Strengths-Based Vocabulary and Activities

Strengths-Based Vocabulary and Activities

Strengths-Based Vocabulary and Activities                                             


~ Sharing Our Stories, Seeking Our Strengths ~     
                          May 2008

5th Grade Students holding the "Strengths, Talking-Stick" while sharing their personal strengths of Belonging, Independence, Generosity, and Mastery!

Celebrate and live in your strengths by increasing the use of strength-based conversation!

From All Children Flourishing by Howard Glasser and Melissa Black:

Considerate, Cooperative, Creative, Courageous, Constructive, Clear, Clear-minded, Committed, Courteous, Dedicated to success, Diligent, Discerning, Direct, Dignified, Deeply understanding, Demonstrating integrity, Exceeding expectations, Easy to like, Efficient, Empathetic, Expansive, Feeling the joy of discovery, Flashing a contagious smile, Finding new in the ordinary, Faithful, Focused, Forgiving, Generous, Going above and beyond, Gracious, Genuine, Good-hearted, Glorious, Having unique ideas, Having great curiosity, Handling strong emotions well, Having an open mind, Honorable, Hopeful, Independent, Inspiring, Inquisitive, Intelligent, Possessing innate ability, Just and fair, Kind, Loving, Looking out for others, Managing his/her time well, Making a happy mood, Making a hard task look easy, Making great choices, Making delightful deductions, Making a solid educated guess, Organized, Open-minded, Pulling together, Patient, Positive, Peaceable, Powerfully spirited, Productive, Passionate, Reasonable, Respectful, Respecting self, Refined, Responsible, Seeing the big picture, Self-controlled, Sunshine to others, Steadfast, Strong on the inside, Trustworthy, Thankful, Thrifty, Tactful, Thoughtful, Understanding, Using a pleasant voice, Using your great mind, Vibrant, Visionary.

Or that he or she has A quick mind, Brilliant thoughts, A pleasant manner, A fine sense of humor, A wonderful sense of beauty, A great appreciation of art, A great sense of logic, A great ability to be receptive.

Or that he or she is showing, having, or demonstrating Amazing forethought, Balanced thinking, Excellent planning skills, Good teamwork, Imagination, Knowledge of when to reflect, Magnificent thinking, Perseverance, Real talent, That she or he has been raised right, Zest.

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