What is some of the advice?

A number of years I started to ask my classes to give me some feedback.

The feedback took the form of two pieces of advice and a "complete-the-statement."

I have have attempted to select responses that best reflect the majority of students' attitudes.

1.  What advice would you give Mr. Weedon as a teacher?
"I don't have much advice to give you, I think you're a good teacher. At first I wasn't so used to the way we took notes but I eventually got used to it so it's fine."

"My advice to Mr. Weedon as a teacher is to change nothing.  This class is effective and fun."

2.  What advice would you give to someone about to take Mr. Weedon's class?
"My advice for someone taking this class...would be [to] keep all your stuff and take notes everyday 'cuz it will help you a lot."

" My advice to someone taking this class is to pay attention and always do your homework because homework can either make or break you."

"I would give the next class advice to keep their notes, and take the practice quizzes."

"This class really is something.  It's tough but that's only if you make it tough on yourself, just do your homework and it is an easy class and a fun teacher."
3.  I did/did not learn anything from this class because...

"I feel like I learned some things. I'm really not into history, but I've learned some few things through the chapters."

"I feel learned a lot in this class because you're a good teacher."

"I feel I did learn something because of the way you teach and give notes.  I learned a lot more than what I thought I would have."

"I did learn a good bit in your class.  The amount of notes we took helped, and the homework required you to read the chapter which helped me study."

"I did learn things because this is the one class I really paid attention in."

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