Super Improvers

Super Improvers

Super Improver Wall

My primary goal with the Super Improver Wall is to reward the children for improvement, rather than ability.  My focus is to praise better work rather thane excellent work. I reward for an improvement-not just academic success but also behavioral success. In traditional education, rewards for ability result in the same students winning recognition, over and over. Too often our most gifted children skate by with minimum effort while less talented children give up because the system has taught them they can’t win.

When I reward for improvement, every student receives positive attention for breaking PERSONAL records.   In my classroom, equal rewards (as you will see) are bestowed on students for personal growth. I celebrate growth, more than skill. The message I communicate to the children, over and over, is that the only person you have to surpass is yourself.  My mantra, once more, REWARD for IMPROVEMENT not ability. 

How can you support the Super Improver system at home? Please take the time to have your child discuss goals with you they may be working on in the classroom to receive a super improver sticker on their card. If they come home with a super improver card filled with 10 stickers, please take the time to give them an extra hug and words of praise for all of their accomplishments.

There are 16 levels your child will attempt to accomplish to reach "Infinity and Beyond" by the end of the school year. Here is a list of the levels so that you can see where your child is on getting to the last level on the Super Improver Wall:

1.     Super Kid

2.     Brainiac

3.     Einstein

4.     Master Mind

5.     Expert

6.     Living Legend

7.    Pro

8.    Scholar

9.    Whiz Kid

10.  Specialist

11.  Genius

       12.  Infinity and Beyond
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