Reading in First Grade

Short Vowel Sounds

Short Aa

/a/ sound as in apple (pretend your biting into an apple)

Short Ee

/e/ sound as in exercise (pretend your arms are lifting weights)

Short Ii

/i/ sound as in itch (itch your arm)

Short Oo

/o/ sound as in octopus (use fingers to move around your lips to show ‘O’ shape)

Short Uu

/u/ sound as in umbrella (put your hand around your neck)

Other Sounds

-th (thumb)

-sh (shhhhh)

-ng (ending sound as in rang, sing, song, sung)

-ch (chocolate) AND tch (catch)

-ur ir er (er sound as in fur, sir, her)

-or ore (for, store)

-ar (car)

-ce (says /s/ sound as in force)

-wh (whale)

-le (ending sound as in table)

-all (ball)

-qu (says /kw/ sound as in queen)

-ow oa (says OW …pinch lightly like ouch)


 Long Vowel Sounds

                                           General Rules

Long Aa (there are always exceptions)

-ai pain

-ay hay               when two vowels go walking the first one does the talking

a-e cane 

(heat /e/, boat /o/, pain /a/)

Long Ee

-ea heat

ee feed               bossy /e/ kicks the vowel to make it say its name

-ie- cookie (hop turns to hope)

-y happy (man turns to mane)

Long Ii

i-e mine Blends

-igh high L blends = flag, black, clock

-ie pie S blends = small, spell, snail

i find R blends = broom, crab, drum

-y sky

Long Oo                                                     Reading Strategies

-oa boat                                                  Find Chunks in the words

-ow snow                                                             (sh, ch, th, ing, ed)

o-e hope                                                Flip the Sound

-o so                                                the word mine-student reads min and flip the i to long /i/                                                                        


Long Uu                                                  Sound Out the Word

-oo soon                                                   Think About the Story

-ew new                                                      Does it Make Sense?

u-e mule                                                          Check the Picture

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