Video Clips

Prepare some microwave popcorn, download these clips and enjoy them over and over again. Its cheaper than a movie, and will help you earn a higher grade in Bio! Impress friends and family with these exciting clips.
    Chlorophyll, more like boraphyll (mpg file - n/a) 
    Here's a clever discussion of chlorophyll. If anyone knows why the ribosome is unhappy- please let me know because I just don't get it
    Osmosis (mov file - n/a) 
    A description of osmosis at the molecular level
    Photosynthesis light reactions flowchart (ppt file - n/a) 
    This is the flowchart that we did using the interactive whiteboard on photosynthesis.
    Lyrics Oxidative Phosphorolation (doc file - n/a) 
    For the You-Tube video, go to my links and look under cellular respiration.
    Electron Transport Chain (mov file - n/a) 
    An excellent overview of the electron transport chain of cellular respiration.
    Mitosis (mov file - n/a) 
    The mitosis man will explain mitosis in this exciting clip--the easy way, NO READING!
    Meiosis (mov file - n/a) 
    How is meiosis different from mitosis? The meiosis man will explain the difference. Remember, you have to hear something three times before it sinks in, so watch it over and over again.
    Crossing Over (mov file - n/a) 
    Crossing over occurs during Meiosis I, prophase. Enjoy this silent movie over and over again!
    Nondisjunction (mov file - n/a) 
    What happens when chromosomes don't separate during meiosis? Watch the clip and find out!
    DNA - King of the Castle (wmv file - n/a) 
    Find out who the king of the castle really is & what molecule does the "chair" represent?
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