High Frequency Words

High Frequency Words

Here are the high frequency sight words your child will be expected to read within 3 seconds of seeing the word and spell in their writing. After this list are a few fun activities to do with your child to practice with them. I also have included some fun apps. for the iPad and tablets if you have a device your child like to use for practicing.

Want to practice sight words in a fun way?

Here are just a few ways to have fun with reading sight words and sight word phrases at home. If you have ideas or come across fun games, please don't hesitate to share with me and the class. We are always on the hunt for new and exciting games and ways to practice our sight words.

*Flashlight tag- Write the words, or short phrases using the words, on post-it notes and put them on the frig, wall, door, or evening ceiling. Have your child shine the flashlight on them and read the words or phrases aloud.

*Mirror Message- Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who can read the words? Write the words on your bathroom mirror (or messages containing the words) using a dry erase pen, and have your child read them to you.

*Stack it! Using plastic cups, write the words or short phrases on the cups (the cups are upside down when you are writing on them) have your child read the words or phrases, and stack them into a pyramid and then use a beanbag, stuffed toy, or small ball to knock them over.

*Hidden Treasure- In a large plastic tupperware bin, hide words in rice, macaroni, etc. hide the sight words or phrases. Have your child dig to find them and then read them to you. You can color macaroni and rice very easily. I have done this for years. You take a zip lock bag, fill with about 4 cups of rice or macaroni, put in 3 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, and several drops of food coloring, zip it shut, and mix all together. Dry on top of newspapers. (I usually do this outside before school starts in my yard).

*Snowball fight!  Write sight words on white paper (or sentences containing the word) and then have your child read them, crumple them up into snow balls and have FUN having a pretend snowball fight.

*Shake it UP!-  Write the words (or type them) and place them into a container like a small coffee can, Chip container, etc. and have them shake then dump, and read the words that are face up! Repeat!
*SQUIRT!- Write words on paper and place in the can like the shake it up can but draw a squirt bottle on one of the cards or pieces of paper. Shake the can, dump the cards. Read all the words facing up and if there is a squirt bottle showing, use a water bottle to squirt  your child. Great game on hot days for sure!

*Parking Lot- Write words or phrases on a piece of paper so that it looks like a parking lot. Have your child read the words or phrases and then drive a car into each parking space until he board is full.

*STOMP IT- Write words or phrases on index cards at the bottom of the card, fold it in half so that it stands up a bit. Have your child use a small toy to read the words and stomp on them using their small toy to flatten the cards out. (or they can use their own feet if you use regular sized paper or card stock paper) If the game is to easy with simply words- write phrases with the words so your child can practice fluency as well.

*ZAP!- Write the words on tongue depressors and one stick has the word ZAP written on it. Put into a small coffee can or container with word face down. Choose a stick, read it. If the stick has ZAP! Game is over and you put all the sticks back into the can. 

*Bubble Wrap Fun- Do you get large bubble wrap some times and don't know what to do with it? Well, how about writing sight words on it and have your child read and pop the words!!!! 

*Jenga!-Write sight words on Jenga blocks. Read the words and then build the Jenga. Play the game and read the words while playing.

*Bingo- Simply fold a paper so that there are an even number of squares up and down. Choose words your child is struggling with and write them on the game board. Choose sight words, read them, and put a marker on the board. Having your child help write the words on the game board is also a valuable learning tool.

*Tic-Tac-Toe- Choose a word your child is having a great deal of challenge learning and play tic-tac-toe with them but instead of using x's and o's, write the word! You have a word as well so your child can work on learning 2 words that are challenging them.

*Minute to Win it!- Time your child while they read their words as fast as they can in one minute. (Write the words on index cards prior to playing) Keep a record of how well they do each day to see if they can beat their score from the day before.

*SWAT- Write the words on post-it notes. Put the words on a door or wall and have your child swat them with a fly swatter after and read them.

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