Benchmark Literacy

is a Common Core program that focuses 

on the use of whole group reading instruction, 

differentiated small group guided reading groups, 

word work, and a writer’s workshop framework.


Unit 1      Ask Questions

                  Identify Main Idea and Supporting Details

Unit 2      Visualize

                  Analyze Character

Unit 3      Determine Text Importance

                  Identify Sequence of Events

Unit 4      Summarize and Synthesize

                  Analyze Story Elements

Unit 5      Make Connections

                  Make Inferences

Unit 6      Fix-Up Monitoring

                  Summarize Information

Unit 7      Make Inferences

                  Make Predictions

Unit 8      Determine Text Importance

                  Compare and Contrast

Unit 9      Make Connections

                  Identify Cause and Effect

Unit 10      Make Inferences

                  Draw Conclusions 

Reading Links


Adverb Challenge 

Angel Child Dragon Child Quiz


Arthur's Story Scramble

Beverly Cleary Characters

Meet the characters of Beverly Cleary!

Book Adventure

Read stories then quiz yourself to see how much you understood.

Break it up

Learn about and practice syllables.

Brementown Musicians

Get lost in an interactive Fairy Tale!

Cause and Effect


Character Scrapbook

Tell about your favorite character.

Compare and Contrast Rags to Riches 


Compound Word Matching Game

Match the smaller words to make compound words.

Compound Words

Continentes and Oceans 

Review compound words.

Detective's Notebook

Need some help with making predictions? Try this game!

Digger the Dog

Help Digger to make predictions.


Fiction or Nonfiction Quiz


Into the Book

Jan Brett's Web Page

Come play games, print crafts, bookmarks, and flashcards, or learn about wonderful literature by Jan Brett.

Learning to Read is Fun!

Choose a great story to read with help or by yourself!

Leveled Book Lists

Want to pick out books on your child's reading level at the library or book store? Click here for a great list by grade level! Also, check out Miss Foradori's Web site for additional information.

Look Out Below

See if you can make little words from the big word.

Mad Libs Junior

Main Idea - Red Group

Find the main idea in these short stories.

Main Idea Battle Ship

Main Idea- Blue and Green Groups

Practice figuring out the main idea in each story.

Making Inferences


Making Inferences Battleship

Use details and prior knowledge to make inferences.

Making Predictions Lesson


Monkey Business

If you want to monkey around with sentence structure, here is the site!

Mystery Net

Can you solve the mystery?

Online Activities to Become a Better Reader

Want to be a better reader? Practice with these games!

Poem Pack

Practice your vowel sounds with poems and pictures.


Practice prefixes mis, re, and un.

Punctuation Paintball 


Reading Practice Games 

Reference Source Game


Reference Sources

Room Recess 


Rhyme Rodeo

Help create poems by adding rhyming words.


Read the story of Rumpelstiltzkin and play a game!


Scholastic Home Page

This link will give you access to our homepage at This is an excellent source for newsletters about what to expect in second grade, your child's develepment, book and software lists, games, and much more!

Scrambled Stories


Come have some fun playing games in Seussville!

Sh th ch board game

Practice initial digraph sounds with a friend.

Sleeping Beauty Story


Speakaboo Fairy Tales


Star Fall

This site features easy to read stories and plays.

Story Elements

Work on plot, setting, and characters using the story of Cinderella.


suffixes ful and ly


Suffixes s,es,ed,and ing

Practice adding the correct endings to words.


Test Tutor Main Idea and Details


Text Structure Battleship

Text Structures Review Rags to Riches

Work with a partner to see how many points you can get!

The Shoemaker and the Elves


Toon University

Tooth Tally for Antonyms

This time Squanky needs help to find antonyms.

Treasure Chest Contractions


Listen to yourself read and improve your fluency!

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