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This page provides a listing of resources to help you pass the Biology Keystone Exam.  It may seem overwhelming, but you learned this in class.  If you review it, you will find that re-learning it is often easier than learning it for the very first time. You have the right stuff to pass the test; YOU CAN DO IT!

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Keystone Review by Unit

The Biology Keystone Exam Includes:
Keystone Exam Module A (see also Keystone practice #1) Eligible content BIO.A
Topic #1  Intro and the Chemical Basis of Life 
Basic Biological Principals (pdf file - 7.75 MB) 
The Chemical Basis of Life (pdf file - 6.09 MB)
Topic #2  Cytology and Transport 
Topic #3 Energetics- Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
Bioenergetics (pdf file - 2.41 MB) Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

Keystone Exam Module B (see also Keystone practice # 2 & #3) Eligible content BIO.B
Topic #4 DNA, RNA, Protein Synthesis 
Topic #5 Cell Division Mitosis and Meiosis
Cell Division (pdf file - 8.66 MB) Mitosis and Meiosis
Topic #6 Genetics
Genetics (pdf file - 15.61 MB)
Topic #7 Evolution
Quick Facts
Evolution (pdf file - 11.15 MB)
Topic #8 Ecology
Quick Facts
Ecology (pdf file - 25.58 MB)
Additional Resources
Module A Cheat Sheet (pdf file - 1.80 MB)
Module B Cheat Sheet (pdf file - 1.03 MB)
EXCELLENT Opportunity to test yourself
***Practice Quizzes HERE,  this is a great resource!

Keystone Practice Set 1 Questions (pdf file - 283 KB)
Keystone Practice Set 1 ANSWERS
 (pdf file - 1.94 MB)
Keystone Practice Set 2 Questions
 (pdf file - 125 KB)
Keystone Practice Set 2 ANSWERS
 (pdf file - 685 KB)
Keystone Practice Set 3 Questions
 (pdf file - 231 KB)
Keystone Practice Set 3 ANSWERS
 (pdf file - 791 KB)
Supplemental Questions
 (pdf file - 1.97 MB)
Glossary of Keystone Vocabulary
 (pdf file - 2.02 MB)

      ANSWERS TO PODCASTS and Khan videos from above
    Vocabulary Practice
    A Quizlet of ALL terms HERE 
    » Module A terms Quizlet 
    » Module B terms quizlet 
    Credit to: Council Rock School District, Newtown, PA and the wonderful Bio teachers that put many of these resources together! 
    Also:  Thank you Khan academy for creating student-friendly videos. 

Module A Powerpoints

On this page, you will find Powerpoint notes from class in .pdf format.  The mini-videos won't work, but you are welcome to go to "my links" if you need an explanation of any concept OR ask in class so everyone can benefit.
Remember Module A includes:

    Characteristics of Life (pdf file - 1.36 MB)
    Biochemistry (pdf file - 3.08 MB)  Review #1 Intro,  Biochem and Sci Method
    Cytology (pdf file - 5.01 MB) 
    Cell Transport (pdf file - 3.29 MB)  Review #2 Cytology and Transport
    Photosynthesis (pdf file - 5.32 MB) 
    Cell Respiration (pdf file - 4.92 MB)  Review #3 Photosynthesis and Cell Respiration
    Powerpoints created by Mrs. Plassio Review Powerpoints created by Ms. Beekler

Module B Powerpoints

On this page, you will find Powerpoint notes from class in .pdf format for Module B of the Keystone Exam.  The mini-videos won't work, but you are welcome to go to "my links" if you need an explanation of any concept OR ask in class so everyone can benefit.

 Module B topic Powerpoints:

      Cell Division (pdf file - 6.64 MB)    AND Keystone Review Cell Division
      DNA RNA protein synthesis (pdf file - 5.06 MB)  AND Keystone Review DNA, RNA, Protein
      Mendelian Genetics (pdf file - 4.55 MB) AND Keystone Review Genetic
         Genetic Engineering
      Evolution (pdf file - 7.13 MB)  AND Keystone Review Evolution
      Ecology Powerpoint (pdf file - 6.60 MB)  AND Keystone Review Ecology
      Powerpoints created by Mrs. Plassio and Ms. Beekler

Sample Exam Questions

Find sample Keystone Exam Questions here.  Some of the booklets have answers.  If not, plenty of people have published answer keys.

    2011 Keystone Sampler (pdf file - 1.98 MB) 
    2011 Keystone Sampler  
    2015 Keystone Sampler (pdf file - 2.53 MB) 
    Actual Questions from the 2015 test with explanations
    April 2011 Keystone Exam questions (pdf file - 776 KB) 
    This is the book we used in class with the green cover  
    Green cover answer key (pdf file - 0.98 MB) 
    Test book green cover ans key
    Content from:  State of PA, published Keystone review guides

Keystone Study Guide

We have about 150 days from the start of the semester to prepare for the Keystone Exams!  The class of 2019 must obtain a proficient score to pass the course and graduate.  However, all students that take Biology will take the Keystone. 
Here's a comprehensive study guide that may help you.
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