              Read enjoyable things.
                                              Read things you yourself enjoy.
                                              Read, and talk about it.
                                              Read very carefully, some things.
                                              Read on the run, most things.
                                              Don't talk about reading, but
                                              Just read!

Do we have a snack?  
           Yes, we will have a snack while we are working quietly at our seats around 1:40  each day.   You may send in an individual snack for your child,  or there will be a group snack provided.  

How can I help my child in math?  

They will have bring their homework packet home Mon.- Thurs. and will have front/back pages to do most nights. The front page will be review of the lesson we did that day.  The back side is a little trickier with word problems on the back.   Your child may need you to help read some problems. Never spend more than 15 min. on math H.W. each night.  If problem is too difficult for your child.  Just have them x out that problem.   Remind your child when completed to return packet to their shark folder then backpack to return to school each day. Also, practice simple addition facts.  Start with just the 1's and build up. (1+1,  2+1, 3+1...)  We will be learning the "doubles rap" to help 1st graders remember those easily:  Your child can get on Moby for additional practice with math concepts also.       

It's the doubles baby let's go, let's go, it's the doubles baby and you start with 0

0+0= 0-  I'm a hero

1+1=2 -  whoo!

2+2=4  more!

3+3=6  kicks  (kick one foot out)

4+4= 8- that's great!

5+5= 10- again!

6+6=12- that’s swell 

7+7 = 14- let's lean

8+8= 16- reaally keen

9+9= 18- jelly bean

10+10 =20- that's plenty!  

How do we celebrate birthdays in First Grade? 

 We will celebrate on your child's actual birthday if it falls on a weekday during the school year.   Please let the teacher know if you choose to send in a class snack of cupcakes, cookies, donuts, etc...  

Also remind your child to bring in a favorite book from home to share that day.  

* If you child's birthday falls on the weekend or summer- please let the teacher know the date your child would like to celebrate their special day in school.   

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