Starting Middle School

Middle School gives you the opportunity to meet new people, develop new skills and interests and think about your goals for the future.  You also have more independence with the ability to choose some of the classes and activities that interest you.  You will also be given more responsibility as you are given the chance to show how much you've grown.

How is Middle School Different from Elementary School?

•  You will go to a different classroom for each subject.  
•  There are new rules- it is your responsibility to read the student handbook and learn what the rules are.
• You will have a busier schedule with classes every 50 minutes and lunch for 30 minutes.
•  You will have your own locker to store your things in.  It is your responsibility to keep your locker organized and neat.
•  You will have different classmates in every class.  Your middle school classmates will come from different elementary schools which will give you the opportunity to make new friends!
•  You will have a different teacher for every class.  You will be on an academic team with teachers who will work together.  
• You will have more homework than in elementary school.
•  You will have the opportunity to participate in more activities:  Student Council, Environmental Club, Yearbook, Sports, Band, Chorus, Orchestra, the School Musical, Builders Club, Big Buddies, and many more activities!

Getting Organized is the Key to Success in Middle School

• Use a binder to keep your planner and schedule organized and with you at all times!
• Use your planner-  write down your assignments in every class and take your planner home with you every night.  If you don't have homework, write down what you did in class that day.
• Be sure you understand your assignments before you leave class or school.  If you have a question, ask!  Use your AA time during Mod 8 and Homeroom time to get help from your teachers on assignments.
• Keep your locker neat and organized.  Don't spend extra time at your locker socializing- get to class on time!
• Make Time for homework every day.  It is important to have a set time every night for homework.  Find a quiet place to work that has plenty of light and all of the supplies that you need handy.  Do not use the phone (for calls or texting!) or watch tv while you are doing homework.  
• Create a "Supply Box" for yourself.  Put all of the supplies that you might need for homework in your supply box: paper, pencils, erasers, a pencil sharpener or extra lead, colored pencils, a ruler, a calculator, construction paper, glue, tape, stapler, highlighter
• Break big projects into smaller ones- make a timeline for yourself to complete long term assignments.
• Prepare the night before- Before you go to bed do the following things:
  -  Check your planner to make sure all assignments are complete.
  -  Pack your school bag after you finish your homework and put it near the door that you use to leave the house in the morning.
 -  Get your clothes ready before you go to bed.

Places to go for help

For Academic Help:  
• Talk to your teacher!
• Get help from your homeroom teacher during Academic Advisory Time (AA)
• Talk to a member of the Child Study Team:   Mrs. Butler, Mr. Shaffer, Mrs. Ehrig, Mr. Rados
• Request a Big Buddy:  See Mrs. Butler or Mr. Shaffer

For Problems with Friends, Peer Pressure, Family Concerns, etc.
• Talk to your mom or dad!
• Talk to a teacher that you trust
• Talk to your Guidance Counselor- Mrs. Ehrig
• Talk to a Member of the Student Assistance Team
  - Mr. Rados,  Mrs. Walker,  Mrs. Carbone,  Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Holmes, Mrs. Kauffman, Mrs. Ehrig, Mrs. Spaseff

Make the Most of Middle School!

• Get Organized!

• Try New Activities!

• Meet New People!

• Avoid Trouble!

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