Substitute Work For Students

Substitute Work For Students

Rev. Dec. 16, 2017

Sub info for Mr. Faranov’s Tech Ed, NCMS

What to Do (unless told otherwise by sub following my sceduled plans):


1st day of my absence (in a row, if occurs)

All Grades: Mod 1,2,5,6,7&8

1.     After attendance, students are to get the blue worksheet booklets found on my desk or found in 2nd drawer down in sub files located in front of my desk and titled “GOOGLE SKETCHUP ASSIGMENT.” 

Remind them of instruction on front of booklet! Make sure they are not writing in or tearing up!

2.     Students are to go into Google Sketchup (they are very familiar with this program). They can open up “GOOGLE SKETCHUP ASSIGMENT.” and draw any items found. Use Faranov Demo Sketchup Videos for help. They are also familiar with these.




3.     Save as: Your last names and date (e.g., smith jones Sept 27).

Not being able to save will not be an excuse: See instructions on front of cover.

4.     If computer problems: Check all wires and try restarting (if necessary hold in power button with white light until it shuts off and use same to turn back on).


2nd day of my absence (in a row) 

All grades: give measurement worksheet found in sub-folder drawer and have them complete. SEE THE INSTRUCTIONS ON TOP PAGE OF THE MEASUREMENT SHEETS (rulers found in coffee can on desk by entrance).

Provide short review and assist as needed. If finished early have them get a textbook (titled Technology in Your World”) from the shelf at entrance and write a 3-paragraph report on any subject they find (You may tell them that I told you to record all names of those not actively working.) If done, read silently.

Collect all sheets at end; will finish next class with me if not done (make sure they have names on them).

Cont. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

3rd day of my absence (In a Row) Have students answer questions in textbook (found near entrance on book shelf called “Technology in Your World). All answers must be in sentence form and short paragraph in length. All answers can be found in the chapter the questions are in.

6th Grade: Complete chapter 1 questions (found on page 22 of textbook, Technology in your World).

7th grade: Chapter 11 questions found on page 324.

8th Grade: Chapter 9 questions on page 266.

(if students finish this assignment, have them write a 2-3 paragraph summary of what CAD is, found on page 65 of text). If finished with this, read text silently.

4th day of my absence (in a row, if occurs) Have them work at their assigned computer (the one on seating chart they’ve been assigned in tech ed). 

They may work in a drawing program called “Google Sketchup”.  (HAVE THEM WATCH MY “ADVANCED CAD” VIDEO FOUND IN MAC HARDDRIVE. They know where this is). Please monitor them closely. If computer freezes, hold button in back of computer for about 5-10 seconds and let restart or unplug and reconnect if necessary.

Continued next page >>>>>>>>>

Their assignment is to go on the internet or get a textbook off the shelf and draw any item of their choice to the best of their ability. Save in the student folder on computer. Use as many features as possible. Will show me upon my return.

5th day (in a row) of my absence

Have students (all grade levels) answer question sheet: MOVING GOODS AND PEOPLE ON LAND”

Do not write in book but use the question/answer sheets provided!!!




Alternative Plan if above does not work: Pick any chapter from the textbook (found along wall on bookshelf, titled “Technology in Your World”) and have them complete questions at the end of the chapter of their choice to the best of their ability.

Thanks and Good Luck! Mr. Faranov

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