Mrs. Paup

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!
Let’s work together to make the year successful!
 *All necessary materials and supplies for learning will be supplied by the District. 
Upcoming Events
  • Oct. 20th - Monster Dash 10 am - noon
  • Nov. 2nd -  Fall Festivals (room coordinators will contact volunteers)



Oct. 12th – Pink Out

Oct. 31st - Black and Orange Day 

Nov. 9th – Military/Camo Day

Nov. 15th – Blue Out! (For Children’s Grief Awareness Day)


Mrs. Paup’s Contact Information:

Please visit the FC PTO webpage 

Here's how you can help your child make progress...

1. Remember to send your child's SHARK folder and backpack everyday! Talk about the school day together!
2. READ TOGETHER! The best way to become a better reader is to READ everyday!
3. Have your child practice writing his/her name the kindergarten way (capital letter only at the beginning).
4. Practice reading and writing high frequency words. 
5. Practice writing the letters of the alphabet from the top down. Use salt, shaving cream, chocolate syrup, chalk, or water on a paint brush to make it fun!
6. Eat a healthy meal and get plenty of sleep to have the best day possible!
7. Complete "WEB" and "Word Work Homework" each night.
8. Practice tying shoes and zipping jackets!

Calling all volunteers...

Volunteering is a great way to become involved in your child's education!

An extra set of hands is always helpful in the kindergarten classroom!

You could assist with the following activities this school year:

   Room Coordinator! Let me know asap if you are interested...You would be in charge of organizing our classroom parties.

   Kid Writing! (We will hold a parent workshop to overview Kid Writing early in the school year!)

   Help with parties! The room parent will contact you! (Fall Festival, Thanksgiving Feast, Holiday Party, Valentine's Day Party)

   Chaperone our spring field trip!

   AT HOME PREP WORK! If you are unable to come to the classroom, but would still like to help, I can send home projects such as cutting, stapling books, etc.!



Classroom volunteers will need to complete the required paperwork, clearances, and tuberculosis screening prior to the first visit into the classroom! Please visit the office for the paperwork. 

Please read everyday!

When your child needs help with a word, try saying...

*Look at the picture with your "eagle eye."

*Make the first sounds with your "fish lips."

*Stretch out the sounds in the word like a "stretchy snake."

*Look for a part or chunk of the word you know like a "chunky monkey."

*Does your word make sense?

*Does your word sound right?

*I like the way you tried to work that out!


DAY 1 - PE
DAY 3 - Library
DAY 6 - Music    
Day 2 - Library
Day 3 - Music
Day 5 - PE     


  We Rule!

Eyes are watching!

Ears are listening!

Mouths are quiet!

Hands are to myself!

Hearts are caring!

Kindergarten Readiness

Please practice these 10 simple concepts prior to, as well as throughout, kindergarten!

1. Recognize and write first name using a capital letter at the beginning only.
2. Identify basic colors and name basic shapes. 
3. Count to 20 and count 10 objects.
4. Identify letters and numbers.
5. Understand how to handle a book, identify front, back and right-side up.
6. Use a pencil and scissors.
7. Manipulate fasteners. (snaps, buttons, zippers)
8. Follow simple directions and rules.
9. Tend to bathroom needs including the washing of hands.
10. Stay on task for at least 10-15 minutes. 
             (Example: Listen to a story)                           

enVision Math 2.0

To access the online options of enVision Math 2.0, known as Realize, use the following steps for anytime, anywhere access to your student's math program!

1. Visit

2. Click on "PowerSchool" under "Quick Links" section on left-hand side.

3. Log in using your username and password.

4. Click on "Pearson" on the bottom, left-hand side of page.

5. Explore!

Birthday Treats

You can choose to send a snack to school for the class to celebrate your child's birthday! Please contact me through email or a note a week in advance. You may send the snack in your child's backpack that day or drop it off in the office before school begins. 

Please do not send a cake that needs cutting, as we are limited with our time. Also, it is recommended to send the exact same snack for everyone. (Ex: send all chocolate cupcakes or send all vanilla cupcakes)

*Plates, napkins, and drinks are not needed.

If your child is having a birthday party outside of school, please note that invitations may not be delivered in school unless all children are invited.  One option would be to invite just all boys or all girls.


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