Technology Toys Shopping List

  While we were doing our stations, my students kept asking where I got all of our amazing technology toys.  I'm a big bargain shopper, so certain things I found at Ollie's, 5 Below, Target (toy clearance after Christmas), Walmart, BJ's, Costco, and a few other stores.

I promised the students that I would create links to the products on Amazon, so here they are.  I receive no kickbacks from this at all.

Various Snap Circuit Kits - Snap Circuits help students understand the way electricity needs to flow and what is needed to power various products. We had the Snap Circuit Jr and the Basic Electricity Kit.  These were a huge hit with all of my classes.

3D Pens - These are by Soyan and are fairly sturdy and inexpensive.  They nozzle can get incredibly hot, so the students should have adult supervision.  

ABS Filament - Filament is where the real cost of 3D pens comes in.  My students have gotten much better at their usage of the filament, but they can go through it very quickly.

Coji - Coji is a fantastic beginner level robot.  He runs on 3 AA batteries and can be controlled with any Android or iOS device.  Super cute, super safe, and simple to use!

Finch Robot - This a more advanced coding robot.  He connects to any computer, including Chromebooks and codes with 15 different programming languages, including Scratch and Snap!

Stikbot - All of the different Stikbots work with an absolutely free app and allow students to do Stop Motion Animation and use Green Screen Effects.

Hex Robotics - These are building robots.  Many of them require motors, which are included.  Lots of tiny pieces, but high satisfaction level when accomplished.

Osmo - Various kits that work with an iPad - no Android development yet. These can reinforce spatial reasoning, coding, spelling, mathematics, and allow students to create and animate.

Ozobot - A robot that uses color to code.  Teeny tiny and adorable.  Students can design paths and tasks for Ozobot to do. There is also a coding version which is newer and more expensive.

Bloxels - allows you to create video game sprites, rules, and other cool functions. Kits are very easy to store and work with a free app for iOS or Android.

Crayola Easy Animator - Students can color and photograph their creations and use the animator app (free for iOS and Android) to create custom animations

iDo3D - a "gooey" 3D pen that uses UV/Blacklight to create 3 dimensional projects and designs.

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