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I have referenced some valuable links that I have referred to in class.  If you are having some trouble in class, get to the topic being studied and start clicking on the links under the main topics- it is sure to help particularly if you are a visual learner.

» Introduction to Biology
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 » Ecology 

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» Biochemistry

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» Parts of the cell- Cytology

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» Homeostasis -Transport

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» Photosynthesis

» Cellular Respiration

 Cellular Respiration and ATP

Amoeba Sisters Cell Respiration 

Cell Respiration by Biocoach 

Cellular respiration sung to Californication - by college students 

» DNA, RNA & Protein Synthesis

DNA from Biology Coach 

DNA song from the artist that sang, "I went into a cell". 

DNA Replication Interactive 

Transcription and Translation step by step 

Univ of Utah - transcription and translation 

Youtube Translation 

 Transcription and Translation - best website ever,If I could give this 10 stars, I would.  If you are a visual learner and aren't quite getting the process of transcription and translation - this video is a must-see.  IANR in conjunction with University of Nebraska (UNL).

» Mitosis and Meiosis

Karyotyping Online Lab 

Comparison of side by side cells 

Mitosis rap by the artist that "went into a cell" 

Cell Cycle- how it works 

Amoeba Sisters mitosis 

Biology Coach Mitosis 

McGraw Hill Mitosis 

Animation McGraw Hill 

Video and Quiz Mitosis 

Onion Root Tip 

Nova comparison Mitosis and Meiosis - Compare differences and similarities between mitosis and meiosis in these 2n=4 cells.   The website is animated and gives a description of each of the stages of mitosis and meiosis.

» Genetics

Chromosomal Mutations -  such as: nondisjunction, duplication, deletion of a gene

Mutations continued - Inversion & Translocation

Colorblind/ Colorvision- See how colorblind individuals see our world.  So, why are men more affected by this condition than females?  Take a test at this website.

Frameshift Mutation 
Why are all of the words in the first sentence 3 letters? Remember, mRNA (which came from DNA) is "read" 3 letters at a time, that's a codon. If one of the letters goes away, everything downstream of the mutation is affected. By the same token, if one letter is added, everything downstream is also changed.This guy on Youtube does a decent job with this concept in this 5 minute video. Note that he abbreviated the amino acids, for example, he represents Proline as simply "pro". It is standard in the industry to abbreviate.
In his example, line 1, proline becomes arginine after the insertion of the "G" after the first "C" in proline. It is technically an insertion mutation that causes a frameshift- everything after the amino acid "asn" is wrong!
A frameshift mutation, is like taking out a letter in this sentence:
the big cat ate the fat rat.
If we take out one letter, for example, the t in "ate" everything downstream changes, it becomes:
the big cat aet hef atr at.
 starring Gregor Mendel in his gardenSimple Mendelian Genetics

» Genetic Engineering & DNA Technology

Gel Electrophoresis 

Genetic Splicing- Splice up a storm and create some Frankenfood 

» Evolution

Divergent Evolution- Salamanders in California 

Berkeley Evolution- this site covers it all! 

Evolution from this site

uses lots of bugs to explain what happens to populations during evolution.
An excellent site to demonstrate gene pool, natural selection, genetic drift, founders effect, etc.
Scientists that influenced Darwin
Short video clips as seen in class. 
The Mating Game- remember fitness is leaving the most descendents.  Play along and find the best mate for your avatar.

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