Mrs. Dunmire

Welcome to Kindergarten!

AM Shark of the Month:  Addison Shuler

PM Shark of the Month:   Stephanie Morris           

               TB test may be obtained from building nurse for $5 check to WSSD.                 

  • Please send your child to school with a backpack and provided or personal folder everyday!
  • A water bottle may accompany your child daily. A water fountain is also in the room.
  • A folder and all other school materials will be provided. Please check this folder everyday for important papers! This is a great time to discuss the day with your child!

Upcoming Events: 

 Dates to make note of:
10-2-18 School Photo Day
10-3-18 PTO Science Night 6:00-8:00 
10-5-18 Early Dismissal  AM dismisses @ 10:45, PM ARRIVES @ 10:45, dismisses @ 12:45 
10-8-18 No School, Columbus Day
10-9-18 PTO Meeting 7:00 
 0-22-18 last day to wear shorts in elementary schools
10-26-18 School in session for PM Kindergarten students only (12:45-3:30) 

Volunteering – All Volunteers must submit a Pennsylvania State Police Background Clearance prior to volunteering at Fishing Creek Elementary School. The cost of the clearance is $10.00 and can be completed instantly online. All volunteers are required to fill out the “WSSD Volunteer and School Helper Vital Statistic Information Form”. If you have already completed this form, please verify your intention to volunteer again by stopping in the office. You will need your Driver’s License to renew your volunteer information. New volunteers to the school and the District will be required to complete the “Volunteer Vital Information Form” and have a tuberculosis screening. In addition, volunteers will need to complete a confidentiality form for the West Shore School District. Volunteering more than one day per week may be subjected to fingerprinting.

 Here's how you can help!

1. Remember to send your child's take-home folder back everyday.

2. Practice tying shoes!

3. Read together!

4. Have your child practice writing his/her name the kindergarten way (capital letter only at the beginning).

5. Practice reading and writing word wall (high frequency) words. 

6. Practice writing the letters of the alphabet. Use salt, shaving cream, chocolate syrup, chalk, or water on a paint brush to make it fun!


                      Volunteering is a great way to become involved in your child's education! 
Things you can do:
*Kid Writing! (We will hold a parent workshop about Writing early in the school year!)
*Room parent (party organizer)
*Help with parties! The room parent will contact you! (Fall Festival, Holiday Party, Valentine's Day Party)
*AT HOME PREP WORK! If you are unable to come to the classroom, but would still like to help, I can send home projects such as cutting, stapling books, etc.!
*In class prep (removing math book pages and sorting, cutting, folding etc)
A sign-up sheet will be available at Back to School Night! 

Classroom volunteers will need to complete police clearance paperwork as well as a tuberculosis screening prior to the first visit into the classroom! Please visit the office for the paperwork. (The TB test carries a $5 charge). Please call 938-6565 to schedule an appointment.

Web Links

Welcome to Mrs. Dunmire's Web Links!

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Build a funny face!
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Practice your letters and letter sounds!
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Practice reading 3-letter words!
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Practice your vowel sounds!
Math Series

Specials Schedule

During each 6-day cycle we will meet in "specials" three times. These classes include: library, music and physical education (gym). 
Day 3 Phys Ed, Miss Adams, please wear sneakers
Day 5 Library, Mrs. Emerson, please return book
Day 6 Music, Mrs. Herring

Day 2 Phys Ed, Miss Adams, please wear sneakers
Day 5 Library, Mrs. Emerson, please retrun book
Day 6 Music, Mrs Herring

Classroom Rules

Kindergarten Classroom Rules
We Rule!

Eyes are watching!
Ears are listening!
Mouth is quiet!
Hands are to myself!
  Hearts are caring! 

Classroom Donations

Classroom Donations: (accepted year long) :)
  • Brown lunch bags
  • Ziploc bags (gallon, sandwich, snack size)
  • Uncoated Paper plates (large or small)
  • Seasonal stickers
  • Fantastik Heavy Duty Spray Cleaner
  • Anti-bacterial wipes
  • Cans of shaving cream
  • Tissues
  • spray disinfectant

Kid Writing Tips

Kid Writing Tips

  • Write the sounds you hear when you say a word slowly.
  • It is developmental.
    • learn names of letters
    • learn letter sounds
    • put them together to read and write words

    • “Stretch” the word (say it very slowly, write the sounds)
      • Ex: wtr (water)
      • Students may not hear many sounds at first (this should progress throughout the year)
      • You may help them by reminding them what letter makes the sound that they hear
      • Example: frog   
      • Beginning of year: fg
      • End of year: frg or frog

    • Adult writes/models correct spelling underneath kid writing.
    • Reinforce spelling anchor words (word wall words) correctly.
    • Goal: Write sentences using the following:
      • Start with a capital letter.       
      • Use spaces between words. (We call them “2 finger” spaces. Students actually use 2 fingers to make a space.)
      • Write most sounds correctly. Include some vowels.
      • End with punctuation.


    Read everyday!

    When your child needs help with a word, try saying...

    *Look at the picture with your "eagle eye."

    *Make the first sounds with your "fish lips."

    *Stretch out the sounds in the word like a "stretchy snake."

    *Look for a part or chunk of the word you know like a "chunky monkey."

    *Does your word make sense?

    *Does your word sound right?

    *I like the way you tried to work that out!

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