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  • If you have a question, concern, or just want to touch base with me, DO NOT HESITATE!
  • Please contact me prior to contacting an administrator if you have a question, concern, or issue.
My google voice number is 717-461-2056.


  • I will expect assignments to be turned in ON-TIME and at the time it is due.  
  • I COMPLETELY RESERVE THE RIGHT NOT accept late assignments, unless there is a valid reason. My decision to accept or reject a student's late assignment will be on a case-case basis.
  • Homework is assigned to reinforce the content of the chapter and the classroom presentations. 
  • The textbook is written at a level that students should comprehend.  If any student has difficulty understanding the material/finding the answers, they need to inform me immediately.  
  • Students need to keep EVERYTHING I return to them.

3.  BONUS POINTS:  (When announced by myself)
  • I have been known to award bonus points from time to time.  Usually it is in the form of a pop "quiz" that rewards those students who took my advice and studied the material. The second form is 
  • Students need to be responsible for their education.
  • Part of being responsible is to ask questions when they are unsure of something that is discussed in class. 
  • Students also need to be able to effectively communicate.  They need to communicate with me. From the exterior I may seem gruff and unapproachable, however that is not a strategy to keep students away. 

5.  At times during the semester students are exposed to videos that I feel are relevant to the subject we are currently studying.  During these times, students are expected to pay attention during the entire length of the video.  Students may earn "Pay Attention" grades during these times.  Students are briefed as to what paying attention looks like and it is their responsibility to meet that standard.  If they do not, I see it the same as if they were skipping my class, thus they earn zero points.

  • In most circumstances, I will deal directly with the student prior to involving the parent/administration.
  • If you have any issue/concerns with how I disciplined your student, please contact me prior to contacting an administrator.

7.  I will work hard for your child, I expect them to work hard as well.  

I look forward to the school year.
Jacques W. Weedon, Jr.

Chapter 27 The Vietnam Era


Directions: As you watch the video, answer the questions.

1.     What was the American public told about the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam?

2.     In what year did Operation Ranch Hand begin? What did the military do during this operation?

3.     What were the two purposes given for the spraying of the defoliants?

4.     What did communist North Vietnam claim agent orange do to its people?

a.     How did the U.S. respond to this?

5.     After the war, what did veterans claim exposure to agent orange do to them and their children?

6.     According to Dr. Alvin Young, did the government see a link between veterans’ health and agent orange?

7.     What was the “victory” veterans achieved when it came to chemical companies and agent orange? (specifically, the chemical dioxin used in agent orange)

a.     What did the “out-of-court” settlement between chemical companies and veterans groups do?

b.     What does Charles Carey, of Dow Chemical, say about agent orange?

8.     What effect does President Clinton’s announcement about normalizing relationships with Vietnam have on the issue of agent orange’s lingering effects in Vietnam?

a.     The answer is a summary of the rest of the video presentation.


Directions: As you watch the video, answer the questions.

1.     In 1997, Princess Diana visited Angola to bring attention to what world-wide issue?

2.     What statistics does she cite when it comes to the effect mines have on people?

3.     What does she call for the countries to do when it comes to land mines?

4.     Which countries refuse to sign the 1997 treaty? What is their reasoning?

5.     Why are landmines referred to as “the perfect soldiers”?

6.     How many tons of ordinance was dropped during the Vietnam War?

a.     What is the percentage estimated that did NOT exploded?

b.     What is the number of people affected by these unexploded bombs?

7.     Project Renew was started in 2001. What three things does the organization work on?

8.     What is the economic incentive for some people when it comes to unexploded bombs?

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