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Mr. Schin will be teaching four sections of 8th grade social studies students in 2018-2019. This web site is designed to keep students aware of homework and other assignments, test and quiz dates, notebook requirements and due dates, and any other correspondence notifications. It is of utmost importance for students and parents to periodically check the contents.

Mr. Schin is teaching eighth-grade students. All the activities are taking place in room 19, which is located in the 7th-and-8th-grade hall. Guaranteed, there will NEVER be a dull moment! Ask ANYONE who has had Mr. Schin in the past.

This school year, the students will have the option of creating and maintaining a notebook, which will contain samples of their work. Students are able to go to see the UPDATED TOC (Table of Contents) of required items in their notebooks on this web page; students will be able to view a listing of required items for Mr. Schin's class on the icon that reads Notebook Table of Contents. Of course, all of Mr. Schin's students know they can typically see the up-to-date TOC posted in Mr. Schin's room. Please note, the notebook is OPTIONAL in Mr. Schin's room. When a student opts in, Mr. Schin will grade the quarterly notebook and count it as a test grade. IF a student has received a poor grade on a test and has gotten a better grade on the notebook, Mr. Schin will substitute the notebook score for the poor test score. (Letting everyone in on a "little secret," those students who DO keep a complete notebook, using the notebook contents as study guides naturally are MORE SUCCESSFUL! This is a good practice to adopt.)

There are scrambled words listed at the bottom of this title page. Anyone who sees and unscrambles them, can get three (3) bonus points added to their next test. Students should make a copy of this web page, and unscramble the words; bring this in to Mr. Schin and he will give you the bonus points. It'll pay to CONTINUE to read and know something about Mr. Schin's web page! 

When a student opts to maintain a notebook, it will be maintained for each quarter. The notebook needs to be organized (having all items listed as they appear on the TOC -- NUMBERED AND IN ORDER) and in a folder (not stapled together or in some other way handed in). The notebook score will replace the lowest score of a student's test (40% of the student's grade). The date that the notebooks are due for grading will always be announced in advance. Notebooks handed in after that date will receive DISCOUNTED grades, losing 10% per day it is late. There may be BONUS points for handing in a notebook during the advertised Early Bird Days, which will be announced and posted on the calendar icon.  There will be BONUS POINTS!!!

To communicate with Mr. Schin, please click here.

Tell your friends about a way to get bonus points for their tests, by unscrambling the chapter words below. The words are:


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