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Math 4th Topic 1
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Decimals of the Caribbean

Place Value workshop

Place Value Pirates

Greatest American Zoo

Place Value Man

Place Value Man Name that digit

Scooter Quest

Number Shoot

Interactive Math Games
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Mr. Wolf's Math Games
Every skills you'll need to know in third grade is here for you to practice in game form. Have Fun!!!!

AAA Math
Tons of Math games and Lessons

Turtle Diary- More than just math games!!! Games for every subject.

IXL Math
Math Practice for every skill. Only 10 minutes of practice per day unless you become a member.

Math 3 Topic 10 Games
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Multiplying Multiples of 10 and 100

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Coin Flipper

Probability games

Factors Millionaire

Factors and Multiples Jeopardy

Soccer- Simplifying Fractions

Baseball simplifying fractions

Equivalent fractions match

Football adding fractions

Adding Fractions like Den

Adding fractions with circles

Ice creame shop- improper fractions to mixed numbers

Fraction visual


Subtracting Fractions Like den

Pizza shop- equlvalent fractions

Cookies for grampy

Find grampy

equivalent fractions

Simplify fraction Shoot

Math Man equivalent fractions

Fraction shoot

Math man fraction of a number

Math man- fractionon a number line

Animal rescue- fractions on a number line

card shark

Roll the Dice

Parrot Probability

Coin flipping video

dice challenge

Experimental Probability

Probability Quiz

Probability Quiz 1

Starfish probability


Jelly Fraction Golf

Fraction Balls

IXL Fractions

Measure it

Fraction Fling

Tons of Fraction Games

Math GR 4 Topic 9 DECIMALS
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Decimals of the caribbean

Cash Out

Lunch Lady

Half Court Rounding

Place Value Pirates

Hotel Decimalfornia

Death to Decimals

Horrendous Soup


ordining decimals

Ordering Game

Flower Power ordering game
School ID 136892

Fruit Shoot Comparing Decimals

Decimals in Space Compare/order

Convert Fractions to Decimals

Fractions to Decimals

Rounding Decimals- soccer shoot-out

Rounding Decimals- Home-run derby

Rounding Decimals- Scooter Quest

Rounding Decimals- Basketball Shoot-Out

Rounding Decimals- Shark Hunt

Decimal and Whole Numer Quiz

Adding Decimals

Adding decimals Soccer Game

Adding Decimals Baseball

Subtracting Decimals Basketball

Subtracting Decimals Soccer

Subtracting Decimals Timed Quiz

Subtracting Decimals Match Game

Subtracting Decimals Baseball

Rounding Decimals- Fling the Teacher

Math Man decimals on number line

Place value chart

Name that decimal

fractions to decimals

Decimals in word form

ordering decimals

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Snap dragon
Set the clock
Identify the time
Very basic time site
Telling Time
Basic information and practice
Time Teller
Basic time practice
elapsed time

elapsed time 1

elapsed time AM to PM

School House Time

What time is it?

Stop the Clock

Clock Match

Clock Match Minutes

Analog clock

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MMM Game


MMM Quiz

Games and lessons


PSSA Practice Tests
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Practices Tests

Science Hangman

Science test

Earth Science Practice tests

Practice Reading Test

Test Quest

Math Test Prep

Math Slice Practice Tests

Practice Reading Tests 1

Reading Context Clues

Reading comprehension

Mythological Allusions
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Mythological Allusions Quizlet

List of Mythological Allusions

Idioms, Adages, Proverbs
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Adages and Proverbs


50 English Proverbs

Atlas Skills
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Map Skills Quiz
Latitude, Longitude, Hemispheres, Equator, Prime Meridian questions etc.

Jeopardy Map Skills game
Challenge your parents in a game of geography Jeopardy

Latitude and Longitude Game
Help the little girl get home by using latitude and longitude.

Long. and Lat. Game

Lat. and Long. ABCYA

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Stories for the Seasons
Many stories to read .
ATN Book Lists
800 book lists
Books for the 6-12 age group
Scholastic Poetry
Read and learn how to write poetry
Verse for children
Poetry for kids of all ages.
Poetry Starters
BBC poetry starters
Funny poetry for children
Many poems to tickle your funnybone.
Listen and Write
It even has Rap.
Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes
Simply, one of the best.
Giggle Poetry
American Folklore
A collection
Myths, Folktales, and Fairy Tales
Lots of traditional literature online
Aesop's Fables
Traditional and modern versions are presented
Folklore and Mythology Electronic texts
Stories from many cultures
Grammar Gorillas
Learn parts of speech. From Funbrain.
Grammarville, USA
Practice Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns.
Word of the day
It contains a definition and some example sentences each day. You can also access previous words of the day. A vocabulary building experience.
Language Arts
Having trouble finding Language Arts items on the web. Try this list and end your search. It is here.
If You Give a Bear Blueberries
Circle story
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Kids Mysteries
Mysteries to solve. Magic tricks.
Fable library
Online reading practice.
Audio Books
You need Real Audio to listen, and, if you do, try it.
Native American theme units
Text to read and a follow up worksheet to improve comprehension. The Eastern Woodland Indians are a part of this group of units. It fits our curriculum.
Reading Comprehension Practice
You can practice reading at home at any grade level you choose. You read a selection and then answer worksheet questions, or a word search, or a crossword puzzle.
Read aloud stories
Hear a story. Several levels from reading is fundamental.
Online tutorial
Comprehension strategies practice. You can now practice all strategies at home.
Online reading practice
More opportuntities to read and judge you comprehension and vocabulary progress.
Links For the Younger Set
Lots of stuff for the beginning reader. Activities, Games. Etc.
4th grade reading
This website allows students to practice reading skills from our reading series. There are vocabulary activities and for most stories an online quiz.
Sing a song. Read a rhyme. A terrific site.
Brainchild 4th Grade Reading Test online
Brainchild closed their free PSSA practice site. They have not yet closed this one. Home education reading practice on your computer.
Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes and Tales
Sing a song. Read a rhyme. Laugh out loud. A terrific site.
Main Idea
Read short passage and answer questions. Helps with Main idea practice. Could be DRA practice. They're easy.
READING Workshop
Practice phonics, word study, reading comprehension, and integrated units.
Reading Units with The Magic Tree House
!8 of the 35 titles listed have teacher prepared Vocabulary, Online questions, Printable questions, and activities by chapter. Printables have the answer key at the bottom of the page. Generally 6-8 questions per chapter.
Inference Practice.
Read and answer the questions. From a Florida public school.
Recommended Reading forfourth grade
There are many such lists on the web. This is just one for those needing a place to start.
Scott Foresman Reading
All grades , all current anthologies represented with activities for each selection.
Literacy links for grades 4 and 5
Lots of things. Many created by students.
Active Reading Strategies
29 slides describing this important reading model. This is worth your time to read and reread.
Harcourt Reading 4
4th Grade reading practice from a Harcourt reading series. Improve your skills with online practice.
Harcourt Grade 5
For additional practice for fourth graders, choose a theme or a story and complete the Test Tutor section in each one. Practice your reading on line anytime anywhere. Improve your understanding of the components.
Grade 3 Communication/ Reading
Practice test tutor at the third grade level. Fourth graders practice or review previously learned skills. Select a theme or story, find test tutor and practice whenever you can.
Grades 4 and 5
Practice a variety of reading skills.
Dolch Kit
Contains 12 Dolch phrase lists for fluency practice as well as Dolch word lists for sight word practice.
Dolch Kit
Contains 12 Dolch phrase lists for fluency practice as well as Dolch word lists for sight word practice.
Angel Island Photo Gallery
Useful for our lesson 4 "Kai's Journey to Gold Mountain". Angel Island was the west coast version of Ellis Island. It is now a National Park.
Author's Purpose
One of our focus skills is author's purpose. This site is about that skill./
Dolly Dimple book from 1800's
What did kids read over 100 years ago? Here is an example.
The Rabbit Reading Room
Books about rabbits. Velveteen Rabbit, Peter Rabbit, etc
Land of Nursery Rhymes
From the UK. It has many sections including one with many (1000) jokes. Good reading practice.
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A Dictionary of Haiku
Haiku classified by seasons.
Prepositional Phrase
Need a prepositional phrase to finish that piece of writing or for that prepositional poem, you will find it here or, at least, the hint you need to write it.
Similes to help you say that thought just right. There is a lot more here from SAID WHAT.
Haiku Poems
Written by school students.
A list, but not complete. A starter list.
Limerick writing
A limerick is one couplet and one triplet. This site explains it and provides examples. It is a fun writing form. Try a few.
Haiku writing
Haiku is a popular writing form. It and some of its variations are shown in this article.
Letter Generator
Another on line site to write letters. Not as detailed as the Friendly Letter Writing Unit. It does allow borders for your letter.
Friendly Stationery for color
If you have a color printer, you can add that feature. It will, of course, print it in black and white. This is a companion site to the other Friendly Stationery site listed on this menu.
Write on Reader--Forms of writing
This site describes at least 20 different forms of writing. Some examples: Family Stories, Newspaper Weather, Newspaper comics, and plays.
Friendly Letter Writing Unit
Has a nice Pretest and a power point presentation. The post test allows you to write on line and print as a performance assessment document.
Friendly and Business Letter Formats
Parts arelabeled. Downloadable. Helpful.
Friendly Stationery
Available in black and white or color. It is already set up in the friendly letter form. Downloadable as a PDF.
Write in many categories
Writing in many areas with PDF'S, rubrics, an organizer, and more including poetry, folktales, biographies, and fairytales
Paragraph construction and components
Tells and shows how to write a topic sentence, supporting details, and closing sentence.
Need a rhyme? This the site for you.
Six Traits Posters
You can PDF these and print them. Quick summaries of these traits.
Writing -- Kids on the Net
Writing to read. Writing to do. Ideas for writing from the U.K.
River of Words
Art and Poetry Ideas related to science and primarily watersheds.
Kids World
Click kids speak out to see if your story was published.
Kids World
Click kids speak out to see if your story was published.
Tools for writing...Post-It Notes
6 on a page to help with the six traits of writing. A management tool.
Essay Map
"Graphic Organizer" to write your essay.
Biography Maker
Steps to write a biography.
Great American Mail Race
Find school locations AND ADDRESSES.
Story Starter - scholastic
Helps you to decide what to write. It is better to think of your own idea.
The Junior Dispatch
View your child's writing on line. Click teacher information and then Fishing Creek School
Jr. Dispatch
Read Halloween Poetry by Fishing Creek students.

Write your own MAD LIB.
Study Tips
Link - descriptionRating
Studying tips
Suggestions to improve performance through improved focus. Many ideas from child development.
Study Skills Handout
Ideas in a condensed form. Accessible and quick to read.
How to Study
How to listen in class. How to read a textbook. How to solve word problems. Writing tips and time management tips as well as much more to help you manage school.
Sites to promote School Success
From the University of Northern Iowa. It ia an extensive list of academic self help sites
Sites to promote School Success
From the University of Northern Iowa. It ia an extensive list of academic self help sites
How to Study
How to listen in class. How to read a textbook. How to solve word problems. Writing tips and time management tips as well as much more to help you manage school.
PSSA Practice
Link - descriptionRating
Ohio's 4th grade proficiency tests
More practice for tests. A chance to see what you know. No looking at the answers until you are finished.
Florida Comprehensive Ach. Test
Need hundreds of pages for grades 1 through 5 math practice? This is your site. These are used by FCAT to practice math. They load as PDF's. You do not have to go online to find them once you download. The answers are all provided in the latter pages of each PDF.
Practice online tests. Grades 3 to 8 reading and math plus an exit level.
Online State Test Preparation
Some states tests are here as well as some examples from TIMSS. PA state test released items downloads as a PDF from this site.
Mathematics Practice test
You can practice by standard or by the entire test. You can also practice by individual question. They download as PDF's.
PSSA Practice Exams
You can also practice science on this site as well as math and reading.
Online State Test Preparation
Some states tests are here as well as some examples from TIMSS. PA state test released items downloads as a PDF from this site.
PSSA Downloads
Downloadable PSSA
PSSA information and Practice links
Background And Samplers.
Assessment: Item Bank Intro.
PDE Item Bank link
PSSA Practice tests
It has very good Math anchor test practice at the top of the page..
PSSA Multiple Choice Practice
Tens sets of 5 problems to do on paper and check with answer key on line.
Standardized Test Preparation
It has PSSA Information and online Practice Tests.
Quia Science Tests Online
Something for each of your areas of science.
Resources to help students practice TCAP
Practice in many subjects. This is a very full site.
TAKS Grade 4 Mathematics Practice
Build skills and knowledge in math.
Ohio 4th grade Proficiency tests
More good practice.
ISAT Science 4th Grade Test Online
Test knowledge. Build test taking skills, build content knowledge. Great site.
ISAT Social Science Grade 4 Online Test
Build knowledge, test taking skills, and social studies content. Great Site.
TAKS Grade 4 Reading Online Test
Build test taking skills. Good stuff.
Online test practice
Science. math, and technology practice from Virginia.
On-line test practice
It scores your work for instant feedback.
Assessment Practice
Released items from most of the states. You can get all the practice you want and then some
CRTC Practice
All grade levels 1-8. Reading, language, math, science, and social studies quizzes and tests. Download and do on paper. There is a lot here. Start at an lower grade or advance to a higher grade. It is your challenge to accept and meet.
Review Living Things
20 questions. Third grade.
Science Vocabulary Hangman
Review science vocabulary for several grades and many components of science.
Third Grade Skills
Has state assessed items for several subjects.
Released Items--3rd grade Virginia
Works best if you PDF it and print it.
The Grow Parent Site
Parent site for PSSA assistance, ideas, and understanding.
Fourth Grade Tutorials
Tells and shows the concepts. It also provides examples with explanations. All subjects and things like read a table, capacity and weights, and geographic features are presented.
Resources to help Practice
Practice for K-8 and high school algebra I and 2, Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry, Geometry, English 1 and 2, Foundations, and ACT and SAT.
Practice Questions-Georgia CRCT Online
A lot to see here.
Fourth Grade Skills
Same as Third Grade Skills except it is for Fourth Grade.
Elementary Test Prep Center
From Oswego New York, Practice for ELA (English language arts) and math for fourth grade. It also has social studies for 5th grade( If you select it, there is also practice for 4th grade social studies). It was created by teachers for the New York State Tests. You will be able to select multiple choice questions, or you can select by topic such as geography and operations,
PSSA Anchor Glossary cards
C to continue and F to flip. You can join for more. Vocabulary cards. There is also a list of them.
Gnome Math
At the top of the left menu. click the words and icon. It will take you to multiplication and division as well as addition and subtration. Click tests. You will find many practice activities(printable sheets for the four operations plus the interactice Spacey Math game(s). There are other links. has pre and post tests and flash cards as does A+ Math.
Math Lessons from HPSD
Lots of very helpful things. Check word problems for all grade levels(2-6). They are archived. There is also geometry, fractions, and more. It is regularly updated.Many grade levels are available. How to use T charts and other graphs and charts. How to memorize math facts at math buddies. Worksheet
Printable. Many grades are available. Just change the grade number in the URL. Very useful. Each collection is 9 to 10 pages long with answers at the end.
MATH Coach
Select Homework help. Next select Math. Then select homework help. Follow this with grade level selection. You will be given four choices. Select worksheets. They have 3 choices. A homework sheet and 2 intervention sheets. They are PDF's and printable. For fourth grade, it is a 12 chapter book. Numerous and extensive from Scott Foresman. Essential.
Released items from many states
I like the Ohio one. It can be down loaded in large print. For fourth grade they have reading, math, and writing. Some states are not available, but look around find the good ones.
Geometry Challenge Board
This is an aid to our geometry chapter, too.
Division Bingo
Learn your math facts, too.
Many tests. You can only open the open folders and review tests. There are many pages, many levels, and opportunities under JUMP TO. Just pull down to examine the various pages. Their code is at the bottom of the page. Most of what you can view is nearer the bottom of the page.
4th & 5th grade Standardized Testing Links
Take a look. You will find useful applications here.
Texas TAKS Tests
Released Items from the Texas "PSSA". They download. Several grades are available.
Quia--Basic Math Part 4
Draw lines to match answers.
Standardized Test Resources
Links to practice on the net .
Fourth Grade Skills -- Interactive Sites
It seems to have it all for Math and Language Arts. At the bottom are grade specific sites. This may be you best stop, and it should be your FIRST STOP.
Standardized Test Practice
From McGraw-Hill. Science. Challenging.
CST Released Items
From California from years: 2003, 2004, 2005.
Math Web Resources and Test Practice
More than standardized test practice. It has projects and manipulatives as well.
TEST Practice from Florida
FCAt and other Florida practice. Just great stuff.
Leap4Fun - 4th Grade Interactive Practice
For up to four players. You answer math questions from multiple choice responses.
TCAP Assessment - Practiceresources
This site has a lot. There are released items, interactive sites, and downloads. There are test prep ideas. There is language arts as well as math, reading, and science. This a great place to start you test practice all year long.
Practice Sheets - Texas teacher
Worksheets created by a Texas teacher to practice for their "PSSA" test. Several grades and several subjects are represented. Click online practice at the top of the first page, and you will have many options including writing and writing prompts.
Contains numerous online games including around the world. Many fun math activities for school and home.
Practice Reading Tests
Select your grade, read, answer questions, and see how well you scored.
Trophies Main Menu
Select your grade. Select test tutor. Practice reading. Practice at 6 levels. Build your confidence, comprehension, and skill level.
Reading and Language Skills Practice
This site is another site that can solve your DRA focus page needs. It also has two state test released items tests to do online. Terrific stuff is "clickable" on this site.
Grade 4 Virginia Standard of Learning
Practice tests created by people who care. Lots of links. Practice tests. There is one for writing. Book recommendations, quotes, and for grades k-12.
Test Quest Grade 4
Be a better test taker. Has sound and "characters" from Houghton Mifflin.
Houghton Mifflin Test Prep
Practice fourth grade math skills.
$th grade Reading Test Pearson
Good practice for reading.
Fourth Grade Skills - interactive sites
TESTS about many things and some are grade specific.
Mr. Anker Tests
Tests for many areas.
Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Test Prep
Many little tests.
Mifflin County Schools
Reading and math practice For many grades. There is also other test information and links.
Standardized Test Practice
Multiple test opportunities. Many from FCAT.
VA State Science, Math and technology Tests
Prepare for our State PSSA with similar practice tests.
Test/Exam practice grades 3-8
These are in PDF format. The can be downloaded and completed.
Science--Grade 4--New York--Quia
Practice for science PSSA at this site.
Elementary science Examinations
These are PDF's. You can download, print, and complete.
170 interactive quizzes Language/Grammar
practice possibilities for language practice for our language arts/english curriculum. There is mush more here, and it can expand your knowledge of these concepts.
Fourth Grade Science Review
Multiple Choice
Grade 4 Interactive Quizzes bt Tami Maloney
All subjects.
Grade 4 Practice including writing from VA.
Numerous ideas.
All subjects. Usually 5 different ones for each.
Numerous practice sites from Florida's Comprehensive state test.
Test Tutor 4th grade
Practice reading anytime.
Study Zone
PSSA Practice
Algebra lessons/explanations and practice on this site.
Five Domains of State Tests
This supports PSSA skills.
Elementary Test Prep
Supports the domains of the PSSA.
Taks Grade 4 Online test prep test 1
PSSA Practice
Taks Grade 4 Online test prep test 2
PSSA test practice
Many Grade levels and at bottom left take a quiz offers multiple quiz opportunities. Keep expanding your knowledge.
Fourth grade algebra
Has games to practice algebra and other math skills.
Test Taking Assistance
Practice tests from many states.
Test Practice from Edu place
From the developers of our Math Book
Test Prep Language arts
More practice opportunities.
MATH Worksheets and Test Prep
Lots of items. Test Prep too.
Great reading Practice
Online and on grade level practice.
Practice for advanced readers
More test practice. Starting with order of events.
Math Slice
On line math test practice
Link - descriptionRating
Many links. It contains lesson plans, a scavenger hunt, a class constitution idea, and a preamble review for Elementary School. It also has similar links for higher grades. It has a 15 question Constitutional quiz for older students. Will you pass it?
Constitution Day
Lots of quizzes. A fifth grade webquest. Links to documents. Games. Graphic organizers. Presentations. Power Points. Much more.
Constitution Resources --Federal Resources
Prepared by the federal government. It has the Federalist Papers and other documents. Useful especially at upper grades.
Education World Lesson Plans Constitution.
Lots of stuff from Houghton Mifflin. Chart the three branches of Government.
Lessons for Constitution Day and Citizen Day
Slow loading, but it has PDF's appropriate for all grade grade levels.
The Constitution for Kids
For all grade levels with printables for younger students. The K-3 section tells the entire history with an easier vocabulary. This is a very worthwhile site.
Constitution Facts-Learn about the U>S>
Take the quiz. Look at the links. There is a lot more here.
Constitution Day lesson from Junior Achievement
Downloads for all grades. Easily employed.
Thematic Units. Some are power points, quick time movie, printables, and Schoolhouse Rock.
Charting the Constitution
On screen break down of the preamble. Good for study of key words.
THOMAS (Library of Congress)
In the spirit of Thomas Jefferson Constitution ideas for all ages. Scroll down for younger kids things( all elementary.
Constitution Day
Preamble scramble and ideas for teachers/parents.
Continents and oceans
Link - descriptionRating
Continents and Oceans map

Cont/Oceans Map Games

Pioneer Life
Link - descriptionRating
Pioneer Life

Life of a Pioneer

Endangered Species
Link - description Rating
Endangered Species List

Earth's Endangered Creatures

10 Most Endangered Species

Defenders of Wildlife

Animal Planet



A-Z Animals


National Geographic

Animal Facts

Link - descriptionRating
Body Works
Has information on 6 systems and quizzes.
Mt. St. Helen"s Webcam
From the Johnson observatory view the latest at America's most famous volcano.
Snakes in Pennsylvania
From the Fish and Boat Commission This site is mainly a text site. It has a list of PA's snake species. It tells and cautions about having snakes as pets.
An American Museum of Natural History site. It has site components for fourth grade such as the Earth, a place to learn about rocks. It also has astronomy, archaeology, and biology.
Our Weather Page
Contains student created items: Poems, Book,etc.
Periodic Chart
Need atomic weights, pictures? It is here and also in a scholar edition. Used by 30,000 plus a day. Uses, compounds, properties, and more.
Science trivia. Science facts. A new one each day and an archive. Reading for the nonfiction reader.
Science of Sound
Make your own music in a virtual kitchen.
Hands on The Land
Taking education outside. The glossary itself is interesting. Have you seen or heard some of these words? Some nice poems and essays too.
NASA Brain Bites: Munchies for your mind
Answers questions such as " How do you go to the bathroom in space" with movie clips. They are short, family friendly, and fun.
Activities to go with Foss Science kits.
Phases of the moon
New to waning crescent. They are all here. The vocabulary of lunar phases is shown in order.
Hunkin Experiments
200 science experiments to do at home. You can also buy these as a book. Check this, I think you will find something.
Solar System Simulator
From NASA. See how the sun would look from Saturn or a space craft. Easy to use with pull downs.
Best of Hubble
Pictures from the orbiting telescope.
Nasa for kids
A site to help students understand Nasa's world.
The Water Cycle
From U.S. Geological Survey. A very comprehensive site. It has a very good diagram and 15 topics discussed in depth. It is available in 36 languages.
MicroAngela's Electron Microscope Gallery
Familar and unexpected views from the microscopic world. Colorized images from the electron microscopes at the University of Hawaii.
Science Scavenger hunts for kids
A good anthology of important science sites including the human body, nutrition, games, astronomy, amusement park physics, and neuroscience sites and activities.
Natural Hazards
NASA satellite imagery is used to help see where and when natural disasters happen and how to lessen their negative impact.
Science Standards-4th grade
Lots of links related to science in general and many related to our fourth grade curriculum.
Nature Notes
Environmental Education for Kids Site.
Litter Hawk
This is a site to build an awareness of our responsibility to care for our environment. It suggests ways to care for the Earth.
Tsunami Warning Kids' Book on the Web
A 30 page book prepared by the Western States Seismic Policy Council to read on line. There is a a lot of information in this coloring book The Western States Seismic Council is a West Coast group that provides information about Tsunamis and earthquakes.
Strange Matter
Online activities for families, teachers, and students. Part of the Ontario Science Center 's traveling exhibition by the same name.
An educational outreach program for k to 12. Under the menu goodies and diversions, choose 3D galleries for close-ups of bugs.
Pestworld for kids
Fun site for kids. Games to study/explore pests.
Quia -Class Page-4th and 5th grade Science
Same as above in slightly different presentation.
Water Cycle, from USGS Water Science Basics
The latest version of the water cycle.
Classroom Earth
A guide to environmental Education. Programs and resources. Provides information on what's available.
Science resources to use in Elementary Sch.
This a very full site. It covers it all. Check it out.
Rock Cycle
For the Earth Science part of our curriculum. Common minerals and their properties, Moh's hardness scale, and descriptions of the 3 kinds of rocks are a part of its contents.
From NASA. Has information about each planet as gathered by their voyages and observations.
Volcano World
The Premier Volcano Site on the web.
Volcanoes Around the World
A more intense site than Volcano World.
Playing with time
Great video clips. Duration and elapsing of time . The ripples in time videos under activities are science grabbers for students.
Science Projects
This is part of the Internet Public Library site. Lots of links for many subjects/interests.
Science Sample Test
60 online practice questions.
How Stuff Works
A site for those who like to know the inside scoop.
Rocks For Kids
For the geologist in all of us. A good starting place to find out how rocks are formed.
Science news for kids
Science News for the 9 to 13 age group.
National Geographic games/learning challenges.
Computer Animations
Computer animations of physical processes.
Lunar eclipses
Lunar eclipses for beginners has links with photographs. For those with a sense of wonder.
Science Museum
Explore the science behind activities/natural events.
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Wow! Look what is going on in our Earth's neighborhood.
Arctic Slide Show
Join Ann and Liv as they explore the arctic ocean.
Matter, elements, and periodic table to name a few places to visit.
Sea and Sky
Discover inner and outer space.
Current Volcanic activity
Current volcano pictures.
Volcanic Eruptions
Describes volcanic process.
Volcano information sites
There is a lot here including FEMA for kids.
It says K-3, but it is more than that. It has links to many places including the Franklin Institute.
Types of Earthquakes
From Southern California. Causes and types of earthquakes are described.
Introduction to Plate tectonics
A companion site to volcano world. Has some good diagrams.
plate tectonics
Has some animations that may load slowly.
Tectonic plate motion
Detailed. For advanced study.
It is expanded and better than ever. A lot of things to explore. Take your time and learn.
Third Grade Jeopardy
Different science topics explored with the jeopardy format.
4th Grade science links
From McGraw-Hill. Links, Summaries, Quizzes, and webquests.
Backpack Science
It has a great virtual journey into the universe. You can "visit" any planet. It also has insects, Dental health, Heart health, and weather. It also has a wind chill calculator, a sunset, calculator and a sunrise calculator.
It has a good Rock Quiz. It is a geology site
Kid's Planet
Defenders of Wildlife is there Motto. Non-profit. I think from Florida. It has a sea otter and Florida Black Bear curriculum listed.
Biology 4 Kids
Cells, Sysems, and Microorganisms to name a few.
Neill's Geology for kids
Rocks, glacierologists, marine geologists. and other related fields are represented.
Kids Online Resources-Geology
Many other branches of science are represented. Other subjects are also on the menu.
Rocks for kids
Museums, photos, hardness, birthstones, and much more.
K-12 Eart Science: General
From GA Tech. Quite extensive.
Ecosystems and Biomes
From the Amazon to the World's Biomes-a list of sites. The Coral Reefs and the Tundra are more of the variety.
Fun Science Gallery
For the amateur scientist--The sky in a room; The one dollar microscope; Making paper at home are some of the places to checkout.
Click fun with science. Shows science experiments step by step.
Nature Works - Decomposers
It is a part of our chapter B-1. It is easy vocabulary reading and some pictures. You can link to state resources which can be a help for social studies. You can also link to state standards and other Nature Works sites.
Water on the Web - Understanding Lake Eco.
You can link to producers, consumers, and producers. Useful for Chapter B-1.
Preparedness for Weather Emergencies
Numerous links to many government agencies for all kinds of emergencies including earthquakes, landslides, children, animal, safe schools, floods, heat, and nuclear.
FEMA for kids
Gov. site for kids to learn about all kinds of emergencies. It has a fact and fiction section and a quiz about what you learned, too.
Ducks Unlimited: Waterfowl Gallery
Pictures of ducks. Good place for pictures for the Jr. Duck Stamp Contest. See site by that name.
Federal Duck Stamp Program
It has a lot. It has the rules for the JUNIOR DUCK STAMP CONTEST.
State Fish Art : Wildlife Forever
Rules and state fish.
K-8 Science Sites
Numerous places and ideas. You may want to bookmark this one.
PA Reptiles & Amphibians
Pictures and information about these Pennsylvania creatures.
PA Fishes Table of Contents
Pictures and information. Pictures become larger by clicking on the name and then the picture.
PA Wildlife--Articles
Contains numerous lists and photos. Need a list of PA endangered or threatened animal populations, search the right menu. Photo galleries and other links are on the left. This site has sections that have only been accessed a few times. Users are missing these treasures.
Wetlands for kids
A lot of stuff you can use for this curriculum component.
EPA - Wetlands;> Wetlands Education
Use with Wetlands for Kids for more ideas and links.
Pond Action Links
Math and science links and a lot of them.
Kids in the Creek - Watersheds
Numerous links that aid us in teaching our curriculum.
DNR Kids Web: Main Page
Links to watersheds, wildlife and habitat, solid waste, and hazardous waste. Posted here for watersheds and water.
Find your watershed and much more from watershed.
Bridge - Elementary, Grade Four
Numerous science links listed by grade level K-6. There are many that relate to our science curriculum.
Wetlands - Animals of the wetlands
This site has a list of wetland animals. You are able to click them to learn more. Good for research on wetland animals.
Animal Quiz
The answers are primarily wetland animals. Try it.
IFAW: Save the Animals
This page displays animals that the IFAW supports. Most are endangered in some way and they are trying to halt the slide toward extinction.
The Space Place :: Live!
From Nasa. Astronomy for students.
4 Teachers: Sites of the week
Many science sites with annotated notes about them. Potentially very useful.
Science Links for Students K-8
Links for K-8. There is a favorite here waiting for you to find it.
Quia - Class page - 4th & 5th Grade Science
Numerous sites and many downloads from all areas of science: sound, light, Earth, Life, Physical, simple machines, and some printables.
Rock and the Rock Cycle
Rocks are always on the move. Find out about the 3 types of rocks and how they move.
Rocks and Minerals
3 major rocks. Links. Check Koday's kids for Poetry and more. Try the 4th grade Rock quiz. Check out the amazing insects. See the 4th grade Rocks and Chart section, 16 minerals, and planet Earth. From an Illinois school district.
Scott Foresman Science K-6
Many Many links to life, earth, and physical science as well as the human body k-6.
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Art, mystery, curiosity, from space and earth with archives. It will keep you gazing for hours.
From the Alice Ferguson Foundation. It is working toward a trash free Potomac. There is much more to this site.
Wastewater Treatment
To Use with L.F.S. science unit water on Earth.
Smithsonian: National Museum of Natural History
Great pictures. If you cannot get there in person, this can help you appreciate the treasure we call natural history.
Critter Quest
What living things are living in your county? This new site can help you answer that question.
Global Learning and observations...GLOBE
Go to Globe for students. Select primary grades. Then select elementary globe. Select your module. Download and read book or select a project.(Projects may be quite long, but the reading is an illustrated book.)This site also has a lot of secondary science ideas.
Watershed Game
11 question quiz to help you understand watersheds.
What is a watershed?
Brief description and animation of a watershed from Michigan environmental.
Watershed and ther materials
Short audio and video clips about pollution. The rubber ducky one is a good place to start.
Elementary Science links Primary
Many links. Many can be used at several grade levels.
Elementary Science--Librarian Information network
Many links to science information.
130 mini science lessons
The typewriter looking script is misleading. These are lessons for a variety of science topics. They are not grouped by topic.
Science Online Energy
All Grades. Numerous links.
Fish Quiz
Interesting and challenging.
Turtles of Pennsylvania
PA has 13 different species of turtles. They're all here.
Sea Turtle Quiz
Find out what you know. Take the quiz.
PA Turtles
Read about PA's 14 turtles
Fun Science Experiments
You will get from these what you put into them.
4th grade Matter Quiz/study cards
Quick way to see important concepts about matter. It is in a quiz format.
Nature photos
photographs site: nature such as birds, mammals
Bird web
Birds of Washington State. Used with the Junior Duck Stamp program.
Space Weather
See auroras,views from space and NASA as well as science news in a few clicks. Great photos.
State Symbols
Find state fish, dinosaurs, etc.
Correlated by textbook chapter. From the series we use at our school. Interactive. Animated.
Amazing Facts
Mainly science facts. Read and enjoy.
Science-Embryo Development
Link - descriptionRating
Day by Day Look

Adverbial/Prepositional Phrases
Link - descriptionRating
Adverbial Phrases

Prepositional Phrases IXL

Many prepositional phrases games

Adverbial/Prepositional Phrases
Link - descriptionRating
Adverbial Phrases

Prepositional Phrases IXL

Many prepositional phrases games

Research Cites
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World Book Online
Login- Westshore Password- 17339

Body Systems
Link - descriptionRating
How the body works.

Kids Biology

Easy Science for kids

Genius Hour
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