Mr. Faranov

Overview of Technology Education at NCMS

Activities by Grade Level

6th grade students will be involved in the following activities:

Students will start of a review of measurement and then begin the research and design of an engineering structure (currently bridges). After the research and design phase, students will begin constructing their bridges using hand tools. After completion, all structures are weight tested to see how they perform. Later on in the marking period, students will learn about magnetism and design and create a "mag-lev" vehicle. After testing their vehicle, students will be involved in several plastic related projects if time permits.

Activities in 7th grade Tech Ed includes:

Students begin the marking period learning about safe tool and machine operation and a test will be given in same (also a review and test in measurement and basic math).

Once the students pass their test in tool identification and safety, they begin working in the materials lab on their wood project(currently we are designing and constructing a CO2 powered car).

After the CO2 dragster project, students will work in various software applications such as imovie and design programs such as Google Sketchup.

Students in 7th grade also make a video in imovie in which their subject can be about any famous inventor(s) or person(s) pertaining to technology. As I tell them in class, ideas can range from Leonardo Da Vinci to the current social networking celebrities.

The 8th grade students will be involved in the following:

A safety review and tool demonstration will take place at the start of the marking period. After the safety review, students will begin constructing their manufacturing project which is made of wood, plastic, and metal. Students will study the concepts used in a manufacturing facility and simulate that on a smaller scale as they work on their project. Students also receive an introduction in 8th grade to design and drafting concepts. During this time, students will explore techniques used in mechanical (manual) drawing and also computer-aided drawing (CAD). In recent years we have also introduced common math which is used in design and technology.

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