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The Wolf Den



7th Grade Life Science Topics of Study:

* why "the wolf den"?

* measuring in metrics and English and converting from unit to unit

* cell organelles and their functions with the help of microscopes

* genetics

* classification system & how it applies to organisms

(viruses, bacteria, fungi, protists, plants, and animals)

* environmental topics throughout the year

* labs and other hands on activities

LIFE Science FUSION site & Textbook Online - - go to LINKS on left side of home page - the FUSION site is the first one!  

This site has the student text book as well as an audio version of the book so that students can follow along!  Please note that, with the challenging terms, sometimes the computer does not know how to properly pronounce them!  

Caution:  If the link does not work, this is not an excuse to not have assignments done on time!

Be sure to check out the PA Native Species Garden area 

across from the NC public library!

No doubt about it....Life Science is challenging content! 

Bring your positive energy, ideas, questions and suggestions 

(along with your materials) 

to class each day! 

Together we will sort through the content 

using different methods and activities!

Some thoughts to help you be successful:

Be sure to reference the "Daily Howl" and other tabs on the homepage - AND use the helpful info in the classroom!

There are a variety of old Life Science texts available in the classroom; these will often have a different way of explaining concepts and terms.  They may also have different figures and examples that may help you to understand the content better than our current textbook and activities.  These texts must be used in the classroom - sign up for help sessions if you would like to use them in addition to class time when they are available!

USE YOUR PLANNER to keep track of work!  Pretty much EVERY day, class time is offered to complete your planner!  Have it out on your desk, open to the current page!  

If you do not have something done for the day it is collected or checked in class; write it in your planner....every day until it's done....then write yourself a note to turn it in the next day OR to make an appointment with Miss M to go over it! 

Keep all of your notes organized for the current unit/chapter of study!  ASK FOR HELP if you need it!  OR if you need folders, binders, etc!

Study your notes on a regular basis!

You should plan on 15-30 minutes of HW each night!

(ONE time over the weekend!  Friday night - get it done! Or parts of the time Friday, Saturday or Sunday)

Reference Power School regularly!


Classwork & Homework is utilized in an effort to help students learn concepts and practice skills.  In addition, it is an important assessment tool for Miss M to determine areas of mastery and areas for additional instruction and practice.  

Often, the work will be to assist the students to discover what they know, think they know, or don't know!  The focus is for students to DO WHAT THEY CAN, then get help and/or clarification to check and correct until mastery is achieved.

The student can always do SOMETHING!  Work is often checked for effort and quality.  Students are given various opportunities to achieve mastery throughout the quarter!  If unsure of an answer or expectation, write what IS known that is related to the assignment.  Students could also write the resource where they located information related to the topic or specific questions they have to ask Miss M in order to be able to move forward. Just do NOT leave it "blank"!  Show Miss M what you CAN do and together we will move forward from there!

Incomplete or inappropriately prepared work will appear to be lack of knowledge and/or effort. This work will be returned to the student for completion and/or corrections so that appropriate progress can be assessed.  Students will receive partial credit when turned in complete/correct

Late Work Policy 

=     1-2 calendar days late: maximum of 80%

=     3-7 calendar days late: maximum 70%

=     8 or more calendar days: maximum 50%

=     Deadlines will be provided for marking period end date

=     No work will be accepted from previous marking periods.

=     Extensions are granted to assist in the learning process; work will only be accepted when it is complete and to a high quality effort

=     Miss M reserves the right to NOT accept work turned in beyond the end of the chapter/unit of study. REMINDER: the main goal in assigning work is to assist in the learning process; it is NOT for the purpose of putting points in the grade book!

 Example: If student earned 18.5/20

On-time: 18.5/20 = 93%

1 or2 days late: 80% = (.93)(.8) = 74%

3-7  days late: 70% = (.93)(.7) = 65%

8 or more days late: 50% = (.93)(.5) = 47% 

*** If you are absent, you will get additional time (numbers of days you were absent) to complete the assignment.

*** Individual accommodations - through meeting with Miss McCallus is on a case-by-case basis.

(If students are struggling or absent - they must sign up with Miss M for help sessions during and/or after school BEFORE the day it is due for late credit)

Students are always welcome to talk with Miss M to make individual adjustments to requirements, deadlines, grades, etc!  This is to Miss M's discretion and we may be limited in options as we approach the close of each quarter!  So don't wait until you are overwhelmed!  Raise the flag as soon as you begin to be unsure! 

Fair does not mean equal!  Different students have different backgrounds, different interests, different abilities and different challenges!  Therefore, Miss M will work with students and parents to help find a way to achieve mastery of the required content and skills!  Stay on top of things.....ask for help.....accept help....offer help to others....you can always do something.....keep trying!  


This is an opportunity for students to propose ways of learning or re-learning science related concepts, sharing with their peers, and earning additional points on their grade.  

Extra Credit is NOT intended to replace regularly assigned work.

Students interested should see Miss M during "help sessions" to discuss their ideas.  Please check to be sure that you have all assignments completed and turned in for credit before requesting an extra credit opportunity.  Also check with Miss M BEFORE you begin working on extra credit to receive approval and direction! 

Need some extra help...or just some extra time or space?

See Miss M for a pass to come in 

during AFT times (selected HR and MOD6) , selected lunches, 

selected after school sessions until 3:30

(Student must bring in a signed note to stay after school and will need to be picked up out front of the main office, or permission to walk home by 3:45. Dates for after school sessions are posted on the DAILY ASSIGNMENTS and on the front chalk board)

 OR, see Miss M to schedule a different time to fit your schedule!

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